The Mindy Project Review: Nude As In Naked

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Things continued not to go Mindy's way at the onset of this week's episode when the seat back TV on her flight wouldn't work.

The skies got a little friendlier, though, when a handsome journalist sat down in the seat next to her.

Danny's Nude Photos

I didn't think it would take long for us to meet a possible new love interest for Mindy, but when Kevin Smith sat down and referred to Mindy and him as "chubs like us," I was a bit skeptical. Unfortunately for fans of movies like Clerks, his cameo was brief.  

Enter Jason Richman, much to Mindy's relief, who ended up being the owner of the seat next to her. It was a great opening scene as Mindy did well to depict the anticipation and often dread one has at looking down the aisle on a flight to see who might be sitting next to you.

Once on the ground, "Wiener Night" began to focus on Danny and his realization that Christina was featuring nude photos of him in a new show. Any hope he had of keeping the news a secret was shot to Hell once Peter learned about it. Peter seemed to be fitting in nicely with the others and his interactions with Morgan were especially funny. There is a lot of potential for humor with those two playing off each other. 

Cliff the attorney made another appearance when Danny consulted him about possible legal action against Christina, keeping him relevant and in the running for Mindy's affection despite her interest in Jason. At the show, Cliff and Mindy exchanged some friendly banter without any overtly romantic undertones. I like how they seemed to be taking this relationship slow.

I loved seeing Mindy stick up for herself and her love of Katy Perry and reality TV in the face of Brendan and Jason's judgement. Jason later made a nice effort to apologize, but the fact remains that they have little in common. I see Mindy trying to make a go with the journalist before ultimately writing him off which would open the door for Cliff. 

I give Danny credit for actually going to the show. Let's face it, if our pictures were on the wall, we'd probably have gotten sauced as well. I know I would have. Perhaps the best scene of the episode came when Mindy found Danny sulking on the curb outside the gallery. With Mindy moving on from Casey, fan of "Manny" as I am, it just would not have made sense for Danny to stay behind with Mindy when that woman approached him and commented on his photos.

Good for him for getting up to talk to her and good for Mindy for urging him to do so. He had stomached a pretty embarrassing event, even if he didn't have that much to be ashamed of as Mindy admitted.

Danny: You really think my body's hot?
Mindy: Ugh! You know that it is.
Danny: The guys at the gym, you know they make comments but, they're flirts. | permalink

Overall I thought the episode was great, with pretty much all the characters getting some screen time. I'm looking forward to seeing more from the likes of Peter and Cliff in the future as the show adds some layers.


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I loved this episode and the new love interest and the addition to the cast with the new doctor, Peter, its all getting more interesting.


I love this show and watching Mindy try to navigate her way through life. Her upcoming relationships should also be fun to watch! And it was nice to finally have Brendan back! I like to see a little bit of him now and then, so hopefully he'll come around more. Peter and Morgan really are great together. Can't wait to see more of them in the future!


Great episode, I laughed my ass off. One of the best this season so far :)


I would love to see Cliff and Mindy turn into a real, solid relationship. I feel like Casey was great but Mindy seems to have so much more in common with Cliff. And Peter's pretty hilarious, but I'd like to see more about his story and why it is he's this way.

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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Jason: I think it was kind of refreshing to see normal people fall in love in a movie.
Mindy: I am not yet tired of seeing hot people fall in love.

Bet you didn't think with this bod, that I had a brain too and pretty good boobs.