The Big Bang Theory Review: How Much is Too Much?

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Why are Amy and Sheldon still together? The answer to that question is a mystery after the events of "The Workplace Proximity." 

One of the frustrations I have with The Big Bang Theory is that the writers maintain no consistency with the character of Sheldon. Sometimes, he's self-aware of his social awkwardness and other times he's oblivious. And the victim in most cases is Amy.

The Work Relationship Test

None of the other characters are as obviously inconsistent. In most cases, everyone else is written in a manner that reflects the character that we've gotten to know. Their reaction to a situation appears on screen as expected. 

Despite that frustration, the episode was quite funny. Instead of multiple storylines, the half hour revolved around Amy's decision to take a job at the university with Sheldon. Since they weren't going to work in the same department, it would have been easy for them to avoid each other. Even though Sheldon didn't want Amy there, he was more than willing to make his presence known and take advantage of her.

I'm still not sure how I feel about Sheldon going over to Amy's lunch table to introduce himself. It was so uncomfortable to watch. Sheldon has no concept of propriety. Was this funny? Or just awkward?

Sheldon: Oh, please. I'm your boyfriend. You call me Sheldon. That's right. I'm in a relationship with this cute little lump of wool. It's a physical relationship, too. Hand-holding, hugging ... even on hot days. | permalink

Sheldon didn't even recognize the debacle at lunch. When he needed a ride home, he just expected Amy to drop everything to drive him. That was typical Sheldon. And it led to the funniest moment of the episode: Sheldon and the monkey have the exact same reaction to the images on the screen. Hilarious. (Though I hope Amy didn't use those for her experiment. Sheldon's presence definitely influenced the results.)

When Sheldon showed up at Amy's door, I thought maybe he listened to Leonard and Penny and recognized the error of his ways. That wasn't the case. 

Amy: Sheldon, you're not a weirdo.
Sheldon: I wasn't speaking about me. | permalink

And Amy shut the door on his face. Way to go, Amy! Though, I'm sure they will still be together and it will be like nothing happened when the show returns. I do like Sheldon and Amy together. I don't understand how or why she stays with him, but sometimes love is a crazy thing. He doesn't hurt her, so if she's happy more than not and maintains hope that he will satisfy her, I hope she sticks around.

Howard and Bernadette's marriage ended up being dragged into the situation and suffered the most. His comments about not working with Bernadette got him kicked out of the house. However, I guess it was good payback for outing Leonard's manipulation of Penny last Thursday. And Howard got to play video games and have Raj provide dinner for him. Doesn't sound like much of a punishment.

Overall, there were a lot of funny moments, in addition to some very uncomfortable ones. Raj had my favorite of the night:

Raj: I think it could be romantic. You know, my parents met at his place of work.
Leonard: Your father's a gynecologist.
Raj: I know. What started as a pap smear turned into a date, which turned into her working there, which turned into marriage, which turned into hatred which continues to this day. | permalink

Check out more funny lines in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section.

What was your favorite line or moment? Does the inconsistency in Sheldon's character bother you? 


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This was not one of my favourite episodes.
Amy has the opportunity to work at Sheldon’s university and he embarrasses her. That’s basically it. We saw this sort of thing before when Sheldon took an enforced holiday and chose to spend it at Amy’s lab, so this story retreads old ground and it was better the first time. The funniest moment was exactly as the reviewer above said, Sheldon and the monkey’s joint reaction. The rest of the episode bordered on the mundane.
I’ve mentioned already in my previous posts how the writers seem to be penning Sheldon as more and more annoying. He’s always had the propensity to be that, but while everyone else in the cast is developing as people, embarking on friendships and relationships and learning from shared experiences, Sheldon is not. What was quirky and unusual when the series began several years back is starting to become quite trying. His approach to Amy’s lunch table was cringe worthy. You felt for Amy. Bizarrely you also felt for Sheldon, until you realise he genuinely didn’t understand his faux pas. He continues this behaviour when he attempts to apologise. Here the joke is telegraphed so far ahead it doesn’t even register as a joke but a mean and heartless remark comparing his girlfriend to a ‘wierdo.’ Because this self-obsessed attitude is in his DNA we fully expect odd behaviour, but Sheldon is also intelligent and it beggars belief a man of his intellect has no self-awareness or social skills and is incapable of developing any. Did he learn nothing at all from his God fearing, mannerly and clearly capable mother? The writers appear to have forgotten this aspect of his formative years.
One best forgotten.


I cannot tolerate Sheldon,he is so rude,talks down to everyone and is narcissistic.Love the rest of the cast,including Amy.I just do not like his character.
A big gripe is whenever Kripke is on,the closed caption does not write how he talks,that is wrong for those who cannot hear.They cannot get the humor of him talking.


All the relationships on this show don't work. Sheldon and Amy are basically Penny and Leonard 2.0. Why Bernadette is with Howard is simply beyond me. She's hot and smart and with some dude who lives with his mom and has homosexual tendencies. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but c'mon Bernadette. I'm hoping Amy dumps Sheldon and leaves the show and Leonard dumps Penny and gets with Alex (Sheldon's assistant)


I think they are deliberately going back and forth from funny, to relationship based episodes. I also think that the shows gears Sheldon to whoever they need him to be at the time. I even saw him sit down in the chair and Leonard was sitting in "his spot" while Penny asked them trivia questions at the end of an episode. Raj even spoke in front of Penny once. The inconsistencies are awful. But Amy knows exactly who Sheldon was from day 1, so she is just as at fault for staying with him. In fact, she's more at fault.


I agree with one point that show does seems to be revolve around couples rather than the nerdy scientists and their geek fantasies.
Writers should really focus on bringing that side of the guys much like the ending of the episode. Penny will fit in nicely but I'm not sure of the other two. Basically Brunedette is just plain annoying right now.


I think that too many episodes centered around Sheldon, or the relationships are just boring. Nothing really happens, nothing changes, Sheldon is just unbearable, and everybody puts up with this. I have a simple question: WHY; I'm afraid the writers cannot answer that... I completely agree with Jonas about the couples, and about how unfunny the show has become. Unfortunately, it's not a comedy show anymore, it's a show about couples.


As much as I love Sheldon, THIS was unbearable ! How much can Amy take before saying NO ! He humiliated her, then could not understand why she was mad, I mean come on ! He has been aware of his social awkwardness but he was unable to see it in this episode ! He actually was mean to her ! I said it before and will say it again, it is time for Amy to be with someone else ! I would love to see her still as part of the group but at least give her the experience she needs ! It was quite sad... Even though there were funny lines and moment (ie Sheldon and the monkey), that was just tasteless. !


Hey people, give Sheldon a rest. The character is awesome and it led to my favorite episode of the season. Jim Parson's brought it again as Sheldon and the whole story was driven by him. Loved the reference to little "Sri Lanka" and coconut milk as Sri Lankan food is prepared mainly using coconut milk. Loved the ending as well how the "Boys will be Boys" no matter what. 5 stars for me.

Sue ann

One problem with Amy dumping Sheldon would be that she would also be giving up the only female friends she has ever had, Penny and Bernadette. Amy really is in a tough position. She has not given up hope for more of a normal relationship with Sheldon, and she is painfully aware of her social lacks. She is happy having girl friends, and happy having a boy friend, and the cost keeps rising. Sheldon really was an a*****e this episode. Explaining him to the Swedes would have been difficult, if real. Sheldon used to improve, if slowly. He seems to have come to another stop. The writers need to check the show's book together, intensively.


I reckon the Sheldon characters been way overdone and he's just a A~hole.
When he kicked Amy under the table I was really hoping for a pie or a plateful of food on the ready for Amy to hurl in his face but No.
I really see Sheldon viewing Amy as a Christmas present that he's got labeled, "Girlfriend."
But has never bothered to open and drawn an awful lot of conclusions about. In short no clue how to open it or a clue as to what's actually inside.
In short best to end them as a couple the guys barely changed in 6 years and it's getting downright predictable and old.
Amy deserves a hell of a lot better.
Question: Where do you see Amy and Sheldon in another 6 years?

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Raj: I think it could be romantic. You know, my parents met at his place of work.
Leonard: Your father's a gynecologist.
Raj: I know. What started as a pap smear turned into a date, which turned into her working there, which turned into marriage, which turned into hatred which continues to this day.

Penny: Somebody's having date night.
Amy: It's actually steamier than it looks. Sheldon's looking up the phallic symbolism of root vegetables in Renaissance paintings.
Sheldon: Oh no, I got bored with that. I'm just browsing cuticle scissors on Amazon.
Penny: How do you not tear off his clothes and take him right here on this table?
Sheldon: If you do that, I'll scream.