The Big Bang Theory Review: A Geektastic, Romantic Song

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Romance is in the air! "The Romance Resonance" proved that even geeky guys can woo a girl when they put their mind to it. Howard's song was geektastic and oh so lovely, wasn't it?

Though, I guess the relationship turmoil from "The Workplace Proximity" was a distant memory as both Sheldon and Howard both on good terms with their ladies. Continuity has never seemed to be much of a concern to The Big Bang Theory writers. That may be part of the reason the show does so well in syndication.

The Scientific Fraud

Howard's decision to write and perform a song for his anniversary with Bernadette was a brilliant romantic gesture. It shows dedication and thought went into his gift and it didn't cost a thing. It was all about his love for his wife. Since this group of friends is so close with each other their inclusion just added to the heightened emotions.

His romantic overture led the others in relationships (Sorry, Raj.) to think about what they do for their partner. Penny desperately wanted to find a way to show Leonard how much she loves him. It was hilarious that she turned to the one person not in a relationship for help, though at the same time, Raj is usually the man to go to for grand ideas. 

His fixation on romance on film was fitting. I loved the references to Dirty Dancing and Say Anything. And, cooking definitely isn't Penny's forte as her ramen dinner proved. It was sad to see that after all the thought she put into the gift that it was such a bust. She even got rose petals. Rose petals and no sex! 

The experience proved that sometimes it's better for someone to just show their affection through their natural activities. Leonard was touched by the fact that Penny cared enough about him and their relationship to keep mementos of their time together.

Given the ups and downs of their relationship over the years, it was not only surprising but very romantic. It showed another side of Penny that we haven't seen before. And, for those that have questioned whether she truly loves him or not, here was the proof all in one box. It even had a bit of humor in there with the 11-page letter and pregnancy test. An unexpected, but immensely sentimental moment.

Then, there's Sheldon and Amy. I continue to be baffled by their affection-less romance. Amy clearly cares about Sheldon and is there for him physically and emotionally, but he rarely reciprocates in any manner. The final scene was over the top, so I didn't expect it to be real though I also didn't see the dream reveal coming either.

I wanted it to be real. I wanted Sheldon to finally want to kiss Amy, especially since the "mommies and daddies" line was so Sheldon. It ended up a big disappointment for Amy. At least she can image a kiss coming at some point in a Sheldon-like way. Until then she'll just have to stay in her own private zone.

In addition to the romantic theme, Sheldon also made a new scientific discovery that ended up being do to a mistake on his part. This provided a few funny moments and showcased Sheldon's inability to accept errors even though it brought him recognition within the scientific community. There wasn't any reason he had to let others outside his inner circle of friends know the truth. 

Sheldon's discovery may have been better suited for a different episode as it never really connected well with the romantic stuff until the very end when Amy said she was embarrassed for him. It was what he needed to hear. That moment didn't come across like she really believed it, yet she showed she cared in the best way that she could. And, her reward was to be added to his prized list.

The highlight was definitely Howard's song to Bernadette. It made me cry and laugh all at the same time. He sang about his love for his wife with references to Doctor Who, Klingons, and the perfect refrain, ""He'd probably still be living with his mom!" And, it didn't matter that she was quarantined behind glass. Their love for each other was unmistakable.

There were quite a few funny exchanges, check them out in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Penny [to Sheldon]: Your food's ready.
Leonard: No, no, what are you doing? He's both happy and quiet. It's like seeing a unicorn and Bigfoot at the same time. | permalink

Sheldon: I feel like my mind just made a baby. And, it's beautiful. It's not like human babies which are loud and covered in goop. | permalink


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This was a much better episode than the previous effort. It wouldn’t have taken much. This time, Howard and Sheldon take centre stage, although the two stories didn’t quite connect. There was really space for two stories.
Sheldon has finally struck gold and has discovered a new alloy. That it was down to a fortuitous accident bothers him to the point he denies recognition of his discovery. This had comic potential and was handled fairly well, but too often it showed Sheldon’s more earnest side when the story had the ability to be farcical – remember what happened when he won an award as University Scientist of the Year? Now that was real comedy genius, this Sheldon story didn’t develop far enough to produce anything so memorable. Sadly once again it was Amy who seems both to suffer for him and then relieve his pain. Her speech about being embarrassed for him didn’t sound from the heart or like her practical nature. That she was happy to be on Sheldon’s inane ‘list’ was a rehash of her joy at being his emergency contact. Rather than looking pleased, she simply looked very desperate. I’m not even sure I care any more about this daft relationship that hits dead end after dead end. In that respect the dream sequence in the coda was entirely in keeping with Amy’s unfulfilled romance.
You have to be disappointed for her, especially as Howard’s sometimes topsy-turvy love with Bernadette clearly is founded on a strong shared and loving base. While there were not many laughs in the run up to the cutesy song, the ditty itself was well sung and had a few neat lines. It was a nice moment which rather recalled his song at the Cheesecake Factory a few seasons back.
Finally Penny’s relationship with Leonard came under the spotlight. This was one of those moments which really did touch on real life. Her struggle to find him a romantic present was very reminiscent of the everyday tribulations of many couples. The memories though, whether physical objects or mental images, meant much more to Leonard and it resolved her quandary very well. Unlike some, I enjoy this pair. They have an endearing affection which transcends the hallway of the apartment block. Sometimes they are together, often they are apart, yet they are very much a couple who talk to each other and share many private moments. This little scene encapsulated that. It shows they love each other and we don’t often see that.
Call me sentimental if you want, but I rather enjoyed this episode.


I already commented on this show and liked it ... but I wanted to see what a comment looks like and so post this. What looks great is that on my previous comment there is a place to click "Edit." Thank you!


The box of things which Penny kept with the letter- all 11 pages of it- felt like a nod to Friends... :)


love howards song so glad the kiss was not real!!!!!!!!


A step up from the previous episode, but with that shame/mockery for a episode isn't saying that much to be honest. The best part in this episode and the one that carried the episode along with Sheldon was Howard and Simon Helberg was brilliant with that song to Bernadette, it was flawlessy done. I really don't mind Howard and Bernadette's relationship/marriage, they both are great and fun together - It's the other way around with Amy, Sheldon, Penny and Leonard relationship, it's more fun wathing paint dry then watching them interact with each other. Sheldon was also funny in this episode and it was good to see he was back in the zone and was successful again, even though it was accidentally - LOL


Dam the writters seems to pursue please the romantic people, please, no more romance, return to the nerd/geek essence!


Fun episode! I like and expect the Penny-Leonard relationship, so enjoyed their sub plot; but the best was Howard's song and the rest doing the chorus/backup!!


Wow this show is getting better every day!!! Awesome song and Simon Helberg sang it brilliantly. Loved to see the sentimental side of Penny one which was lacking in previous seasons. I really thought Sheldon would kiss Amy for real and hope it will happen in the future.
But hopefully we'll get a break from romantic stuff and see the boys back together in a geeky adventure!!!


I knew the kiss scene wasn't real but I was hoping it was Sheldon's dream/nightmare, it would have been a step forward if he even dreamed of Amy like that.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Penny: Hey, how come you've never done anything romantic to celebrate our first date?
Leonard: Well, for starters, you've broken up with me so many times, which first date are we talking about?

Penny [to Sheldon]: Your food's ready.
Leonard: No, no, what are you doing? He's both happy and quiet. It's like seeing a unicorn and Bigfoot at the same time.