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The twin does need to come into play. After all he's only missing and no body has been found. For all we know he could have been the one in the limo on episode 100 telling the lady to tell minelli about Jane. Thus he's technically been around since the beginning.

@ Dr. Doctor

One last and final thing! Bret Styles is for some reason working his Mojo on Van Pelt for some reason! He could care about RJ or he himself is controlled by the sociopath! Everyone else is! What would be the odds you would find 7 or 8 people (in law enforcement ) that are sociopathic without hypnotism or some form of mind control?

@ Tracey Noble

I agree. I think he's working his mojo on van pelt because he cold read her and saw she has a troubled past thus becoming easier to manipulation and hypnotic suggestion.


Really believe that kirklands twin brother is red john,he fits the description of the blind woman who knew red john and also owns a cabin in the woods surrounded by pine(blind woman says red john smelled of pine),also Jane never knew Kirkland had a twin so he could still realistically be an active person on the list if they are identical twins.

@ Henke7

makes sense.In this manner Bruno heller didn;t lie: the name was on the list.Kirkland but Michael.....must be a impossible to be that simple..


Jane and Heffner exchanges were my favorite. I did like Cho and Rigsby in the park, and Lisbon-VanPelt-Heffner at the hotel. I don't care who RJ is as a person, it is the story of how one chooses to act that fascinates me.


I love anything with Simon Baker, especially when he smiles.
Like the Cho Rigsby banter.


I would love some twist to who RJ is, but right now all things seem to point to Stiles. It would be interesting if Kirkland's twin was RJ, but I highly doubt it. I just want some big interesting twist aha got you moment. Not sure we will get it.


" I'm surprised the two of you didn't become lifelong friends the moment you shook hands"

So Red John is someone Jane would be great friends with if something didn't go wrong when they first met to make them not become friends.


Cho doesn't need a great romance but a date or 2 would be nice.
I don't have a favorite but Cho/Rigsby at the fruit cart is great.


I think RJ is Kirkland's twin brother - after all, he could have been posing as Bob when he shook Jane's hand. Bob said he joined Visualize/RJ/


1. I was leaning toward Haffner earlier, but now I’m thinking it’s Bertram. I’m not sure how I’d feel if we don’t see Stiles for 5 episodes, then suddenly he shows up “Ta da! It’s me!” Malcolm McDowell is a busy guy, though.
2. I’m not sure I trust the tattoo clue. What if the girl(sorry, Cho!) was hired by the Tyger, Tyger group, not Red John? Actually, that whole business made no sense. She was a terrible P.I.!
3. Maybe VanPelt is with Stiles to go undercover, after all. If so, she’s in a great deal of danger.
4. My favorite scene was when Haffner told Lisbon and VanPelt to stay away from Jane. Lisbon’s been nervous around all of the RJ suspects, until right there when one of them threatened Jane. She really let him have it! I loved that.


Yay, great review&round table again :) It's almost a shame the RJ story is almost over, it would've been fun to continue this for a long time!

I'll repeat what I've said ever since s5 finale; Haffner, Smith and McAllister would make terribly disappointing Red Johns. The rest I can live with, although not happily ever after.

I'm really sad Cho's "love interest" turned out to be a scam. They had nice chemistry and I absolutely love Cho's dry lines. And as a male viewer, Kira would've been an amazing addition to the show.

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