Person of Interest Review: Revolution

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Person of Interest really has the unique capability of turning a simple case of the week into something more integral to the overall series.

It could easily be the find and save the person format, cut and dry. And yet it finds ways to open up the larger possibilities, themes, characters and stories at the same time.

“Mors Praematura” was another example of the show’s ability to execute that fine line plan of serialized and procedural, allowing the characters to get involved (although, Fusco has felt more noticeably absent) and propelling multiple plots forward.

Root and Shaw

It is odd/interesting that the Machine would ultimately send two teams (Reese and Finch, Shaw and Root) into the same battle with different goals. Where Reese and Finch followed the regular task of saving the specific number, in this case, Tim Sloan, Root and Shaw were sent to rescue Tim’s brother and send him off to safety.

What is the Machine’s end game? The mysteriousness that surrounds this powerful technology combined with its “freedom” make it equally dangerous as it is helpful.

It is great to see Root as a character that follows the Machine’s will so obediently, rather than question it. I wasn’t quite prepared for her to team up with Shaw, but it was fun seeing Root provide all the info and watch Shaw use it to her advantage. But I’m still glad Shaw got to punch Root. That computer hacker is one crazy chick.

Root does think there’s some bigger plan, but what if her faith in the Machine were shattered? Finch’s remarks about Root perhaps being in the place where the Machine wanted her all along is an intriguing theory. But there’s no way she’ll stay in the cage reading books for long.

I’m glad that the privacy centered group, Vigilance, returned. They are like the anti-Wikileaks, and I’m curious as to how much damage they could do in starting their “revolution.” Clearly, with someone like Collier, kidnapping and murder are only just part of their master plan.

And with real life so focused on a digital age where information can be collected by the government and there is spying and watching, it makes it the perfect group to rise up on this type of show.

It also makes me wonder about where and what the enigmatic international group, Decima (the one’s trying to get to the Machine in “God Mode”) are up to.

Additionally, Elias has to be up to something, right?

And that’s the brilliant thing about this show, it’s ability to create these variety of forces, enemies, etc., but at the same time hasn’t allowed the series to get too muddled with everything.

While, I find the HR storyline to be a little tiring, it has created an interesting plot in Carter using her rookie partner Laskey as her inside man. It does remind me a bit of when Fusco used to work for HR and then for Reese. But with Laskey having to kill for HR, and at such an early start, I still have a bad feeling for his character.

But giving Carter something to do that doesn’t have to be saving the person of interest is great evolution not only for her character but another story still connected to the series’ universe.

Like usual, there was some entertaining action sequences, gun play, suspense and a little humor. The episode just gets on a roll and sucks you in.

Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 6 was a great follow up to last week’s Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 5 and another positive sign that the season is continuing its upswing rise.


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nice episode 3.5/5. All building up for the season. Elias i miss you... Im a fan of the POI facebook page. But man i feel like im surrounded by babies on that page. Its just a constant hate brigade of Shaw and Root.(Not the page itself but the posters) I must admit i never really "felt" shaw (didnt mean i was calling for her to get killed off etc.) but that changed for the positive due to last weeks episode. Root i understand and actually like her character. She's playing her character the way the show wants her to play her where she strikes a nerve with the audience (emotionless, crazy as in "root" crazy etc) anyway i like that they added more branches to the storyline tree with the 3rd numbers being root-relevant. And the hacker brother i see may play a part further down the line?


Does anyone else realize that the Machine is clearly working worldwide? I've always wondered about that. Finch and Reese are only based in New York. Surely there are irrelevants to be saved in the rest of the U.S. However, with it already having a new I.D. set up for the Jason Greenfield guy in Cartagena, clearly its reach is much farther. Perhaps there are other teams and are working this "third" project that Root mentioned. Heck, maybe fourth, fifth or sixth project. Who knows?!

@ Gigi2776

When Shaw was still working for Northern Lights/Research we saw that the Relevant numbers were world wide. Finch and Reese are based in NYC so that is why their numbers are NYC centric. There was an implication in the episode where Shaw was introduced ("Relevant") that she was not the only one being used to handle numbers (although she was shown to be being used to go after those who knew of the machine). Reese was sent out of NYC when he was hunting for Finch after Root kidnapped him. He also was sent out of NYC (but stayed in the NYC metro area) for some of the numbers. Root's mission (as it has been from the start) is to go after those who are attempting to control/misuse the Machine and its reports.

@ Gigi2776

If what you say could be true then that is extremely creepy having relative unknowns working with the Machine or even having a global reach make it even more creepier and could lead to more appearances from Vigilance and possibly teaming up with Decima Technologies and Alistar Wesley's organization


Another excellent episode from one of my most favourite shows!


the machine is the one with the master plan … her main purpose (i'll side with root on that one) is to protect lives … she has now three kind of numbers (relevant, irrelevant & "root" numbers) but she is also employing non-numbers people like jason … best guest so far she is trying to prevent a civil war (too many innocent people would die) because revolutions, violent revolutions, often end in civil wars… the ties between HR and the russians are getting deeper apparently … when we have the russians, elias is never far (however with the opposite goal usually) … but they were not the reward of the week … collier's revolution was the long term reward… short term reward : RAW & SHOOT (according to POI writers' office tweeting) … that was AWESOME … and FUN … did i mention fun ? :D


I loved Root's comment that the Machine is has now added a 3rd classification of people to report on - The original Relevants (Shaw and Research/Northern Lights) and the Irrelevants (Finch/Reese) and now Danger to the Machine (handled by Root). As to why Root is following the Machine, I see it as her recognition that the Machine is rewarding her for her single handed dedication to her mission to protect it and stop it from being a slave. Note that it declared her to be the new SysAdmin (or whatever) at the end of the prior season. Note also she has her own tracking Icon (Yellow and Black) while the others have pure Yellow (Root was also Yellow until this season) and Blue (Shaw until she resigned from Research and now is a Yellow).

Ronald simkins

@ken Knight Bitch bitch bitch! Gurl!


Another excellent episode. Characters and factions are falling into place, we have some great character dynamics, and terrific badassery. Well done, POI writers.


Ditto Ken Knight and I've seen every episode.
The show has JUMPED THE SHARK!

@ Well Wellwell

last week henry winkler aka "the fonz" tweeted this : "it's important to remember : after jumping the shark, the show was number one for 5 more years"


This episode felt too slow, too cliche and too boring for me I mean come on how lame can the writers of this show get in writing horrible episodes without even trying. I give this episode 1 star out of 5. The Blacklist is way better than this wannabe show pretending to be the best. Mark my words this show will end up being cancelled for a real show with real drama and good acting instead of something with bad acting, terrible drama and trying to suck up in being the best. I only watched this episode on the recommendation of others and I will happily tell to their faces how this show really SUCKS BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Ken Knight

I could not disagree more strongly. The acting and beautifully scripted action and dialogue are right up there with Elementary. It is written for adults
shaw and root in each others face after shaw woke up cuffed to the steering wheel - that was so dead sexy and threatening at the same time; excellent acting by the two ladies - they carried this scene so beautifully.
And the finale of shaw punching root made me stand and cheer - kudos to the Nolan brothers and the writers.

@ Ken Knight

thought this was a brilliant episode. ken keep watching. open ur mind
a bit or stay closed and keep ur limited vocabulary. this program
is not for the ignorant

@ Ken Knight

Ken, I really love Blacklist, but I also really love Person of Interest. And, I agree with the others that you shouldn't base an entire series on one episode, especially when there are 40 episodes prior to this one that could give you better insight into the workings of this show. Try watching the very first episode from season one, and you might just change your mind.

@ Amy

Whoops...that should have been 50 episodes prior to this one. Sorry for the typo.

@ Ken Knight

Ummm...why would you jump into a show by watching an episode from its 3rd season? You're missing out on a lot of back story. Of course it would seem slow. You've got zero attachment to the characters and mythology of the show.

@ Ken Knight

@Ken Knight Seriously how lame can you get in badmouthing a show based on 1 episode. Even though personally I have not seen this episode I sincerely believe it will be a good one

@ Ken Knight

@Ken Knight Seriously how lame can you get in badmouthing a show based on 1 episode. Even though personally I have not seen this episode I sincerely believe it was a good one

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Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Energy and persistence conquer all things -- Benjamin Franklin.


Ms. Shaw may be violent and uncommunicative, but she is never tardy.