The Vampire Diaries Review: How to Be a Hero

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Yeah. So much for that fun freshman year, Elena.

Unless you consider it fun to tie up a nearly naked Damon Salvatore (wait for it...), force him to drink Vervain, stab yourself in the leg to get an omnipotent, ancient witch out of your head and then temporarily drop out of school to find your lost brother.

Because if that's the case, "True Lies" was an utter blast for this first-year college student!

In actuality, of course, no one had a very good time this week on The Vampire Diaries: Silas didn't get what he wanted; Matt died for the first time; Caroline was dissed by Tyler; and Katherine suffered a sinus infection. Let's break it all down, shall we?

Paul Wesley as Silas

BFFs to the Rescue! That would be Best Friends who Fight, of course. One of the early pleasures in The Vampire Diaries Season 5 has been the elevation of Matt and Jeremy to more than bit players among their supernatural surroundings.

Mock this "brain trust" at your peril, Damon. They just saved Katherine from Silas and dished out profound advice ("That's why people treat you like an object… "How are you gonna deal with your death if you can't deal with your own?") all over the place while they were at it. Seriously, I am a hunter. Plus, I work out? Jeremy apparently grew a sense of humor along with those biceps.

Broken on Through. Guess Kat Graham wasn't kidding when she told me we'd bear witness to The Other Side this season. It looks a lot like the woods and you're farther and farther away from your body the more time you spend there. Nothing too revealing here, really, but a very nice and moving scene between Matt and Bonnie.

Would it really have been too much for Alaric to pop in and say hello, though? Come on, Julie Plec. Give me Matt Davis or give me death. Temporary death, that is, so I can hang out with Matt Davis on The Other Side.

The Doctor is In… control of the Whitmore College conspiracy? Dr. Wes Maxfield is clearly up to something, and that something goes beyond being the sort of jerk who reminds you at every turn that he went to medical school. Why did he doctor (pun… intended!) Megan's death certificate? What does he know about Grayson Gilbert? How great a name is Grayson Gilbert?!? And is he working with Jesse?

Yes, Jesse. No way do I trust that guy! Granted, any man with two eyes and a working pulse would be attracted to Caroline Forbes, but he's coming on way too strong to simply be into this vampire for her beauty, enthusiasm, playfulness, kind heart, lovely smile... sorry, where was I? Oh, right.

Jesse pulled a classic sympathy move by telling a story about an ex-girlfriend that cheated on him. I'm not buying it. He was at the party when Megan got killed. He's somehow always around Elena and Katherine. And he makes no secret of his affection for Wes (yes, I'm calling you Wes. Deal with it, shady professor guy.) Caroline would be well served to stay far away. (Dammit!)

Called for Traveling. Can't say I saw Nadia turning on her acquaintance coming, but that's likely because we don't know anything about Nadia and her acquaintance. It's hard to know how one should react to a twist on characters one just met. So it seems the only appropriate response here is: Gypsies? Travelers?!? On the hunt for Stefan? Except for this one woman who has her own agenda? Consider me intrigued - and confused.

Silas the All Powerful. Dude is a little too powerful. He can control minds. He can't be killed. He's as handsome as Paul Wesley. The actor is absolutely killing it (pun, yes, intended) in this villainous role, but what made Klaus so terrific (sorry, what still makes Klaus so terrific; yes, I'm watching The Originals) were his many layers. He's a murderer, but he's vulnerable and often misunderstood. Plus, he can paint.

Silas just seems impossibly strong in every conceivable way right now. It makes him less interesting.

What did everyone else think of this Vampire Diaries Season 5 installment? Do we have another evil professor on our hands? Do you trust Jesse? What was your reaction to The Other Side? Where do you stand on Silas as the Big Bad? What does he want with Katherine? And, seriously, how dumb can Tyler be?!?

Prepare for the return of The Ripper below and sound off now.


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Weirdly enough, this episode really made me believe in Damon and Elena as a couple. Am excited for this season! If only that mess calling itself Season 4 hadn't happened...


I think he ended up getting stabbed through the shoulder. On a side note, am extremely excited about The Ripper coming back, everyone doesn't give a shit about Stefan so he might as well.


TVD SEASON 5 History: 1) Paul Wesley absolutely killing as Silas; 2) Stefan use the "Good moments with Elena to not falling apart"; 3) Elena and Damon make ut and make all teenage dream with sex;


Matt actually died for the second time. The first time was when Damon snapped his neck to force Elena to switch back her humanity. But it was the first time we saw somebody going to the other side. A couple people are missing a point here: Jeremy is a hunter, so he is faster, stronger, and heals quicker, than a normal human being. Silas wasn't a match for him in strength, but he's still immortal. Also he didn't stab Jeremy in the heart only in the shoulder area. Elena could tie Damon to the cheair with towels, because she fed him vervain water that weakened him on the brink of unconsciousness. A concentrated shot of vervain can knock even an original out (remember the fake cure). I loved Katherine's moan that she's the friggin' moonstone now. Damon's answer to Caroline when he entered the room without knocking was hilarious. Overall great episode. I love this season so far.


Also those layers you pointed out made no one take Klaus as serious villain anymore. He didn't anything once he got those layers, he just yelled and made empty threats until he decided to go do that on another show.

Spindae 2o

Really great episode. #_#
-The Elena Damon chemistry worked really well. And I really hoped Damon would say focus on your love towards me. BUT Stephan meddling in their relationship is really great. I like they making them work for their relationship and not just give up.
-Caroline and Jesse. They are sweet but wouldn´t be surprised Jesse is an ordinary human psycho who killed his ex Megan.
-Matt and Bonnie were so heartbreaking, I was on the brick of tears. Can´t wait for the reveal of Bonnie´s death.
-Paul´s work as Silas is over the top really perfect.
-Matt, Jer and Katarina are really working well together. Nice chemistry. Nina is playing an extraordinary human Katarina.


Silas the All Powerful ? I hardly agree with that assessment, the dude just got his ass kicked by Jeremy !!. which automatically deflates him in my opinion as the big bad of the season...Seriously ? Silas got beat up by Jeremy ? Lmao. but I do think it's great that he isn't "Layered" as Klaus. that was my main complaint about Klaus since his inception. so if you think he's all too powerful at the moment then that is a good thing. it's refreshing to have a straight up bad ass on the show for once. even though said badass just got his ass kicked by Jeremy. also I find it incredibly hard to believe how Damon was so weakened and helpless and restrained with mere towels around his wrists.


I liked the episode. I knew whe Silas showed up and told Damon he did something to Elena it was probably for her to kill him and I was right. With Damon tied to a chair and his shirt ripped off and Elena in another chair stabbing herself when she got angry at Damon I just though Caroline is going to walk in on them and I was just waiting for that to happen and it did. I'm glad we saw the other side but all it is is a place in the real world except your dead and no one can see you so it's lonely. I'm starting to he interested into Jesse and his story but right now I'm really interested in finding out more about Wes. At the end when they opened the safe and found the dead do with his head ripped off my first words were the rippers back and it looks like I'm right but you can't be suprized because he was starving for 3 months he would be very hungry. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


Consider canceling this show.


JP seems to know better than to put Matt Davis in a scene with Bonnie. While logic isn't her strong suit, it made no sense to see Alaric, as outside of the main 3 and Jeremy, he had no real ties to others (Matt still called him Mr. Saltzman). Also I could see Julie ass getting bitched out as majority of Bonnie fans haven't like Matt Davis since his racist remark that he made on twitter about Bonnie and Kat Graham.

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