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Elementary didn't merely feature the return of Mycroft on Thursday.

It revealed some rather shocking information about Sherlock's brother: he slept with Joan!

Of course, Sherlock has slept with Mycroft's former fiancee, who also showed up on the scene, so the awkwardness and tension was ratcheted up to the entertaining extreme on Elementary Season 2 Episode 7.

Did you catch the hour? Click on the following brotherly photo if not and check out the full installment now:

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Hmm... I actually have to say that while I loved the episode as a whole, two things bother me. One, I find it very out of character that Joan slept with Mycroft in London. I don't mind that it happened, it just doesn't seem like something she would do. One of your closest friends and partner who had an addiction problem and is often slightly unstable, has a brother that her is on VERY bad terms with and has not even seen in years, and you are going to sleep with him? I wouldn't do that to one of my friends, just saying.
And two, maybe I missed something but it didn't seem like Joan and Sherlock ended the episode on very good terms. I kept waiting for them to have one of their little exchanges at the end, and while they wrapped up things between Sherlock and Mycroft really well, they left Sherlock and Joan hanging. the last thing they did was in the house where Sherlock basically tells Joan she hurt his feelings not telling him about Mycroft, and she's basically like 'o-well., screw you'. Just seemed to me like there was something missing I guess.


Elementary Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

[To Joan and Mycroft] One question, is this going to be an ongoing arrangement. If it is, I will need to plan accordingly. Get it sorted immediately, it's the least you could do.


[To Joan] Oh my God, you had sex with my brother.... Willingly.