Glee Review: Blam Take Manhattan

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Because Fox decided to end Glee season 4 in the middle of an academic school year instead of running the season like normal, we're now left with a timeline that's sort of odd. 

Where we would ordinarily be gearing up for a ridiculously cheesy and over the top promotion for another Glee holiday album masquerading as an episode, we're dealing with college visits and the end of an era for some of McKinley's students. But we've done this once already, so it's kind of hard to care.

Thankfully, the writers seem to understand that, so the college process isn't being drawn out quite like it was with Rachel and Kurt. Glee Season 5 Episode 6 had Blaine auditioning for NYADA, off screen, and Sam venturing into male modeling for his post-secondary pursuit.

Sam's Photoshoot

Any reason these writers can muster for Chord Overstreet to take off his top gets two thumbs up. I mean that with every bit of sincerity I have.

Sam and Blaine decided to visit Kurt, Rachel and Santana in New York to see the Big Apple and decide if it's the right place for them. While Blaine visited several schools and expressed his fear of not being accepted into NYADA to Kurt, Sam was off trying to become a male model.  

Both of them have the goods to do their respective things, so I'm not worried that Blaine won't get into NYADA. (I've already mentioned Overstreet's abs...)

In short, New York won the night. 

There was singing. There was Santana snark. There was Klaine. There was even awkward tension between Sam and Rachel hinting at a possible hookup between these two in the future. 

And any time that Sam and Blaine can combine their powers to become Blam! is also okay by me. Let's move Trouty Mouth and The Bowtie Kid to the city and just move on with the show. 

But let's not ever have Tyra Banks back again. Her turn as Ms. Bitch-ette was painful. Dreadful, even. And I'm not even talking about the character. I'm talking about Tyra Banks' acting. Abysmal.

Back in McKinley, Becky Jackson was scared of the future - again - but this time Artie was there to help her through it instead of revisiting the drama from the school shooting episode. It's always nice to see Sue's softer side when it comes to Becky Jackson, so there's much to be appreciated when Sue goes Mama Bear for her Beckretary.

As for the Marley/Jake/Ryder triangle, meh. That's about all there is to muster. A good, solid meh.

There's so much talking that didn't happen with Marley and Jake that this is another relationship the writers pulled apart just to create some drama and give Ryder something to do besides get Catfished. And he's not really doing it well, which is sad. 

I was excited for Blake Jenner to join the cast of Glee and his debut as Ryder Lynn last season was a strong one. He handled the dyslexia arc well. He was believably Catfished. 

There's just something about his pursuit of Marley that rings false. And desperate. And dumb. 

The best part of McKinley was the end and Sue's ranting that they would not shoehorn in another Billy Joel song that would "veer off into a saccharine barrage of angst and affirmation." 

Any time Glee wants to poke fun at itself is yet another thing that's okay by me.

What did you think of Glee season 5 episode 8? Are you ready for this show to move to New York and stay there? Is there anything redeeming about McKinley High School right now?


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What i don't understand is how they did a billy joel tribute episode and left out we didn't start the fire!!


NY wins the night every night. I didn't mind the Blam as much in NY but this better not be the norm that they take over all of the NY screen time. Rachel , Kurt and Santana are the real stars of NY and I want to see thier storyline. Hopefully Kurt can be something other then Blaine fiance and they don't bog down Rachel with a boy andl et her career be her focus


I don't really see the Rachel and Sam pairing as a bad thing. Yeah she just lost Finn, but she does need to move on, and probably to something not so serious right away. Her and Sam could just be a fun little thing or something. I doubt they would be anything serious. And that's not what she needs right now. I would love more episodes like this though where it focused on Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Blaine, and Sam. Those are the only cast members I really care for. Jake is an ass and was completely rubbing it in Marley's face during that song. It seems strange though how little chemistry Marley and Ryder have on screen when they're together in real life. I don't really care about that storyline though, as I can't stand Jake or Marley. I wish we could just move Blaine and Sam to New York and call it a day!


I did enjoy this episode but I'm getting a bit fed up with so many tribute episodes so close together. Only 6 episodes in and we've had 2 Beatles' tributes, a Katy/Gaga and now a Billy Joel. I'd prefer a more varied list of musical numbers for future episodes. I do like Sam's character but I hope the writers don't go down a Samchel route. Obviously Rachel will move on eventually but I feel its too soon (at least for the die-hard Finchel fans). A Samchel pairing would just bring hate to Sam/Chord, just like the Sam/Brittany pairing did and Chord doesn't deserve that. And it isn't fair to say Sam's character isn't intelligent or mature. Espeically considering Finn's character didn't showcase those qualities very much. Sam suffers from dyslexia, that doesn't make him dumb. And he may like comic books and doing impressions but that doesn't make him immature. Just look at his attitude towards gay characters like Blaine and Kurt. His character has never been homophobic and personally I think that makes his character a great deal more mature than some of the others.


Don't know if you knew this or not but Glee is doing another holiday themed episode this season..oh the horrors!


Great songs. Love Billy Joel! It's interesting that the writers decided on a Ryder-Marley hook-up, since this couple is engaged in real life. But, it's not an interesting storyline, which remains true for most of the Ohio side of Glee. And, I sincerely hope they are not planning a Samchel pairing. IF Rachel is ready to date again, she needs an intelligent, mature guy, and Sam is neither.

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