Drop Dead Diva Review: The Secret's Out

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Thank you, Drop Dead Diva writers, because that is how you do a season finale!

On Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Episode 13, Jane's mother Elaine came back to town with bad news.

She also revealed that she's known Jane's secret this whole time.

Jane & the Farmer

People have wondered over the course of the series how Jane's friends and family wouldn't automatically realize that Jane was completely different. Clearly, getting shot can change a person, but wouldn't those closest to her notice that she was basically an entirely new person?

Apparently her mother did. It's unfortunate that it took until Elaine's last dying words to let Jane know that she knew her secret and she was okay with it. That was such an emotional and touching scene. I'll let Elaine's words speak for themselves.

You’re not my daughter, ever since you were shot. I never read Alice in Wonderland to you. A mother knows her child. You’re not the same Janey, but you’re still my Janey. And in ways I never imagined, I love you. Whoever you are.

Elaine [to Jane]

Rest in peace to a lovely woman with a fierce and independent spirit, a spirit that Grayson recognized in Jane as well, even though she and Elaine weren't truly biologically related. It goes to show that environment and the people one surrounds him or herself with can really shape a person.

Elaine may not have been her true mother, but she had an impact on her life. I just felt bad that Brittney didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

Speaking of Brittney, her timing sucks. We finally got our big Jane and Grayson kiss only for it to be interrupted! But c'mon, did you expect anything else? The finale had to end on a cliffhanger note. Now we have all of Drop Dead Diva season 6 to explore Jane and Grayson's relationship!

Elsewhere this week, Stacy and Owen are starting to grow on me. Teri was hilarious hitting on the Amish man and Jane's case was very Erin Brockovich. I think in an episode where emotions weren't so heightened, I would've been able to focus on the cases more. 

What did you all think of the Drop Dead Diva season 5 finale? Was it everything you hoped for?


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This episode was very heartfelt, moving, and the perfect way to end the season. I really respect and love Elaine for keeping Jane/Deb's secret and still loving her as if she was the same person regardless of her knowing deep down that this isn't the same girl that she had raised. I do think that Jane should've tried to track down Britney (we need more Britney in season 6) because after all that was Britney's mother, people need closure and need to go through a mourning process regardless of whichever body you're in that was still her mother. In Jane's defense the illness was hidden from her until just about her death, and with working to help save a little girls life while your own mother is on her death bed can be very overwhelming within itself.Elaine's last words "I love you whoever you are" had me in tears and was the best last words someone in that situation could say. I lost my father at the age of sixteen to the battle of cancer, which all happened in the matter of six months from diagnosis to time of death, and from personal experience your mind isn't always in the right place while losing a loved one especially a parent. I'm very excited and anticipating season 6 of Drop Dead Diva! It truly is one of the best shows on tv and I look forward to watching how Jane and Grayson's relationship blossoms. Can't forget about Stacey and Owen, I can totally see the two of them together and very happy. Looking forward to seeing how Stacey handles the weight gain, the hormones, and her bonding with the baby. She's going to be a great mother! Bring Kim back please if anyone is listening =)


This is the best show I am so glad there will be a season 6
I think Elaine really liked the new Jane and found it easy to be close to her because of her looks. She didn't want to let her know that she knew because she might loose her and it would be like loosing her daughter all over again.


Even if I do like Elaine for saying she loves Jane anyway, I wonder why she didn't bother to talk about this before, to find out what happened to "real jane"?? and I find out of character for Jane to not find Brittany/real Jane to let her say goodbye to Elaine

@ Anne

Well, I think she *knew* there was something up but wasn't exactly sure that it wasn't her daughter, which is why she tested her with the Alice in Wonderland book in the episode before bringing it up. I mean telling your daughter that she isn't yours isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, and perhaps it was the tumor that gave her the courage to finally bring it up.

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Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Grayson, your 10 AM flogging is here.


Jane Bingum, you don’t look like you’re from around here…unless you’re in one of those hipster bands, or that’s Gautier.

Jane [to Amish man]