Once Upon a Time Review: Start With Hope

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Hope is where happy endings begin, but that doesn't guarantee everyone will find theirs.

Such was the message on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 6.

Ariel finally arrived on the scene when she rescued Snow White from drowning as she tried to escape the Evil Queen's men many years ago. The little mermaid was beautiful... and magical... and naive. And much like the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, she would not find her happy ending - but at least in this version she survives to continue to hope.

Ariel Looks Happy

Once again, the Evil Queen continued to impress me with her wickedness. Much as Snow told Ariel that even if Eric rejected her at least she'd know she tried, her nemesis took that knowledge away with her voice. Ariel would never be able to tell Eric she loved him and that may be the cruelest revenge.

Of course, leave it to Regina to call on Ariel the moment she needed something, despite what she'd inflicted on the mermaid.

But let's review the rest of the Neverland group first.

How much fun was it to watch Regina try to teach Emma how to control her magic? Hopefully Emma's right and there's another path to access her powers, but no one can deny that dark side actually works.

Peter Pan believed that the secrets the gang was hiding would be their undoing, so he placed Neal in a cave where only sharing their darkest secrets would save him. The deeper the lie the more truth in it's echo. And it turned out that everyone had something to share.

Starting with Hook who confessed to Emma that their kiss meant a lot more to him than it did to her. He hasn't felt anything like that since he lost Mila and he didn't think he'd ever feel it again. Until he met Emma Swan.

But before anyone had the chance to react to that heartfelt confession, Snow told Charming how disappointed she was that they missed Emma's life. Although it won't bring back all that they lost, she wants another baby with him.

Which left Charming with one of the bigger secrets to share. He finally told Snow about the Dreamshade and that taking the cure meant he can't leave Neverland. So if she wants another child, it most likely won't be with him.

Finally, Emma reached Neal but it took her own confession to set him free. Hers may have been the saddest of them all as she told him in this Once Upon a Time quote

I love you. I probably always will. But my secret is that I was hoping this was a trick. I was hoping you were dead because it would be easier to put you behind me than to face all the pain that we went through all over again.


Even when she set him free, Emma still appeared completely guarded and unsure. She's not ready to expose herself to that kind of hurt once again. The problem is that without making herself vulnerable, she'll have no hope of finding her happy ending.

Some of my favorite scenes were between Regina and Rumpelstiltskin. I loved that she was the one to show Rumpel he was getting played by Pan. If anyone knows about evil manipulation, it's Regina.

And Regina's right. If the Dark One and the Evil Queen can't take down a smug teenager, there is no hope. Plus, beating Pan doesn't have to mean killing him. There are fates worse than death, and these two are adept at finding them.

Which led Regina to call on Ariel. They needed to get something from Mr. Gold's shop and mermaids can jump realms. And how much fun were Regina's quips about calamri and Rumpel asking why she called on this particular mermaid.

Regina: We have history together.
Rumpelstiltskin: That would explain the distrustful look on her face.

So it looks like we're finally heading back to Storybrooke.

Have you missed it? Do you think Hook will fight for Emma or bow out gracefully? And do you doubt that Snow will find a way to make a baby with Charming on Once Upon a Time season 3?


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1.hook. awwww
2. Neal. Plz die
3. Regina and rumple. Go team
4. Snow white and charming. Plz get a life
If i remember correctly There's 1 question for snow(actually for writers). How can you have another Baby when in season 1 charming mom gave u d magic water so u can have a kid.

Drea xoxo

DISCLAIMER**ERM TVF WHERE DID THE REST OF MY COMMENTS GO?????!!!!! =( So you finally revealed bae for it to be emma's OTL to then be the mysterious father to henry; rumple and charming's *** grandson and place him in SB to make him be engaged 1) and then throw him to enchanted forest!! 2) now you're going to undo Emma's OTL in order to suit the forced Hook and Emma connection... As i digress! thank goodness we are going to back to SB!! emma was cruel in what she revealed and her pity me act story is starting to become tedious now. felt for snow, all she wanted was a family and as per it's been taken away from her

Captain swan
@ Katerina's Gladiator

Just because Neal is her first love doesn't mean he's her True Love. Her and Neal have too much pain and she wants to move on from that. Hook has been the one there for her, supporting her, helping her, making her smile, giving her hope. I daresay Hook is her TL. The connection with Hook and Emma has been there since their first episode together so this is definitely not forced. It's been a slow burn for them.


Well it seems like I´m not the only one who thought the ariel story very boring then. I have never forwarded during any ouat episode but this one. This episode was quite a filler compared to the last ones.
Again Hook saved the day, in that case mine. Very great move of the writers to make him the most couragous person of them all. I´m really invested in how that goes for him, though I guess they let him loose everything before it will get any better.
But I also liked the fact that snow admitted that she felt betrayed to her happy ending not seeing her daughter grow up. Why because she is always the do gooder very moral and would have never said this out loud not to hurt emma. but she has also lost something very important and no matter what she tries she can not bring back the past. I found it refreshing that snow was for once not that plain white like her name but a complex character with different layers. This great actress doesn´t get the chance to show that very often.


I loved Hook's confession. I'm hoping tptb defy convention and Captain Swan wins the day. It was heartfelt and so sweet. And he genuinely showed that he wants to be a better person by telling them upfront about Neal. I think Emma's feelings for him are going to bubble up soon. And I'm really really starting to not like Snow and Charming. They are getting on my nerves. I'm hoping we see more Captain Swan, ditch the parents Emma!!


So these secrets...Charming revealed he'd been lying for a week and will have to desert his family, Hook revealed that he was actually vulnerable and pining for a woman who would likely never love him, Emma wishes the man she loved was dead. Snow White's worst secret - I want a baby!! Gah - no wonder Regina can't stand her... I didn't love this week's episode - especially coming after last week's. Ariel's story was a bit lacklustre. Also, I don't like seeing Rumple so out of control; I miss the Rumple that always had a plan. I am glad that he's with Regina now though. I'm really, really curious to know his backstory with Pan. The way I see this ending - Hook's going to die for Emma (because they'll never put her with him instead of Neal), and they're going to somehow make Pan old and break his hold on the island.

Captain swan
@ Robin Harry

Emma just said she wants to move on from Neal. And Emma certainly has feelings for Hook.


I hope Charming finds a way to leave Neverland. And I definitely think they should make another baby together.


the best of the episode was hook confession i want more capitan swan!!! the worst neal and his "I'm never going to stop fighting for you" crap when he was about to get marry with someone else a week a go.
+1 to the rumple and regina team, looking fowar to see how this go.
i'm glad that regina was not ursula because we need another good villian in the picture (sorry pan but i never i really like you).

Captain swan
@ elisa

my sister was watching with me and she said "how can neal never stop fighting for emma when he never started in the first place?" i agree


Jezus christ, how much worse can this show become? I really should stop watching but I like fairytales too much.
1) Ariels storyline an sich was fun, but holy cow, have you ever seen such an obvious plotdevice before?
2) I don't know how low budget this serie actually is but it must be devastating low. I thought this was classified as 'fairy costume drama' but there seems to be no budget at all for costumes. The balldresses from Snow and Arial were not only ludicress (really? shot, bare legs, and heels in a medieval setting?) but also plain ugly.
3) The CGI is still at an absolute low. Like it's done in the late 80's. Regina's octopus was ridiculous.
4) Some things I just find plainly stupid: Snow turns in a mermaid and just keeps flopping in place. You're at the freaking docks! Roll over and swim away (atleast for now). But nooooooo. You'd rather just keep using splash and wait for Regina to start choking you.
5) Arial forces the bracelet on Snow. Ever stopped to think and ask whether someone wants to be a mermaid?
6) The secrets were absolutly lame. The only good one was Charming's for me. "I want another baby", whats dark about that? It's been 6 episodes of hanging around in the jungle and I have the feeling nothing has happend so far. If it weren't for Regina (and perhaps Hook on the path to redemption), I really wouldn't bother.

@ Elf

I have stopped watching. This season was a total bore. I was never engaged in the Peter Pan/Neverland plot direction. The first season was fantastic. The second season OK. Very disappointed in where the show has gone.


I seriously hope Snow and Charming don't have another baby. That would just be weird.

Captain swan
@ Carlet

Why? I think it's great thing. It's their second chance at being parents.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Why do I get the feeling that sending Ariel to Storybrooke will be a HUGE mistake for Regina, considering how Tinkerbell turned out. LOVED the fact that show did not dance around the fact that Nealfire is a jerk and that Emma has no reason to actually like him or feel positively about him. Dude put her in jail for gods sake. Everything that's screwed up about Emma, every little wall, every little bit of mistrustis thanks to him. And by all means that should NOT change by him simply waltzing in into Storybrooke last season. She has no reason to have positive memories about him yet and its NEAL who has to prove himself and not Emma. Also loved the fact that after all of Pan's melodramatics, Hook outright just went up and told it all to Charming and Snow as if no big deal. Also that love confession....my heart. Snow can't really keep a secret even if to save her life, eh? I so want this to be a running gag from now on.

Kitanishi h mcdonald
@ Invested In Your Future

Also considering how much OUAT "borrows" from Fables and what Regina And Rumple seem to be cooking up to deal with Pan, could it be that they will deal with Peter Pan in the exact same way Fables dealt with Adversary? Especially considering that The Adversary was originally planned to be Peter Pan.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

He has his reasons but it's a sure bet they're not good ones.


Regina: You're such a pathetic waste of ability.
Emma: And you're a monster.