The Big Bang Theory Review: Is Indiana Jones Irrelevant?

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Poor Indiana Jones. He's worthless. Pointless. Irrelevant. Or is he?

It's been decades since I've watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, so I wasn't completely sure of the accuracy of Amy's comment. That made the unfolding of the ongoing joke and question in "The Raiders Minimization" enjoyable for me to watch. And I'm intrigued enough to hunt down the movie and watch it again as soon as I have time.

Sheldon Vows Revenge

Almost without a doubt, the guys are never questioned when it comes to their geek cred and they do generally know their stuff. So, for Amy to raise the question of Indy's relevance and for them to take it seriously was an intriguing twist to the show. In the kitchen scene with Sheldon, she was convinced of her point of view and didn't waiver a bit. 

When Sheldon brought the argument to the guys, they attempted to come up with a scenario that discounted her point of view, but came up empty. And, even after watching the movie together they couldn't. Would the outcome have been the same if Indiana Jones wasn't involved?  Hmm... Given the popularity of The Big Bang Theory, I'm sure there will be a bazillion articles to support and disprove Amy's assertion.

We've learned that over the years watching Sheldon interact with his friends that he's not one to let things go. Amy ruined Raiders for him and he was going to pay her back. It wasn't easy, but he didn't give up. (At least it didn't take him as long to find an answer as it did Leonard to realize his mother didn't hide any eggs for him to find.)

There were quite a few funny lines in the episode and this was one of my favorites. It was such a Sheldon thing to say:

Sheldon: This is more like Little House of the Preposterous. | permalink

Unlike Sheldon, Amy's enjoyment of Little House on the Prairie wasn't destroyed by the show's historical inaccuracies. Sheldon tried to find a comparable example, but he failed. Amy found a fundamental issue with the plot of his favorite movie, which didn't come close to peanut butter or a telephone.

Sheldon and Amy's storyline was the funniest of the episode, but Leonard and Penny's wasn't far behind. Leonard's issues with his mother were reintroduced through a book she wrote in his childhood. Leonard definitely learned something from her. He demonstrated his ability to take advantage of a situation and manipulate Penny.

Two of my favorite exchanges both involved boobs, but in very different contexts:

Penny: Not even the chapter on the breast feeding crisis?
Leonard: It was not a crisis. Apparently, I favored the left one, she got a little lopsided.
Penny: Oh, my God, you still go left! | permalink

Leonard: They weren't boobies. They were muscles. And, the make-up was green, I was pretending to be the Hulk.
Penny: You were wearing her bra.
Leonard: That was to keep my muscles from sagging! | permalink

In the end, I was glad to see that Penny (with help from Bernadette) figured out what Leonard was doing and made him pay for his manipulation. The punishment fit the crime when he had to talk to his mother on video chat. Ha! Penny's sexy outfit and tricking him made it perfect.

As funny as those storylines were to watch, the Raj and Stuart online dating situation fell flat. I just felt sorry for the guys and there's nothing funny about that. It was a disappointing turn to see Raj presented that way after dating Lucy and even given his interactions with Mrs. Davis. I was looking forward to seeing Raj have more opportunities to date with fresh stories,but instead we got something that felt repetitive.

Will you be checking out the movie again to see if Amy was correct? Did you enjoy seeing Sheldon in a reactive situation? What storyline did you find the funniest? Do you want to see Raj date instead of spinning the drain with old stories?


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The best lines in this episode come at the very beginning. Sheldon is agog that ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ has a flaw and Amy delicately closes his mouth: “Let me get that for you.” Meanwhile Penny learns Leonard favoured his mother’s left breast during weaning: “You still go left!” Two brilliant lines delivered by the brightest two female characters.
The rest of the episode was downhill from there. Repeated attempts to fathom ‘Raiders’, Leonard conniving sex from Penny, Sheldon seeking petty revenge on Amy for ruining his favourite film, a pathetic attempt by Raj and Stuart to start online dating - all threads fell to a clunking halt. True, there were occasional laughs, but it was a fairly humdrum episode made worse by Sheldon and Leonard’s ungentlemanly conduct.
Most interesting was a character contrast to the previous episode. There Penny was being portrayed as intellectually slight; here she is at night school learning psychology, reading Beverly Hofstadter’s book and wanting to better her future. Sure she’s still prone to physical [sexual] weaknesses, but over the years she’s also learnt how to deal with men who use [abuse] her; so Leonard, whose behaviour is a devious cross between his two egos, gets his eventual comeuppance.
Yet again though, Sheldon gets off free. It is so irritating no body stands up to his self-indulgent behaviour. When Amy first appeared on the show she was much more in control of her position and met him on equal terms. Not so now; she has effectively downgraded herself to his trophy girlfriend and hardly stands her ground any more. While the way she walks used to epitomize her social awkwardness, now it often more resembles a downtrodden woman, under the thumb of her man. Amy has developed physical needs and wants to express them in the same way her best friend Penny does for Leonard, yet she will never get this from Sheldon, and even worse, he doesn’t even respect her enough to accept her points have any validity. He treats her like he treats everyone else, with scant regard.
The skits with Howard/Bernie and Raj/Stuart were pretty dreary. So, not the best story by a long shot, despite the wonderful opening salvos.


Indy is needed in the movie. The head Natzi follows him to where Marion is living. Amy is so wrong


When Marion Ravenwood met Dr. Marcus Brody she didnt wanted to tell him where the piece is, and they didnt liked that so they nearly killed her, but then Indiana Jones came and saved her. So this proves Indiana is not irelevant to the movie. If it wasnt for him Marion might've died


so please give him some love ! Raj, I really thought the writers would carry on with him and Ms Davis, but nope, after Lucy, we're back to square one ! He can talk to girls now ! Why is it that they keep dragging this on !
I still am looking forward to next episode though.


Okay I only started watching this show a few months ago and i have to say I OVE IT !!! This season episodes 3 and 4 were my favourites ! Had me in stitches. I agree that Amy and Sheldon should be over. That poor woman HAS NEEDS ! Sheldon is not the right one for her... Her point on Raiders was a valid one, and Sheldon trying to find something bad about her favourite thing was just childish and petty. The guys trying to discount her point was hilarious, especially when they came up with nothing. Sheldon's new title for The Little house just killed me !
Penny and Leonard were funny as well. Both quotes in the review had me in stitches ! That man can be smart ! BUT, it got ruined by Howard trying it on Bernadette. She's that good lol. But it didn't even occur to him that she would tell Penny? Like, SERIOUSLY ? Anyways, these were fun moments.
Now I agree, Raj and Stuart's storyline was just...sad. These 2 NEED something ! Stuart is probably going to commit suicide, so please give him some love ! Raj, I really thought the writers would carry on with him and Ms Davis, but nope, after Lucy, we're back to square one ! He can talk to girls now ! Why is it that they keep dragging this on !


it's a show you just have to suspend all belief and just laugh in that respects it's ok.
Bernadette calling BS on Howard, was awesome.
The relationship I can't see any future for is Amy and Sheldon. Sheldon was downright vindictive when Amy took apart raiders and kept trying to find out her favorite show so he could tear that apart as payback.
It's time these two went their separate ways as it's clear Sheldon doesn't have what Amy wants, even at the hug level.


I absolutely found this episode very funny. I do agree with the reviewer that Raj/Stuart's story line was boring though. I enjoyed Amy/Sheldon's story line most and found the part where she had to close Sheldon's mouth saying "Here, I'll close that for you" the funniest part of the episode.


To pull out my own Geek card, had Indy not been involved, the Ark would have been flown directly to Germany. In addition, the only reason it was opened was to satisfy Belloq's and the Nazi commander's desire to open it early, so it's very likely that it would have been handled in a proper way and lead to a Nazi victory.


I like all 3 couples. I think they work because of all of their flaws -- like real couples. The guys aren't versions of sophisticated Cary Grant; but the girls aren't so much better than them that it's unbelievable. Penny is hot, but Leonard made it impossible for her to enjoy the company of handsome idiots. She also has way too much personality (and is maybe too midwest too) to be some rich guy's trophy date. And who really could put up with Bernadette's mouth and bossiness? And Amy's been given the desperation of the comic store guy and couldn't, at this point in her life/maturity/experience find anyone better than Sheldon. She's still in the doing homework for the popular girls stage. I think the show's done a great job with the couples!


this why i hate amy penny and bernadtte would reppect the guys and said nothing about the movie there men like. but not amy she could not do that. but i do have to say that it give the for men some funny things to play. please end the sheldon and amy thing for onc and for all

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Indiana Jones plays no role in the outcome of the story.


Amy: When you told me I was going to be "losing my virginity," I didn't think you meant you'd be showing me Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time.
Sheldon: My apologies. I chose my words poorly. I should have said you were about to have your world rocked on my couch.