The Mentalist Review: More Than One?

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Drones and explosions took a back seat to Red John's antics in "Black-Winged Redbird," as we were left to contemplate how many of the final seven are involved with the evil mastermind. Or could Red John be more than just one man?

Wasn't Director Bertram oddly calm when he found out that Partridge was dead and Lisbon was down? He barely reacted to the news. Was that because he already knew or was it just because Bertram's an odd individual?

Keeping Jane Off Center

Remember last week when Jane said he wasn't freaking out? I'd say he's definitely freaked out now. The way he begged the crowd of law enforcement officers for a bottle of water showed his sense of panic better than anything else could have. Then he gently set about removing Red John's handiwork from Teresa's face. It was as though he couldn't rest until he got that maniac's mark off of her. 

Jane truly seemed lost to Red John's motives in letting Lisbon go. Was he being playful, ran out of time or simply meant to kill her but got interrupted? Patrick Jane was left with far more questions than answers. 

I really loved Lisbon's nightmare. It was very telling. Her fear was losing the people closest to her to the serial killer. And was it just a coincidence that Haffner killed her in the dream and then visited her in the hospital? When he told her that one of these day they'd have more time, was that an aside to Red John not having the time to finish the job he started?

Also, who is Carmen Lee? That's the person the nurse was looking for when she mistakenly walked into Teresa's room…but any fan of The Mentalist knows that clues pop up at odd times. So what piece of the puzzle is Carmen Lee?

When Sophie Miller didn't pick up her phone I knew she was dead…which is a shame. I kind of liked Sophie and her connection to Patrick's past. The moment I noticed that sticky note on the fridge I knew what Jane was going to find. But what was the message in decapitating her? Red John's methods appear to be changing as Jane and Lisbon get closer to finding him. 

I've said almost nothing about the suicide by drone story line and it's not that I didn't enjoy it. It was an interesting twist but it was all secondary to the hunt for a serial killer who knows so much that Lisbon wonders if he could actually be psychic.

Is that because he's more than one man? We've always known that Red John has his minions but could it be possible for multiple people to form the legend of Red John? Could it be their shared knowledge and access is what make this killer seem almost omnipotent?

The discussion between Director Bertram, Sheriff McAllister, and Reed Smith was certainly curious. When Reed asked Bertram how much does Jane know…what was he referring to? Is it another red herring to throw us off or an insight into the identity of the legendary mad man?

So many questions…so few answers but there's no question that The Mentalist season 6 is the most intriguing yet.


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@mimi, you're right.


very interesting @rationalgal thank you


Correction-came from clues that are a part of bigger theories.


@Carobachik, The plastic surgery notion also came from T. Carter when he was talking to Jane in Strawberries and cream. Partridge has been at all the RJ crime scenes whether we've saw him there or not. The childhood thing came because RJ keeps messing around in Jane's past for no reason. You can't get a good read on the suspects if you are not using all the clues which are situational, they are there. Most of the things that you are reading that you don't remember came from clues and are part of bigger theories. I'm done with my puns for now. :)!


A bit of insight into the Jane-Lisbon relationship: Jane was desperate to find water to wash Lisbon's face. He wanted to protect her from being too traumatized. Bad enough for Lisbon to think RJ tasered her, then just marked her face with blood. Much much worse to think he hovered over her ghoulishly painting a clown face on her. In Lisbon's nightmare, Jane's face was not visible as he lay on the floor because even in a nightmare Lisbon could not bear to see Jane really dead. (Even I can't bear to think of that.) This is the writers telling us how deeply Jane and Lisbon care for each other tho for now it's unspoken. They'll get to that in due time. RJ has to get out of the way first.


Sophie's recorded notes on "RJ" didn't tell us much except that he was middle aged. That may leave out Stiles. However, the person Sophie talked to may have been an RJ surrogate, just as Timothy Carter was, so we can't be sure of anything there. One thing not covered (and would not be) by Sophie was her "client's" status re money, power, political influence, etc. RJ needs all of that to function as he has. They are most readily available via Visualize and/or Homeland Security. Stiles has the power; Kirkland is the guy with the RJ limo; can't see Hafner as smart enough to be other than a PR spinmaster for Visualize.


It seemed to me that the episode was planned to make every suspect viable to keep us guessing up to the series finale. As some of us have surmised, there was no psychic mystery in RJ knowing Jane's happy memory. Of course it was in his psych record. But when Jane was telling Lisbon about his memory, Lisbon told him of hers - the song Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain reminded her of her mother feeding pigeons. The woman on the next bench was doing that when Jane was talking about Sophie Miller. The camera paid special attention to the pigeon feeding. Does this mean something will happen related to Lisbon's past? How would THAT memory be killed? As for the "Carmen Lee" nurse, that was RJ's hypnotic trigger for Lisbon to remind Jane of his Lee Lee memory so he could be lured to Sophie's house.


sorry I think I cast confusion here.
from what I gathered, RJ may be someone Jane knew before, during his carny years, right? at least that's a theory.
Then someone or many people here talked about Kirkland doing plastic surgery so that we couldnt recognize him. We threw this theory because he asked Lennon if he recognized him.
Can someone confirm what I'm saying or I' going totally bonkers here and am mixing ideas?


@Carobachik, speculation about Kirkland and plastic surgery came out of him asking that Red John minion (forget his name, the one Lorelei shot) whether he recognised him just before killing him in the hospital last season. As for Kirkland and Jane knowing each other when young, I didn't catch that either.


@ anitraward1...No. More. Puns. ; ) And, I see the connection you made with Partridge and Lorelei, I guess I didn't draw those lines b/c I can't think that hard about timelines and details (I was kinda going with Lorelei being dead when she appeared dead, and I don't remember Partridge being at her crime scene). I try to figure out who RJ is based on the characters more than the occurances. But it sounds good, I can't argue since I can't keep track of the details like that.
Now hearing about the CBI internal affairs plot, I'm clearing Bertram off my RJ list. He doesn't fit at all to me anyway. I think the CBI/FBI plot is why he and Smith are still credited as guest stars into the future episodes. Where are people getting this stuff about Kirkland getting plastic surgery and knowing Jane when they were young? I caught nothing on that.

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Lisbon: You were right about the phone traces. Red John hooked me like a fish.
Jane: Well, at least he threw you back.

He took Partridge's blood, put it on your face, made his mark.