Chicago Fire Review: A Firehouse Undivided

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NBC certainly knew how to capture our attention on Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 7.

Between Boden’s multiple brushes with death, Casey’s emotional goodbye to the boys, and, to top it all off, a late addition to the Severide family tree, this was quite the involved installment.

Tanker Fire

For most of Chicago Fire Season 2, Boden has been constantly taking his situation with as much reaction as he could possibly muster. He's been attempting to be a company man and to fight for his firehouse by doing what is asked of him by the State and Gail.

Boden is originally willing to go along with all of these requests because he cares about his house and the safety and security of those in it above all else.

It’s that same passion for his people that is making Boden go on the offensive, to be proactive; Benny recognizes Boden is the heart of what makes Station 51 what it is and the looks on everyone’s faces when they saw Gail do her small victory lap after they worked incredibly to do their jobs in harsher conditions was just further confirmation that Boden’s decisions weren’t made for his own sake.

Speaking of Gail, she’s doing her job and she’s doing it well, but I’m ready for something deliciously awful to happen to her.

Boden’s brushes with death were the events that were holding him back. His cancer scares and his retirement package fed into one another. He was retiring early because he didn’t know how much time he lad left, and once one piece was cleared away, it took the other with it. I’m glad Boden is back to fighting.

Casey’s final minutes with the boys put a large lump in my throat; it’s a rather abrupt conclusion to the story. It’s sad that Heather is pulling her children away from a home they have known and a father figure they trust all in the name of a fresh start.

Casey does best when he has a role to fulfill. So far over the course of the series, he has had a series of losses and with those losses comes another loss of a role. Haley had a devastating effect on him and the boys may have an even greater one. He was thinking and acting like a father this week - and now he’s left without that role too.

Severide’s discovery of Katie was not something I was expecting. I’m all for the show expanding his family bit by bit - I loved Benny after all - but I’m curious how she’s going to fit in with his life.

Benny has the father figure role down pat; the guy can dish out some great fatherly wisdom without batting an eye just so long as you do what he says and not emulate what he does.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Shay’s PTSD is beginning to seep out from her life and into her work now. I’m hoping Jeff begins to work with her more to get her help because Dawson, for some reason, is not getting through to Shay.
  • Jeff’s character is really starting to amp up. The things he dealt with are still very much in his present and not his past, and those very issues are what gives him a helping hand with the firehouse but causing hell for him at home.
  • Mills is finally beginning to move on from his hatred. He is beginning to see Boden as the man he is now, and as the man who puts his life on the line every day for strangers, friends and family alike. The time he spends hating him is time he’ll never get back, and he knows that it’s better for him to work through it and move on.
  • Hermann studying for the lieutenant test is long overdue.


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I like this show, but sometimes, like in this episode, they get so far from any reality it makes it hard to enjoy.
First of all, there is no way that a mass casualty incident would be managed by one Firehouse. Yes, budget cuts, other houses being busy etc. may delay response time, but this incident went on for a long time. Units from surrounding jurisdictions could have been there within minutes. I think having other units there would not have taken away from the fact that 51 was the crew doing the majority of the work, but would have made it a whole lot more believable.
I know they don't want the actors wearing their masks all the time so we can see their faces, but fighting that car fire with no masks on, really?
When they ran out of water they could have at least used hydrant pressure (just hook the hose directly to the hydrant). Not the best, but at least its water.
It was also ridiculous at the end when McLeod reviewed the incident and basically considered it a success. A tanker almost exploded taking out all of the victims, firefighters, etc. Even when cutting costs, departments need to look at safety.
So, as I've said before, I like the characters but sometimes have to put my head in the sand when the medical or firefighting scenes totally depart from reality.


Chief Boden is the boss, the glue between all of the firefighters. He is the soul of this show, and he has such a commanding presence, a dominance over this show, that shows you how much of a great actor Eamonn Walker is. Chief Boden is one of the most straight up badass characters i've seen on TV.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode! This show is one of the best on tv!
Casey: I felt bad for him, he admitted to the dad looking for his daughter that he was a father. To him I know he felt like one, I wish that Heather would have thought about Casey's feeling a little more. I can understand her wanting to leave Chicago because of the memories, but she did not even offer to have Casey visit the kids or have them come visit her.
Shay: Is continuing on her downward spiral.
Mills and Boden: loved every scene with them. I think that if Boden was told he was sick and if Mills had not said what he said, I do not think that Boden would have decided to fight for 51.
I liked that Benny decided to head back to his current family and told Kelly to tell Boden that 51 is his house.
We will be seeing more of Katie as her and Kelly bond.
I would love for Hermann to become Lieutenant but can we have 3 Lieutenant's at one fire house?
I am so not wanting Casey and Dawson to get together!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I agree about Casey and Dawson, at least for now. It seems too soon.
Yes, there could be three lieutenants, one for the engine, squad and truck. It is actually not realistic that Boden, a Batallion Chief, seems to be on just about every call.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Thank-you I thought I was the only one that didn't want Casey and Dawson together


I really loved this episode Chief Boden is going on the offensive and he's going to fight McLeod to defend his house and his crew. I'm hoping with Voight appearing in a few episodes that he offers leverage on McLeod to Boden so she will back off the firehouse gang. Side note I really loved how they gave a backstory to Clark and the scene with his wife means they're trying to do something with him. All in all another great ep.


It was a great episode but I don't know why but I do not like Boden, I never has I was hoping he would leave. I don't know if it's voice or just the fact he's an ass, I just don't like him. Although I do hope the bitch McCloud gets what she has coming to her by closing down all the fire houses. Dawson and Shay really need to kiss and make up. Shay needs to get help and dump the tramp she is with. As much as I want Dawson and Shay to become a thing I know that will never happen but I want their friendship to go back to the way it was. The ending broke my heart, you could see how much Casey loved those boys, I was hoping for a few more episodes until the mom came home because it was cool seeing Casey take care of the boys

@ Nikki

You should hear Boden's real voice. He is from England just like Casey. I don't think he is an ass he is a Boss. Benny is the ass!

@ Grimmfan#10

I did not know that Boden was really English he does a very good US accent. However, shame on you!!! Casey is an Aussie - very different from a Brit!!

@ Chris1215tine

Sorry did not know Casey was an Aussie. I just knew I liked to him talk "normal". There are so many actors on U.S. tv who come from other "English" speaking countries who do such great "American" accents that when you see them do interviews and the talk "normal" you go wow! Eli from the Good Wife really blows my mind!


Great episode, they keep getting better. Enjoyed Hermann's wife comment, yeah they use email now. Great comeback Mrs. Hermann! Enjoyed the train derailment scence, lots going on. Chief Boden is the man! Treat is a great actor, hope to see more of him. Shay's girlfriend is trouble, Jeff is a welcome charactor addition to the fire house. Loved this episode. Job well done to the writers!

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