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What happens when Miley Cyrus inspires an episode of Glee? That sort of sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right?

Well, it isn't, and Glee Season 5 Episode 5 was actually not terrible despite the ridiculous devotion to the dance move currently winning awards for the dumbest name ever. 

Will Schuester actually made me think twerking is maybe not so bad... and then I started to wonder if perhaps I'm living in some sort of parallel universe. 

Learning to Twerk

If I never hear the name Miley Cyrus again, it will be too soon, you guys. Seriously. I need her and her tongue to go back where they came from and stop infiltrating every corner of pop culture.

Yet I found myself not hating the fact that Ryan Murphy and Co. drew on her recent craziness to write tonight's episode. 

I was nearly high-fiving Sue for her vow to end all twerking in Ohio schools and wishing she could make it a national campaign. I would vote for that. Her entire Sue C's it monologue is on our Glee quotes page because it was just that good.

But then Will had to go and present a reasonable presentation to the school board that made me tilt my head to the side and go "hmmm."

Don't get me wrong. Shue's devotion to the dance phenomenon made popular in clubs across the country was downright bizarre, and once again his blurred lines were all sorts of confused when it came to appropriate musical selections.

Regardless as to the interpretation of Robin Thicke's song, there's no denying the overt sexual nature of his lyrics. While I could appreciate that number in particular as a musical performance, and actually quite enjoyed it, all I could think was that these kids are supposed to be in high school. This song is being sung in a high school

The song did pave the way for a Marley-Jake-Bree revelation and it's actually sort of sad to learn that he really did cheat. There was so much potential there to paint him a different way. It looks like Jake didn't fall too far from the Puckerman tree after all. 

There was a stolen glance from Ryder in Marley's direction so this scandal will no doubt be used to push her his direction. I can't even really care right now.

I was and am way too busy listening to Unique sing "If I Were A Boy" and wanting her to find some happiness. And a place to use the restroom. (And wash her hands.)

Schue redeemed himself tonight for putting an end to the twerking nonsense in order to secure Unique a key to the faculty bathroom. His advice that she surround herself with an army of people who accept her and will fight alongside her was a moment that allowed Will to seem like a real adult. He needs a few more of those.

And now for the New York portion of our evening.

One minor nitpick about tonight, but why was it always night time in New York in this episode?

Is the fact that it's routinely night time there making anyone else but me A) wonder if everyone in New York has been turned into vampires or B) confused about how the timelines between Ohio and New York are working?

That's a silly thing to be bugged about, but really, the constant night time bugs me. 

The fact that Rachel and Kurt are both grieving and dealing with the loss of Finn, however, does not bug me one bit. It's healthy and I'm glad that at least some of the characters are being shown in the midst of the healing process. 

Both Rachel and Kurt were stuck in ruts and felt the need to do something drastic to break out of their grief. So of course tattoos are the obvious choice. 

Kurt's flubbed "It's Get Better" tattoo and his freakout were pretty hilarious. Rachel's reveal that she got a small "Finn" on her ribs was touching.

All in all, it was a good night for New York. (Except for Santana's absence.)

What did you think of Glee Season 5 Episode 5? Do you hope never to see twerking again? Where was Santana?


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I enjoyed the episode though I think it could have been better. I hope the future ones will be great. Check out my own reviews on my site (


I feel the most appropriate word for this episode is LAZY. The writing is so LAZY, it is downright painful. I actually gasped out loud when Marley was shown riding the wrecking ball. REALLY?!? A first grader could sit down to write a literal interpretation of the song/video - a professional writer finds a way to weave it into the story. I love Glee, but this episode made me cringe that the final two seasons will be filled with sloppy story telling and eye rolling imagery. SIGH


I was entertained. That's why I gave the ep a 5! I like how the show tries to be as good as S1!!! Kudos.


Glee really needs Santana. It sure showed it. I thought it was pretty bad. In fact, hated Lima. Will needs to be killed off, he has been written to be the worst teacher ever. As a whole, NY was pretty good, but not what I'd hoped for. From 1 to 10, I'd give it a 1. Not a Miley fan, nor Blurred Lines fan. That story was just cheap. I liked for once Unique in this episode.


I like the choice of Marley being cheated on. it makes it more real. they are in high school, nothing is forever, especially at that time!
the "let's get married" thing is seriously bullshit, either for Blane and Kurt as well as for Finn and Rachel.
So I prefer a little more of reality here.
I didn't like Marley's performance too, though. too much!


The episode was okay, not enough New York scenes to me, and no Santana? Boo! I would have enjoyed seeing some more Adam Lambert as well! Rachel's tattoo was so sweet though. And I'm also glad they didn't just drop the Finn story with her and Kurt. I love seeing Peter Facinelli on the show! Hopefuly he gets to be on a lot more :) I cringe when Will sings, I just can't get into it. He tries too hard to be one of them. I also thought it was weird that Ryder all of a sudden wants to have Unique's back with no mention of getting over what she did to him. I can't stand Marley and thought her performance of Wrecking Ball really was awful and over the top. Everything else was alright though.


That's one thing I HATE about this show....characters like Brittany or Bree can say whatever they want to people, but if someone stands up to them then "it's bullying and it will not be tolerated." How does that make any sense?

@ Michele

Because its real life and in real life ( I wish they would stand up for each other) they are scared if they defend there self they would live in high school hell.


Why do you keep doing these silly copies of the songs video instead of doing something new and clever; this week with the silly poorly-done copy of wrecking ball and last weeks katy perry's roar. i swear they didnt used to do cheesy copies of videos. wrecking ball could have been done so much better than if they did it like uniques if i were a boy.

Miranda wicker
@ fracine

I also found the copy of the wrecking ball video RIDICULOUS. Marley would NEEEEEEVER do that. Ever. I can only assume it's for the YouTube hits of the imitation. I hated it.

@ Miranda Wicker

I have thought that these last 2 seasons Glee has gone the cheap and cheeses recreation of video route. No creativity. Just a cheap thrill. I'm very unimpressed with Glee now.


I don't even know why I'm still watching this show, it's gone from bad to worse. There is no continuity especially with what happened last season. Ryder was suppose to quit glee and not talk to unique after the catfishing fiasco, but everything magically worked it's self out? The songs this season are horrible too.


I guess the thing is they have sung sexually overt lyrics before at school? I mean Push it, Toxic (not necessary the song but the performance was very sexually charged and Will being in the performance was inappropriate), Blame It (this song actually discusses sleeping with a drunk girl) and even Will trying to be in Rocky Horror, I mean the list goes on but the content in Thicke's song is no worse then what they have previous sung on this show. So idk I call bullshit and I no offense am I suppose to forget Sue implied she date rape Principal Friggins at one point (though it was lie but still).

Miranda wicker
@ cacherr1

You're right. This isn't the first overtly sexual song to be sung on the show. And I've complained about the others as well only I wasn't writing these reviews then. I give them a pass on Push It because the point of that was that it was inappropriate and the glee club was trying desperately to have the students of McKinley find them hip. They did that one without Will's approval.

@ Miranda Wicker

Oh I do give pass with that too but guess my overall point is They have performed overtly sexual material before (and in some cases worst) and yet I saw many fans being butthurt over this song being sung (now don't get me wrong I don't think any song about sex unless its TLC Waterfalls should be sung in school).

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Glee Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Rachel: Okay, you know what, Kurt? You've become boring. You go to class, and then you come home, and you eat all this food and watch your stories, and you Skype with Blaine, and it's not even sexy Skyping. I know this because you just go to sleep. Same thing every day.
Kurt: I change up my afternoon smoothie occasionally.

I've kind of been going through hell the past month and I just needed something to snap out of it.


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