Bones Review: The Fly

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Booth and Brennan have settled into married life after their honeymoon in Argentina and they're back to the crime-solving grind.

This week they solved the case of a sperm donor who sold his seed on the internet. Turns out you really can get everything on Amazon.

Bones Season 9 Episode 8 also gave more attention to Brennan's career as a writer and showed just how far Hodgins will go for his bugs. 

A Difficult Interview

In nine seasons, we've seen some disgusting things on Bones. I'm not sure any of the things we've seen have been as gross and weird and borderline fascinating but still mostly pukeworthy as watching Hodgins' neck birth a Bot Fly. It wasn't even real and I wish I had been the one in the lobby smoking the cigars with the other dads. 

Seriously. That was gross. Bugs burrowing under skin is the stuff nightmares are made of. Wendell Bray, my favorite squintern, said it best:

[to Hodgins] Are you really going to give birth to a bug? Because I saw 'The Fly' and it did not end well.


Seeing that little Bot Fly poke its anus hooks or whatever out of Hodgins neck and then wiggle back inside and then back out over and over all night was just...yikes. I can't ever unsee that and apparently I can't stop thinking about it either. 

And still there was something almost endearing about it because Jack Hodgins is just so darned weird. The man loves his bugs! When he started talking about the miracle of life and comparing his situation to a woman giving birth I sort of found myself nodding along at how much sense it makes for Hodgins, a man of science and bugs, to do something like that. 

Angela understood as well and decided to be his labor coach despite how freaky the whole thing was. Those two are just sort of perfect for one another. 

In non-bug birthing news, Brennan has a new book coming out. 

After going seasons without hearing Brennan mention the royalties from her books but not the fact that she was still writing them, many viewers had begun to wonder if that aspect of the character had been shuttered, perhaps in favor of the motherhood hat the character wears now. 

Nope. Brennan's still writing books about Kathy Reichs with Agent Andy as the forensic anthropologist's sidekick.

I enjoyed Brennan sparring with the other author. She was blunt and honest in her criticisms of the other author's work, but she also maintained her integrity when she learned why the rival author had goaded Brennan into attacking. It was a nice little moment for the character.

Tonight was a good installment for the series in advance of its upcoming move to Friday nights. The episode was light and mostly fun and reminded people that this show can be silly and enjoyable in hopes of bringing them along for the change of night.

What did you think of Bones Season 9 Episode 8? Was Hodgins' Bot fly the grossest thing you've ever seen on the show? Are you happy we're learning more about Brennan's books?

Remember: Bones moves to its new night and time Friday, November 15.


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I love the fact that the writers are able to stick something gross into almost every episode. Since the crime and death of the sperm donor wasn’t all that disgusting (like most of the crime scenes) they played with Hodgins. I’ll admit I jumped when the bug started coming out of his neck but loved the interaction between Jack and Angela. I liked the fact this was kind of a light funny episode and of course I always love Booth’s response in not understanding Brennan’s babel


I know there has been chatter about this being the last season for Bones. It is obvious that Emily has not made a real effort to lose the extra weight she gained during her pregnancy, so I am thinking that the actors know that the end is near.

@ Bill

That is so ridiculously sexist and unnecessary I cannot believe you wrote it! Who the heck are you to be criticizing someone's appearance and especially for the reason you state! Get over yourself!!

@ Chris1215tine

Wow, that is rude and sexist. When Emily started the show she was in her 20's, now she is in her 30's and given birth and looks fantastic. Women do change over time - physically and mentally. Nice to know there are still guys like you around....

@ Chris1215tine

Lol Bill. Booth, Angela, and Cam look heavier, too, but we're not allowed to notice or say anything. :-)


I love Bones! Hodges and Ang make the perfect pair, but I'm sorry, that totally grossed me out! Had to hide my eyes!! Lol....Leave it to Hodges!! LOL


It got a lower grade from me because of Hodgin's giving birth to the bug

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Bones Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

You are not on loan to anyone, Mr. Bray. You belong to me. [To Cam] Was that tactless?


Brennan: I don't agree.
Booth: Right, of course you don't. Because, you know, tact is not your strong suit.