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The Mindy Project Season 2

A Crowded Train
"An Officer and a Gynecologist"

Mindy and a police officer clash when she prescribes his daughter birth control pills on The Mindy Project.

"Think Like a Peter"

Peter tasks Mindy to think like a man and she tries to put the advice to use at a bar on The Mindy Project.

"Girl Crush"

Mindy considers leaving when her idol tries to woo her with a job on The Mindy Project.

Mindy and Danny's relationship is already being tested when one of his exs shows up on The Mindy Project.

"Indian BBW"

Mindy is unhappy that a video of herself is making its way around the Internet on The Mindy Project.

"French Me, You Idiot"

Mindy and Danny must deal with the consequences of their moment of intimacy on The Mindy Project.

"The Desert"

When Mindy asks Danny for help writing an important letter, the two end up in trouble on The Mindy Project.

The gang attends a medical conference in Los Angeles on The Mindy Project.

"Danny C. Is My Personal Trainer"

When Mindy wants to get into shape, she talks Danny into being her personal trainer on The Mindy Project.

"Christmas Party Sex"

Mindy and her friends attend a Christmas Party where Mindy sings Santa Baby to the guests on The Mindy Project.

"Wedding Crushers"

Mindy ends up taking Peter to her ex-boyfriend Josh's wedding and thing go great, until Peter makes a serious blunder on The Mindy Project.

"Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist"

Danny runs into a PR debacle when the woman he invites to write on a Mommy blog turns out to be a white supremacist on The MIndy Project.

"You've Got Sext"

Peter and Morgan continue a conversation over Mindy's cell phone that they may regret on The Mindy Project.

"Sk8ter Man"

After Danny accuses of being judgemental, Mindy goes on a date with a skateboarder on The Mindy Project.

" Bros Club for Dudes"

Mindy does her best to get Peter to quit the Bros fight club on The Mindy Project.

"Wiener Night"

When a journalist think's Mindy's too ordinary she invites him to an art show that has nude pictures of Danny on The Mindy Project.

"Magic Morgan"

Danny and Jeremy check out the new doctor while Mindy puts the moves on Morgan on The Mindy Project.

"Music Festival"

When Casey's identity crisis leads to a job change, Mindy and her friends follow him to a Music Festival on The Mindy Project.

"The Other Dr. L"

Mindy must handle her long distance relationship and her professional nemesis Dr. Leotard on The Mindy Project.

"All My Problems Solved Forever"

James Franco guest stars on the Season 2 premiere of The Mindy Project. He plays a doctor/sex therapist.

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