Gossip Girl Rewatch: The Wild Brunch

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Well... I hope all of you loyal GG fans are ready to cue up the DVD player again! Now that the pilot kinks have been worked out, Dan's sideburns being the least of the problems, we move on to Gossip Girl season 1 episode 2

Randomly enough, the book I'm currently reading mentioned the movie this episode's title is based off of: The Wild Bunch. But that's where the similarities end between the Western classic from the late 1960s and the second episode of a show about rich Manhattan kids.

Blair and Nate

Although speaking of throwbacks, Nate and The Captain were looking positively 90s in their suits. I mean, seriously Archibald, I think Leo DiCaprio is wearing that suit in The Wolf of Wall Street trailer. Then again you were ready to get it on with Blair in that adorable yet unsexy Pilgrim looking dress. Fine fine, I won't fault you. Is there anyone hornier than 17-year-old guys?

Half the fun of these episodes is looking back at the fashion. Serena's dress to brunch was always one of my favorite outfits of hers. Blair's hair and makeup was just flawless in the early days. However we need to pause for a moment to discuss the LEATHER CHOKER Rufus was wearing. Even though he mentioned his waffles like 5 times, I just could not stop staring at that choker!

So this is the installment when all the pent up secrets from the Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 1 are thrown out into the open. I love how GG narrarated that Chuck and Blair came to the brunch ready for a fight. Sigh, they were so alike even back in the days when Chuck was trying to get Blair laid by Nate. They hardly knew they would have a torrid love affair down the road!

Looks like Blair and Chuck came with quite the appetite... for destruction, that is.

Gossip Girl

Poor Dan, he had barely a minute with Serena before deciding that world was too much for him. Or so he would have us believe anyway. I have to say, Dan was pretty funny in the beginning. I really enjoy his sense of humor and willingness to be in awkward social situations. Chuck's black eye did look pretty lonely.

Before I get to my favorite part, I do need to make an honorable mention to Bart Bass for still feigning an interest in his son's life at that point. He claims the brunch is full of networking opportunities for Chuck. He wants him to lay off the scotch. He's concerned about Chuck's black eye. Who is this man and what has he done with the real Bart Bass? Maybe he was just playing nice so he could get Lily Van Der Woodsen down the aisle.

As for my favorite part, it had to be the end scene when Serena is walking up Madison Avenue in slow motion to The Bravery's "Believe."

The Gossip Girl Season 1 music is such a key element, especially for a series aimed at a teen market. I can't tell you how many songs I still download today after watching One Tree Hill reruns on SoapNet.

Only a girl like Serena Van Der Woodsen would get away with tossing her cell in the trash on an impulse. She may have had a bad reputation she wanted to leave behind, but Serena never really feared going it alone. So she just basically lost all her friends and her new love interest.

Who cares? It's Serena, she's the eternal it-girl and there are always gonna be people in line to hang out with her.

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thank you so much

Leigh r

About 2 recaps a week, but we'll try and amp it up for you guys!


Also, the show never addressed it in its dialogues, but Chuck and Blair used to match in their outfits, and one can say it happened from the first time we saw them on screen (her dress was black and his suit was dark) but it was in this episode where the matching was truly clear for the first time. Also, her dress was kinda short and she was wearing lace stockings, maybe that was the sexy part of the outfit.


I have to say, I do think there are more similarities between the Wild Buch the movie and the Wild Brunch the GG episode. I haven't seen the movie per se, just pieces of it, but I know is basically about 4 outlaws that at some point end up in Mexico and cause tremendous ruckus during the movie. For me, the equivalents to the 4 outlaws in our GG episode are Chuck, Blair, Serena and Nate (the NJBC). You can argue that in the episode's major scene where the four of them have the conversation with Dan the ones that actually caused a ruckus were Chuck and Blair, but the material they used to cause that ruckus came from Nate & Serena's actions from a year back. And also, the main idea of the episode was that just like the Wild Bunch, these 4 UES kids were also a Wild Bunch of their own, which with their actions presents and pasts they could turn to shreds anyone in their vecinity (Dan in this case). It wasn't a NJBC takedown like the ones we would see later, but is the first time we actually see the 4 of them interacting together (with Dan as a extra addition) and how intertwined they are with each other at this point, how their lives and actions affected each other and could affect other people (Dan). In this case only half of the group was actually doing the takedown (Chuck and Blair) but still it sort of felt like a first taste of the power of the group as a hole. And it all happened in a brief confrontation at a brunch.


So glad you're doing these! I miss GG, especially the early season. Is there any sort of schedule to the recaps?


Out of curiosity, how often are the rewind recaps going to be posted?


Also, it was a slide phone and took ages to load the pictures. good riddance!

Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jenny: The real question is, so how are you?
Dan: Me? Why wouldn't I be okay?
Jenny: You know, at end of the night with Serena and the...
(Jenny gives Dan a awkward wave)
Dan: Was it really that bad

Jenny: I mean, how could I have actually thought Chuck Bass just wanted to talk to me?
Dan: Becuase you trust people. Which is normally a good thing.
Jenny: Yeah, except when it involves Chuck.
Dan: Yeah pretty much