The Mindy Project Review: Morgan Grinder

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At the start of this week's episode, we found Mindy still reeling from her breakup with Casey.

It wasn't long before we met Cliff Gilbert, an attractive lawyer with an online shopping problem. Despite their contentious first encounter, you got the feeling we will see the two involved at some point.

In the meantime, Mindy still had to find a way to deal with her grief. Danny would have been the obvious choice to come to her aid, but "Magic Morgan" took an interesting turn when Morgan knocked on her door.

Seducing Morgan

I'm not sure there is enough wine in Manhattan to make Mindy's judgement so impaired that she would try to sleep with Morgan. Although you can't blame her for being intrigued after hearing about Morgan's most recent breakup and his uncanny track record with woman. 

Morgan: Do you remember my ex girlfriend Vicky?
Mindy: No.
Morgan: Ok, well anyway, she just got engaged to an engineer and not the choo-choo kind, the rich kind. | permalink

Mindy ended up coming to her senses and avoided what she would have surely regretted as a bad decision. Meanwhile, back at the office, Danny was questioning Jeremy's decision to hire Peter Prentice. Peter once again showed his knack for talking to patients, but after he inappropriately touched Danny while telling a story, Danny had seen enough.

Thankfully, Peter's termination lasted mere moments because watching Danny and Jeremy treat him like a fraternity pledge is going to make for some hilarious scenes in coming weeks. 

Morgan threatening to sue Mindy for sexual harassment was a bit unbelievable, but it did give Cliff and Mindy another face to face. It also was the impetus for Morgan and Mindy to go on a date, where amid his usual farcical antics, he showed Mindy a different side. His taking her to that quarry to scream out her issues proved to be very therapeutic. 

Too bad the end of that scene and the following one - where Cliff caught the elevator up with Mindy and Morgan - were marred by some horrendous voice overs. All in all, though, a solid rebound episode for Mindy and crew.


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Mindy was drunk when she was into the idea of sleeping with Morgan. Then she came to her senses. She would be repulsed by seeing anyone in that setting that she's not really into. That's how Mindy's character is. She says what she's thinking. I don't think Morgan tried to sue her out of spite, either. He did it because he knew that he could get her to go on a date with him that way, and he wanted to help her. He said girls just have to date him for his "magic" to work. He wanted to help her out. It was actually kind of sweet. And I think she's allowed to act off when she just went through a rough breakup. Anyways, I loved the episode! And I can't wait to see what happens with her and the lawyer.


I'm sorry, I already was disappointed after last week and what they did to Casey's character, but what the hell was that??
Mindy was the one who wanted to sleep with Morgan in the first place and he didn't - when he finally gives in, she acts like he's so repulsive, she won't even go on a date with him?? That was so rude and unnecessary, I can't believe they did that.. they're supposed to be friends.
It wasn't even funny!

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Is this anybodies sandwich? Because I've eaten half of it and I don't like it.

Peter Prentice

Morgan: Do you remember my ex girlfriend Vicky?
Mindy: No.
Morgan: Ok, well anyway, she just got engaged to an engineer and not the choo-choo kind, the rich kind.