The Mentalist Round Table: "Wedding in Red"

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The Mentalist invited fans to a "Wedding in Red" this week, as Rigsby popped the question to Grace and the two had one of the quickest engagements on TV.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Mentalist fans Foresti Purge, @nehakatti and Nerwen Aldarion to debate where McAllister ranks on the Red John list and if Grace's choice in wedding attire was just a little too weird.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Forseti Purge: When Jane ruins the wedding the first time. It's hilarious in a dark, sociopathic way, kind of like drug dealers going to twelve-step meetings to peddle drugs, but this is why we like Jane. IRL he'd be living in a supermax now, but his selling point is that he couldn't care less about limits, and this scene shows us just that.

@nehakatti:  So many amazing scenes! From jane helping Lisbon with her jacket to him sneaking a peek at the wedding. But my favourite, Jane and McAllister analyzing the crime scene while Lisbon looked on. That sense of competition between them was amazing, is what I think a conversation with Red John would look like..

Nerwen Aldarion: The car scene with Rigsby and Cho had me laughing, classic fun between those two. Jane telling Lisbon he was ordained was funny too and I loved her face when he said he could marry her off in a minute (And the sexy way he said 'Don't tempt me' had my Jisbon heart pounding) Jane being the minister is probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I'll also admit, while I'm not a die hard Rigspelt fan I thought their wedding was very sweet, particularly watching how Simon Baker played his emotions in that scene.  I know that's like five scenes but I can't ever choose a favorite scene in my life.

Christine: There was something about the way Jane watched from the doorway asWayne and Grace got married. So many emotions played out across his face. Joy for his friends and yet there was a sadness there, perhaps remembering his own wedding and all he'd lost. Kudos to Simon Baker for conveying so much without saying a word.

Happily Married on The Mentalist

McAllister's fear of heights. Did Lisbon and Jane read him wrong or was McAllister playing with Jane all along?

Forseti Purge: He was playing with Jane all along. Beware the man whom nobody fears. He may be the one who knocks.

@nehakatti: I think, McAllister, Smith and Bertrem are working on tricking Jane. He was clearly not afraid of heights even though he acted like it and now Dr. Miller's analysis might also be tainted because of that.

Nerwen Aldarion: Maybe Jane and Lisbon saw what they wanted to see or perhaps it was more about McAllister being none too willing to climb a ladder at the time. I myself don't have an extreme fear of heights but I'll climb a ladder if I have to, if I don't, well then I'll gladly pass the job to someone else. This doesn't seem to eliminate or validate Mcallister as a suspect in any way.

Christine: So confusing…in a really fun way. I have no idea if they just misread the situation or if he's really playing with them but I agree with Foresti…he could be far more dangerous than most believe.

Did you find it odd that Grace kept her wedding dress?

ForsetiPurge: Not really. Jane kept a bloody smiley on his wall.

@nehakatti: It's pretty odd, yes. But so is being engaged to a guy and never knowing he is a psychopath.

Nerwen Aldarion: That she kept it? Not really, I could see her holding on to it as a "what might have been" situation. Her choice in groom was flawed but not her dress. What I did find odd was that she just happened to have her dress in Napa. Who knew every woman carried their wedding dress with them on a case.

Christine:She must have really thought that was the perfect dress because I couldn't imagine wearing the same dress I'd bought to marry a Red John minion. Nerwen, I'm going to go with she somehow had it sent from home…but yeah. It did just kind of magically appear.

Give me your thoughts on Wayne and Grace's wedding. Loved it? Hated it? Or anything in between?

ForsetiPurge: It's an okay wedding, not bad, but not great either. The writers had stretched their relationship as far as they could, and now they've got no more story options left but to marry them.

@nehakatti: I think the wedding was amazing. It would have been perfect if Ben was there.

Nerwen Aldarion: Their wedding was perfect for them, simply and sweet. THe best part was Jane watching from the side. He never likes to display his emotions even when he was genuinely happy for them, most likely because he knew it would also make him sad. That wasn't something he wanted them see.

Christine: I think it was perfect for them. A little rushed perhaps but since I haven't spent years waiting for the moment I thought it was very sweet. But if we ever get a Jisbon wedding I expect a lot more buildup.

Where does Sheriff McAllister rank on your list of Red John suspects?

ForsetiPurge: He is my first. He always has been. As a writer, you can't plan too far ahead, and only 2 out of 7 suspects appeared in Season 1. And Partridge is a textbook Red Herring--nobody, except yours truly of course, would suspect the guy who showed up in the episode after the pilot.

@nehakatti: In the top 3, along with Haffner and Bertrem.

Nerwen Aldarion: McAllister still ranks rather low on my list, perhaps above Smithe now but still below Kirkland, Bertram, Stiles and of course my number one choice, Haffner

Christine: This one had me looking at him in a whole new light. He's a lot smarter than I ever gave him credit for and he certainly had a competitive chemistry with Jane that's I'd expect from Red John. Right now he's my number 2 guy behind Haffner.

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Carobachik, I hate the "evil twin" idea too, but it's hard not to see some kind of early-years connection between Jane and RJ. Maybe not evil twin but some other association that triggered hatred/envy of Jane, which Jane is not aware of. Also, RJ communicates with Jane where he didn't with any other of his victims as far as we know. None of his killings have been random since Jane's family. tho all were random before. Now, all are connected to Jane in some way. There's an intense interest that has never been shown re any other murder. Has RJ ever killed someone who was loved as a way to punish/torture the person RJ wanted to hurt? Can't think of any. Every other person who dissed RJ got killed, not that person's loved one. Why the difference? Why the apparent special hatred of Jane?


Red: Good possibilities. I do think everyone on the list is connected to RJ - and one of them IS RJ. So if it's Smith, where does he get the money, influence, political power and free time to do what RJ does? That question has to be answered for any RJ suspect because it's critical to RJ being able to function.


I don't know if you guys have seen Americ's videos on youtube, I've recently discovered him, and he made a kind of an advance preview for the next ep, saying is going to be intense and full of revelations!!he's soo funny!!so it's a must see!!


After doing more research I get the feeling that Red John is Reede Smith. I think mostly all the people on the list work for Red John. Partridge was the one in the mask that saved Jane then when the time came Red John killed him to lure Lisbon in. Haffner was the friend in the FBI at the time. Bertram was the CBI mole. McAllister controls police for Red John's doing. Stiles offers Red John information and money in order to prolong his life so Red John doesn't kill him. And Kirkland is renegade who wants to kill Red John because he killed someone Kirkland loved. This all leaves Reed Smith at the epicenter. His outbursts are obvious which if he were a narcissist he wouldn't be able to hide this for that long anyway. Also the person who killed Rebecca was stocky and broad shouldered and had hair color similar to Smith's. Plus when Red John was at Barker's house walking by the camera the body wasnt So small or thin. It had a bulk like smiths and Bertrams body. Many people assume Reede is fat but that's not the case. If he were fat and unhealthy he wouldn't make it in the FBI. He's just stocky but its all muscle and bulk not fat. He's about 6 foot and strong but not too muscular but not soft. He has short hair and can sit composed like he did in Bertrams office even though he was nervous since jae said red john made a mistake. This is just my take on it but I really feel people are looking over Recede Smith which heller wants because he's red john.


Napa County isn't very far from Sacramento - about an hour each way, give or take 20 minutes depending on traffic and where in Napa County you're going. It wouldn't have been difficult for Grace to go to Sac, get the dress, and then drive back for the wedding.


Ugh, I have not put much stock in the whole Evil Twin Theory, or ones related to that. I don't think the note RJ left when he killed Jane's family clearly pointed to any old connection or hatred, he knew who Jane was prior to that event b/c Jane talked about serial killers etc publicly. I don't think killing Jane's family was so outside the box for RJ, he also killed Lorelei's sister to get to Lorelei in a very non-standard move, even though it was later. And I thought the consensus was that RJ had gotten the personal information from Sophie for the memories. I kind of feel like the Carny stuff could be working a different angle than something so literal as "I'm your evil half-brother and I hate you because..." what? Their father loved Jane better? Hardly. I would be totally disappointed if it was something as over-done as a lost brother turned evil. I really hope Heller & Co have something more interesting and original up their sleeve than that. It would also not fit with Heller saying how in the end RJ will just simply be another man, it would be too demonic and climactic.


The reason everyone started seeing a related background for RJ and Jane was that RJ's killing of Jane's family was not his M.O. He killed people randomly for no known reason. With Jane it was different. (Red Dawn(?): "If you really want to hurt someone, don't kill them; kill someone they love.") So it appeared that Jane's dissing RJ on TV was the last insult fueling an ongoing hatred for him. The name-calling put-down note on the bedroom door indicated as much. Then RJ laying Lorelei's body out in a carney setting clearly pointed to a carney backstory involving both RJ and Jane. The Sean Barlow ep added to that. Then the ep of 15-year-old Jane showing his father wearing a wedding ring, tho no woman was ever mentioned. Meaning? He's still mourning a dead wife? Was there another child - half-brother to Jane - who was given away/abandoned and has lived with resentment of Jane ever since? Something like that?


@rationalgal- I was recently swinging toward Kirkland, but not committed. Something seems amiss there, I just see him poring over the re-creation of Jane's RJ Info Wall and looking like "WTF?" It still seems like he's a RJ hunter himself but we don't know why. So I'm still on the fence between Kirland and Haffner, for not very good reasons. When the series started, it appeared that the problems btwn Red John and Patrick Jane started when Jane "slandered" RJ on tv and then killed his family, causing Jane to go into a tailspin and emerge the Dark Angel of Vengeance. That was the genesis. But now everyone's saying they are connected from childhood, that in fact the problems started THERE, not well into both their separate careers. I definitely see all the Carny allusions, I get that. But I don't know if I think it's credible to assume the reason RJ became a serial killer started because of some childhood Carny experience with Jane.


The prison population has much the same ranking system as everyone else. A prisoner convicted of killing or otherwise harming children is lucky to stay alive. The others will be out to get him. White collar criminals tend to be admired. RJ might possibly be admired for how cleverly he avoided capture. If he fears "monsters" it's because he sees himself as a monster. He has a two-way view of himself as both good and evil. Rather pathetic from listening to him. That's why he hopes someone will kill him mercifully, as he did Lennon, when the time comes. Kirkland was at CBI when Jane arrived (Red Dawn) and obviously expected him. So there's something in both their backgrounds that will show us how and why the serial killing developed and the connection between RJ and Jane. It's back in the carney world but the writers haven't shown us that yet. Kirkland is the only suspect who makes sense as RJ.


The guy tied to Stiles also needs a background that makes being a serial killer believable. The carney eps have shown us that RJ's motivation lies back there. Can anyone imagine Bertram with a carney connection? He's a total bureaucrat. Haffner? Maybe but he's been a 9 to 5 guy basically, easily demoted by Bertram and easily tricked by Jane. He's most likely a stooge for Visualize, making sure law enforcement never gets too close to the money laundering and all the other stuff a tax exempt, financially unaccountable sacred cow huckster can do. "Faithless men using the faith and belief of others to steal from them." I can't see any way McCallister, Smith, and the late Partridge can fit into an RJ scenario. We are left with Stiles/Kirkland. I still think Kirkland has claustrophobia, so fears imprisonment more than the certain death penalty. He mentioned the "monsters" in prison as something to fear. He's projecting. (continued)

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