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Amy ruins Sheldon's favorite movie Raiders of the Lost Arc, so he goes on a quest to ruin something she loves. He has trouble finding something. He ends up pointing out out historical inaccuracies in Little House on the Prairie.


One of the suggested readings in Penny's class is a book written by Leonard's mother that was about his childhood. Leonard uses the book and his difficult childhood to get Penny to comfort him. When Penny finds out the truth from Bernadette, she gets his mother on skype to "counsel" him.


Raj and Stuart sign up for online dating and it doesn't go well for them.

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No review? Fine...I'll start. A so-so ep IMO, but I've developed a new respect for Bernadette, who's wise to Howard's BS and calls him on it. Meanwhile, whoever is styling Kaley needs to,quit drinking. She's got too much g'donk-g'donk for jeggings and I've seen bird's nests that are more orderly than her hair.