Grey's Anatomy Review: Saying Sorry

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Callie's crazy, complex life became even more complicated on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 9. At the start of the installment, I was wondering when our favorite orthopedic surgeon would simply catch a break. Quickly, I realized that break wasn't going to happen any time soon.

A Lot On Her Mind

In an extremely intense hour, Callie was put through the wringer as she found herself faced with a malpractice lawsuit. Moreover, she wasn't the only one affected as both Jo and Cristina had to take the stand as well.

With flashbacks, we learned that the plaintiff was a patient and a former Olympian snowboarder. Referred by Cristina four months ago, Callie was the "Ortho goddess" that Travis Reed wanted to help him with a "Peterson hip replacement". Travis willingly chose Callie knowing that she had never performed the surgery before.

Complications during the surgery led to a botched surgery, infection, a revision surgery, a heart surgery, and finally, the loss of both of his legs. It was very tragic, but I strongly believe the jury made the right decision in finding Callie not guilty. She did the best that she could and that was evident. 

I was really glad that Meredith was there when Callie found the letter from the clinical trial. Dated three weeks prior to Travis' surgery, the letter stated that there were five instances of infection after the hip replacement surgeries led to the surgeries being discontinued. Meredith convinced Callie not to confess in court that she found the letter as it could sway the jury's decision. Ultimately, I think this was the right move. 

Side note: I thought the casting was great as every single line was perfectly delivered by Travis and even the lawyers.

Sharing News With Dad

In the midst of the chaos, Callie's father arrived in Seattle to support his daughter. I always love when Callie's dad is around. I'm glad he was there for his Calliope. Also, it was awesome that the other doctors also showed up to also show Callie their support. 

Through the flashbacks, we also learned some surprising details about Calzona's marriage prior to Arizona cheating. From discussing babies to choosing sperm donors, from looking at new homes to first finding out Arizona was actually pregnant, it all felt lighthearted and I nearly forgot about all the recent Calzona drama. Unfortunately, though, we learned that Arizona miscarried.  

While I liked getting a better understanding of what exactly happened to Calzona and maybe reasoning behind why Arizona did what she did, I felt a bit cheated like Callie. I'm a huge fan of flashbacks, but I feel like we missed some major Calzona moments as we only saw glimpses of what happened. 

Other thoughts:

  • The father-daughter duo shared some majorly touching, unforgettable moments. When he confessed to cheating on Callie's mother and explained his reasoning behind mistakes and forgiveness, I knew Callie would immediately want to give Arizona a second chance. Do you think Calzona stand a chance or will Arizona's fling with Leah stand in the way of their happily ever after?
  • Is it crazy that I'm hoping some of the cast members from Private Practice will eventually make an appearance? Besides, doesn't Amelia want to meet her new little nephew?
  • Be sure to return next week to chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table

While Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 8 was likely the weakest installment thus far this season, "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" was solid and featured Callie as the rock star we all know and love.

Seriously, Sara Ramirez was amazing. I also really enjoyed how different this episode was and appreciated the way the Calzona flashbacks added to the storyline. I'm stoked to see what else Shonda and company have up their sleeves for the remainder of Grey's Anatomy Season 10


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I actually really liked this episode. It was great to see the flashbacks explaining all the things being said in the courtroom in an attempt to discredit Callie. On another point, I also have an artificial hip as a result of an awful car wreck eight years ago. There was a new implant and method (I don't remember the name of it) I heard about that was supposed to make the recovery easier, but when I asked my doctor about it he said he did not and would not use that method because the implant was too new for him to trust and that all it was was a "shortcut" that he didn't think was any good. The implant has since been recalled. I'm no athlete, but that's what the episode reminded me of. A lot of shows make adaptations of real situations, so perhaps this is what they were doing here.


As an attorney, I just wanna say its a good thing Grey's is a medical drama and not a legal procedural because I don't think there was anything that occurred in the proceedings that would ever happen in real life. I appreciate the need for drama but it's hard to watch when it's ridiculously inaccurate.


I enjoyed this episode. Definitely a top epi for Calzona! I enjoyed theflashbacks. But I do wish we could have seen some of it during "real" time. However this epi exceeded my expectation. I thought this would be the final nail in Calzona's coffin. I still don't excuse Az for cheating. But it has given me a better insight into her mind.
Sara Ramirez was phenomenal. She is an acting genius. Loved seeing her in every scene. Didnt miss the interns at all. Great job Sara Ramirez!!
Also wanted to add I love seeing Callie's dad. Would love to see more of him.
Hopefully this is bye bye Leah. She never stood a chance in Hell!!!


This episode was simply ridiculous!!!! As others already pointed out - an infection could never get this bad, especially when the patient is in a hospital for gods sake. And IF an ifection would get this bad without getting noticed by anyone, it wouldn't be only the doctors fault, but the fault of several nurses.
And that they didn't notice that the legs turned blue and black... just ridiculous. It's not like surgical hoses never get removed or only get removed by doctors. Also the leg would hurt bad if there was an embolus, the patient would call the nureses, the nurses would call the doctor. To keep it short - the whole case was VERY unrealistic.
As nurse I'm really very dissapointed and angry here. This episode was done as if we don't even exist or as if we don't do anything with patients at all. When something is wrong with a patients it's mostly us that notice it first and alarm the doctors. I can't help but be really annoyed by this episode.
As for the Callie/Arizona story - that was just confusing. Flashbacks are fine... but this seemed very crude. And also after the last episodes with Bailey and Christina vs. Meredith and all.. this episode yet again felt just very very wrong and unfitting.

@ Shira

I completely agree with u Shira! As a nurse, this would never happen! Especially if a pt was sent to the ICU or is post op and is known to have any problems with infection or his legs!! That would be the main thing we would be checking and assessing throughout the shift!! This hospital apparently has no nurses or nurses aides! But we have to suspend reality when we watch these shows! I'd love to see a doctor go in a pts room and find out something on their body I haven't seen already! And this is a VIP pt! U would think they would have had the best nurses taking care of him and doing CMS checks every hour!!! I'm done now!!!


I enjoyed this episode and was glad to something finally turning out right for Callie. Watching her life be one long s#*%storm was getting old. I do need to make one minor complaint. It seems women are always trying to come up with some reason/excuse why Arizona cheated on Callie. Yet, the reaction typically when a me character cheats on any TV show is he is filth and the woman should kick his butt to the curb. Why he cheated is pointless, and I completely agree. Now I suspect the fact that Arizona was having a "fling" with


I didn't understand how Callie was able to obtain the joint that was used if clinical trials of it had been shut down. That part really bugged me. Also as another poster said it was ridiculous that his legs weren't noticed by nurses. As a nurse (I am new one but even I know this), it would be unthinkable that the patients feet and legs wouldn't be inspected at regular intervals ESPECIALLY after he had clots travel to his legs already. The other poster also pointed out that Cardio would have been involved with his case the whole time, but even regardless of if he was a cardio patient or not he developed a pulmonary embolism during surgery, cardio would have been involved with his care at this point. I also didn't think it was made very clear whether or not that sponge was ever removed. All I kept thinking was "um guys did we ever go get that sponge?" I thought that sponge was going to be the smoking gun like okay you left it in there purposefully but did you ever go back and retrieve it. Definitely thought that was going to be what made the jury rule against her.
I really think the people here who think that Shonda wasn't trying to use the miscarriage to make us feel sympathy for Arizona and give her reason for the cheating are wrong. I think that Shonda felt like she had set up enough issues last season between the two of them to make people be able to forgive Arizona for cheating but after she realized fans weren't having it she figured she needed to do something. There is no way that Shonda would have planned to have the pregnancy story line be just a flashback story line. That is a huge story line that I would have liked to have played out in real time, and if it had I would have probably understood Arizona cheating, but getting it as an after thought, I can't forgive her still.


I was thoroughly disappointed with this episode. Callie was being sued CIVILY in a malpractice suit. This was not a criminal matter, yet the opposing attorney said "the prosecution rests." There is no prosecution!!! There are only plaintiffs and defendants. At the end the jury found her "not guilt"?! again, she was not being tried criminally! The writers here seriously just mailed it in and assumed very little of their audience.


The episode was boring, I don't care for Callie and Arizona so for me it sucked. Also I think Callie deserves so much better than Arizona. The Arizona is pregnant didn't fit at all with the timeline. It was too much. Meredith was almost 9 months pregnant there, soon to give birth. It was just a contrived plot to TRY sympathize with Arizona. Nothing else. Which also it made her look even more bed. She just lost a kid, and she couldn't help but screw not one but two women who looked at her? Made her look like a heartless slu*t.


I am patiently waiting for Cooper and Charlotte to show up. Amelia would be good as well. Even Sheldon.

@ Tomnationwide

Yet Shonda Rhimes will probably let Arizona off the hook as far as her "fling" with Leah because she and Callie were sorta separated, which I'm sure made it completely okay for Arizona to sleep with a co-worker of her and Callie's. There was nothing especially thoughtless about that, right? Much has been written about Rhimes wanting to show that same sex marriages can suffer through acts of infidelity just like heterosexual unions. Agreed. But what if Arizona was a man? If a male character cheats on his wife, then follows that up with having an affair with someone his spouse worked with, female fans would want his head (or a part south of his head) on a platter and would think the wife would be a blithering fool to even consider taking him back. So why should the reaction any different because Arizona is a woman?


There was a lot that I loved about this episode, but the time line was just out of whack for me with the flashbacks? When did Arizona and Callie have all this time to decide to have a baby, get pregnant, have a miscarriage, and the cheating?? It was a lazy way for Shonda to explain the weak Storyline of Arizona's cheating! I did love that we are getting to see their story move forward. I love, love, love Callie's father. I wish that we could see him a little bit more with Callie. By the way could someone please tell me what Arizona was saying to Callie at the door when Carlos was staring her down? I couldn't make it out even after listening a few times? Some of the references to Arizona's and Callie's past was great. The good man in a storm, the butterflies, Arizona finding Callie crying in the bathroom. So it will be interesting to see if AZ admits to sleeping with Leah to Callie, before someone else tells her. Great episode!

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