Elementary Review: Thinking For Two

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In this installment of Elementary, we enjoyed our last few days with Myrcoft while Joan and Sherlock investigated the murder of the fictional version of Steve Jobs.

For the first time since Elementary Season 1, we also got a reference of Sherlock's father and how he wants him back in London.

Overall, at the end of Elementary Season 2 Episode 8, we were left wondering what the heck is going on.

Mycroft and Sherlock

If there is one thing I can say about Myrcoft, it's that I never expected he would have had an ulterior motive in regard to Sherlock. The reveal that he is up to something with a mysterious someone blew my mind. My anticipation is built, I am already ready to find out who was on the other line.

My prediction: Moriarity. This is the obvious choice of his accomplice. Either way, I don't think it's going to turn out so well. Or maybe Mycroft is trying to protect Sherlock. Either way, I really have no idea and it's exciting. He was the last person I'd expect to have a double life going on. 

Whatever Mycroft is up to, he is intentionally involving Joan with his, "you have to think for two now" comment.

The real question is this: is blood really thicker? I love November Sweeps for this reason: reveals and cliff hangers.

Elsewhere, Sherlock and Joan were trying to solve a murder of the estranged daughter of a computer billionaire who was in hiding because he was dying.

Well... not dying but slowly being murdered by his wife. Man, there are a lot of scorned wife killers this season!

Another great aspect was yet another heart to heart with Joan and Sherlock, in this case discussing how she is his structure as well as Gregson and Bell; he doesn't want to leave them just quite yet.

I loved how Mycroft acknowledged how much he had changed because for the past year and few months he went from arrogant to - dare I say it? - considerate.

The progression of character development in this show is superb and far and beyond most primetime television shows. I have yet to watch an episode I don't love.

Needless to say, this installment was another outstanding episode of an already sensational season. I just want more of Elementary Season 2.


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On Mycroft: In the books, he clearly has a HUGE double life. And we learn almost nothing about it except that somehow he is heavily involved in British national and international affairs at the very highest, largest level. So actually, I'd say Mycroft is a natural character to have motives outside Sherlock's (and the audience's) current ken. I'm hoping that they take this seed of Mycroft from the books and run with it.

@ Lucy

Very true, Lucy. In previous iterations of Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft is usually shown as someone with much greater influence politically than his brother; either overtly or covertly. Mycroft knows how to work the system. Regardless of how Sherlock feels about him, Mycroft gives his brother information so he can protect himself. He's never tried to harm him. If you think about it, a successful restauranteur would be a good cover for a British intelligence agent. He could travel the globe under the guise of searching out ingredients & dishes for his business.


Easily the best show on TV at the moment. Jonny Lee Miller should be a certainty for an Emmy but who knows how the voting really works. His on-screen 'chemistry' with Lucy Liu is a treat to watch.


OMG sherlck’s brother is working for moriarty???


When they were talking to the rich man, I suspected that the killing of his daughter was to make sure he died, and the wife is always the obvious suspect and I figured that she had sabotaged his medication somehow but it was way more complicated than I imagined. Plus, that thing with Sherlock's brother? OMG

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

This is one of those "so many questions" moments.


Joan: Ian Gale is an icon!
Sherlock: I am sure he puts his ear-buds in one at time like the rest of us.