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Awkward Review: Words Over Actions

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Awkward has always placed an emphasis on the written word being the most powerful thing that can happen to someone.

It can shape a person and it can destroy them too. Awkward Season 3 Episode 17 was the strongest example of this idea yet.

Napping Outside

The series has slowly iterated Jenna’s written word outward. In Awkward Season 1, Jenna used writing as something that is therapeutic and personal.

She wasn't using it for anything else aside from self-reflection. When the carefrontation letter comes into play in her life, those words change her dramatically.

Lacey has no idea the kind of impact those words ultimately have on her, and the letter brought Jenna to an entirely new place socially (taking Tamara and Ming along with her).

This new social circle of friends and boyfriends in Jake and Matty, interchangeably, ushered Jenna into releasing her blog to the wolves in Awkward Season 2. Once again, the power of the written word changed her relationships with each. Jenna didn’t realize at the time that those words would be hurtful or reveal intimate details of those around her, Jake and Lacey in particular.

When Jenna wrote the expose, she knew exactly what she was doing and how painful and damaging writing can be when it’s directed towards someone.

Even Sadie, Queen Mean, thinks it’s barbaric what Jenna wrote. So it’s only natural for Jenna to realize the depth of her actions through writing. Jenna’s come full circle and she realizes that in some situations it’s not the writing; it’s just the words that make the impact.

Jenna was finally able to put those words to good use by apologizing to Lacey first.

Valerie’s hiring of Lacey to be school nurse was ripe for comedy. I can only imagine how many plastic surgery pamphlets for boob jobs will now leave the office, while this also leaves a place for Valerie to come back as well. When Lacey asked her for a job, I thought she would end up taking over the guidance counselor role thanks to Jenna’s essay.

Jake and Tamara’s blowout is shedding light on the former after him being a background player for nearly the entire season. We’ve never seen Jake as a fully formed person with hopes and dreams. We’ve gotten very close, but Jake’s mostly been a relatively stable character who mirrors whoever he’s paired up with.

He became a male version of Tamara for a few episodes, but Tamara quickly pushed her luck with him with class president.

The sad part is Tamara thought he was doing all of it to help her win. It might be time for Jakara to be on a break after all. They haven’t figured out how to communicate with each other, and until they can do that this relationship is continually doomed.

Finally, there’s Collin. I’m glad Awkward didn’t pin all of Jenna’s faults on him. That, in the end, it was still completely Jenna’s doing that got her in this mess. He’s still a complete jerk, however, but at least Jenna now knows exactly what kind of guy he is.


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Good review. It's strange that the only genuinely lovable characters are Matty and Jake they should have a spinoff for them.