The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "True Lies"

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We saw The Other Side. We witnessed Jeremy tussle with Silas. And we met Dr. Wes Maxfield.

Can we trust him? What about that Jesse guy? And what's the deal with these Travels?!? TV Fanatic staff members Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker and Leigh Raines are here to debate these questions and many more in the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table, "True Lies" edition. Gather around!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Gotta be Caroline walking in on Damon and Elena during their misguided Fifty Shades of Grey impressions and making it clear: they need to make some rules for when boyfriends visit.

Miranda: It's a toss-up between the Jeremy and Silas' scene and Katherine versus the sinus infection. Jer's kind of a bad ass now that he's a hunter. He works out, you guys! Katherine's line about being defeated by a sinus infection after running from an immortal hybrid for 1,000 years elicited a chuckle. Poor Kat!

Leigh: Damon's line to Elena about the moody professor and, like, haven't you learned anything from dating a serial killer?!? It made me chuckle.

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Do you trust Jesse?
Matt: No. I understand he wants Caroline to be Jesse's girl. He wants to make her his and he's been watching her with that body, I just know it. But dude is shadier than Mystic Falls during that Season 1 eclipse. Caroline can do better.

Miranda: I said it on Twitter and I'll say it again. Never trust the cute guy who asks for your help with the wood. Err. So... No. No, I don't.

Leigh: If we are still trusting sexy new strangers on The Vampire Diaries 5, then we have learned nothing in our years in Mystic Falls!

Should Jeremy reveal the truth about Bonnie to her friends?
Matt: I say no, actually. It's sort of selfless for Bonnie to keep this secret, isn't it? Of course it will need to come out eventually. But Jeremy should respect Bonnie's wishes and delay the pain and suffering her death will cause her friends for as long as possible. They have too many immortal bad guys and mean professors to worry about now anyway. It's not the right time.

Miranda: Yes! This isn't a secret that can be kept for long. It'll be kind of obvious when she doesn't come home for her father's funeral that something's up. The fact that NO ONE seems to be able to get in touch with her besides Jeremy, the ghost whisperer, should be setting off somebody's warning bells by now.

Leigh: I think Jer needs to respect that Bonnie's not ready, but it's also a really tough position. Her friends have to realize something's up. Her scenes with Matt made me sad.

More intriguing development: the role of Dr. Maxfield, the Travelers or Stefan as the Ripper?
Matt: We've seen Stefan as the Ripper and we already have Paul Wesley playing a bad guy. We also already had an evil professor on The Vampire Diaries Season 4. But the Travelers are new! Totally random and mysterious and I don't know anything about them... but new!

Miranda: I want so badly to say Stefan as the Ripper but that will essentially mean Paul Wesley is playing TWO evil characters and it means Elena will be the key to flipping his humanity switch back on, which means Delena's time is numbered. Which is stupid. The Travelers feel a little too Angelus for me. That leaves Dr. Maxfield by default.

Leigh: Dr. Maxfield. There's so much we don't know about the Gilbert parents.

What was the most difficult course you ever took in college?
Matt: I got a C+ in Intro to Oceanography. Don't ask.

Miranda: We were supposed to go to class? (Serious answer: Statistics. I have red marbles and I have green marbles and probability and who cares! I have marbles!)

Leigh: OMG, Miranda me too!!! Statistics was mandatory and I was a journalism major. Had to take that crap TWICE. I also had a tough time in reporting because you're not supposed to editorialize and put your opinion in things. Oops!


Katherine was the most amusing during this episode. I'm curious to see if she becomes a vampire again at some point.
Who the hell is going to say yes to trusting Jesse.
Bonnie's storyline still isn't all the interesting to me. Maybe finally telling everyone will stop dragging it out and we can concentrate on more important things.
I will actually have to say Dr. Maxwell. I'm curious to see what Elena's father has to do with this. I'm not excited to see Stefan as the Ripper, but I am excited to Paul Wesley.
I hate to admit that I dropped out of college but I was a photography major and I found a digital art class a bit difficult.


Let me first say that Elena having some kind of link to Stefan bothers me not because I like Delena but because maybe a some new sort of bond will be revealed. If That would happen they should call this show "The Vampire Bonds"
-Caroline walking on Damon and Elena
-Travelers. The are new to me so I'm interested about their story.
-any subject that are scheduled way too early in the morning.


Really enjoying this season so far! I never thought I would enjoy anything having to do with Katherine, but pairing her with Jer and Matt (who are actually INTERESTING this season) is pretty awesome. Glad the whole Stefan being trapped underwater hallucinating in a safe are over. Hate it when these shows steal a storyline so directly from Angel or Buffy.


1. Katherine scenes! Im the freaking moonstone + sinus infection lmao! BEST! (Plus slight error above, she said 500 years)
2. No! Duh!
3. Its her choice and he should respect it!
4. Travellers! Atleast its new and mysterious! Ripper + Creepy professor, been there, done that!
5. Chemistry: ugh got a D!


It seems the writers took away Silas super strength in convenient to the plot. Silas broke Jeremy's neck with one hand and pin him down. Next Silas can't beat Jeremy in a fight but has enough strength to stick pointy wood through two torsos. Fail.
And Jeremy is walking around with that wound like its a mosquito bite.


1. Fav Scene:
Jeremy: I am a hunter and I work out![Love jer for this.I can totally see him n Damon as nxt badass bros!!]
Car: We need to have some ground rules during bf visits!
2. On Jesse:
Nope, he so conveniently had emotional dialog ready. Caroline, BEWARE!
3. Jer telling Bonnie's secret:
No.Elene n caroline should either realize it on their own or bonnie should tell them.
4. Travellers/Ripper Stefan/Prof. Wes:
Travellers. We have seen ripper stefan (and we kinda already are as silas!) and creepy prof. (rem Ric! He turned out to be parallel lead but he started of as a prof trying to understand the supernatural in mystic falls.) 'Awww!!' moments:
a) bonnie meeting matt on other side. I so liked their conversation.
b) Elena and Silas-stefan. she was genuinely worried about stefan.

Spindae 2o

Great episode! Great RT! #ThumbsUp
1. Fav scene
-Human Kat is really a treat she is funny truthful and that mimic at the gas station Bravo Nina. Bravo!!!
2. Jesse
-Guess he wants into the secret circle of W. college and needs to sacriface a Vamp. Caro seems like the perfect option. I hope she rips his head.
3. Jer and Bonnie
-Oh I freakin love them keeping secrets. This season Matt seems quite useful and his scenes with Bonnie this ep were over the top. With Silas going all bad ass over MF thr crew will need a witch. And no Bonnie on zmthe horizont. Hopefully they reveal it soon but not to soon.
4. Creepy Prof., Travelers or Ripper Stefan?
-Every single one of them. Maxfield's introduction was perfect. Strong and intruinging. And looking deeper into the Gilbert family line is good. P.S. remember the cabine full of weapons. Daddy and Mommy were hunters. Travlers/Gypsies in East Europe their magic is pretty well known. I doubt Ripper Stefan is back. Probably brain washed by Silas. But it will be great to see how Stefan will survive his fears. And I must say it's great how Paul made a difference between Ripper and Silas. Silas is more devious while Stefan is truly careless.

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