The Vampire Diaries Teaser: Return of the Ripper

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He's on his way back, Mystic Falls residents. You may wanna run and hide.

At the conclusion of last night's Vampire Diaries episode - which introduced viewers to the concept of Travelers; took us to The Other Side; and made like Fifty Shades of Grey at one point - Damon, Elena and Sheriff Forbes stumbled upon Stefan's safe. Stefan's EMPTY safe, that is.

How did he get out? That remains to be discovered. But just how hungry is this blood-sucker, following three months without feeding? That much was hinted at by the corpse that took his place inside the chamber.

And also by the following promo for next Thursday's "Original Sin." Yes, the Ripper has returned, giving Paul Wesley two juicy roles into which he can literally sink his teeth. Watch the official CW teaser now:

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Seriously? The Ripper? Again? Hopefully that's not actually what the show is doing. The last episode was so fresh and had such a fresh, lighter vibe to it. The last thing it needs is to get weighed down with a tired, regurgitated storyline that fell flat and went absolutely nowhere the first time around. Why don't they focus on the stories that viewers are actually interested in for a change? You'd think the EP's might have learned their lesson last season with the Sire Bond from Hell and The Cure, which were both universally hated by viewers. The show is off to such a great start this season, just like it was last season. I hope they don't screw it up again.

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