Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Ariel"

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The Little Mermaid swam her way into Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 6, as "Ariel" saved Snow White…then almost handed her over to The Evil Queen.

Below, TV Fanatics Carla Day and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate who revealed the biggest secret and whether heading back to Storybrooke is a good idea.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Gareth: Loved the scenes set in the Echo Cave. It was good to finally see all those secrets revealed. I also loved Regina camping it up as 'Fake Ursula'. She clearly loved taking on the role.

Carla:  When they each had to share their deepest, darkest secret in order to save Neal. They each showed their love for Emma through their immediate willingness to give up something they held so dear to save him. Plus, the secrets were each extremely revealing and will affect their relationships going forward.

Christine: I actually loved Regina teaching Emma how to use magic. Regina, "You're such a pathetic waste of ability." Emma, "And you're a monster."   - The way the two them couldn't stop fighting really made me laugh.

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Should Charming and Snow have another child?

Gareth: The internet has been abuzz with baby rumors for a while and a few news outlets have already hinted that we may see a new addition to the Charming family this season. It would be interesting. and potentially hilarious, to see Snow White dealing with a baby in the modern world.

Carla: Sure. They are still young and are extremely loving and giving people. They would be excellent parents. And, there aren't enough children in Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest due to the curse. For their society to continue to thrive, they need to have more kids.

Christine: Why not? They really did miss out on all of Emma's life and nothing will get that back but a baby might make them very happy. But I do wonder is a tiny little sibling will make Emma feel closer to her parents, or have her feeling even more of an outcast.

Who should teach Emma how to handle her magic?

Gareth: Since Once Upon a Time Season 1, I always felt that Rumple was going to be her mentor in magic. He was the one who recognized early on just how powerful Emma was. I often wondered if Rumple had plans to harness Emma’s magic for his own ends in much the same way he did with Cora and then Regina?

Carla:  Regina. Their contentious relationship has grown to one of tolerance and even occasionally respect. Besides, who else would be able to teach her? Rumple? That's an even worse option. Perhaps, if Regina trains Emma in magic, the student can teach her mentor how to use it for good rather than evil.

Christine:  I love the scenes where Emma and Regina are forced to work together so I'm all in on that. They never seem to stop squabbling yet somehow they still get it done. And as Carla said, perhaps they can both learn something from one another.

In your opinion, who had the biggest secret?

Gareth: I’m tied between Snow discovering Charming was trapped on the island and Emma admitting she wished Neal had died! Both were heartbreaking moments. I really enjoyed that whole Echo Cave scene. I think the character development has been much improved this year and I’m loving these moments of revelation that the characters are having. Looking forward to seeing the ramifications of all these reveals over the next few episodes.

Carla: In terms of shock for the group there, I'd have to with Charming. That fact that he almost died and can't leave Neverland will affect them all and be something they will have to try a way around. Personally, I found Emma's revelation that she wished Neal was dead to be utterly heartbreaking. And, it demonstrated that their love for each other is stronger than ever imagined. Sorry, Hook.

Christine: All of the secrets had impact but I liked Hook's the best. First because I knew he was attracted to Emma but I didn't realized it was bordering on love. Second because there was nothing in it for him. By making himself that vulnerable he was giving Neal back to Emma. It was a truly selfless act and in that way quite a shock to come from the pirate.

Are you looking forward to heading back to Storybrooke?

Gareth: I'm curious as to what has been going on in Storybrooke since the core characters left for Neverland and I’m sure many fans are eager to check in with Belle. I do find Storybrooke elements of the plot very hit and miss at times. I guess I have an “on the fence” attitude to how Storybrooke will fit into the plot now, hopefully it will be something new and inventive.

Carla: I'm indifferent about it. I haven't missed any of the characters left in Storybrooke. I guess it will be interesting to hear whether the protection spell has worked and how they are handling the absence of the evil ones from the town. Though, I hope it's in and out. The only positive aspect of Storybrooke will be a break from the mediocre green screen scenes.

Christine: Eh. Like everyone else I haven't really missed Storybrooke. Everyone I care about is on Neverland but I've got my fingers crossed that the writers can keep it interesting even back in the "real" world.

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Captain swan

Sorry, Carla. I don't see Emma's secret to Neal as romantic. It was heartbreaking because she just wants to forget about him. The underlying desire there is not to get back together with him, but to be free from him. She wants to move on. Christine is right, Hook has been selfless in that speech. He thinks that by revealing that part of him, he is enabling the reunion between Neal and Emma. But he still did. He really has come a long way by putting someone else above him.


Carla: "And, it demonstrated that their love for each other is stronger than ever imagined. Sorry, Hook." I am sorry but if you are dealing with YEARS of resentment and thinking you were abandonment by your love and wishing he was DEAD is not something that makes their love stronger. Their love is fractured and Emma this season will go on a journey to see if she can actually forgive him. Neal moved on without batting an eyelash, and Emma deserves a chance to be with someone who she doesn't have all this emotional baggage with. Whether with Hook or someone else, she deserves a chance to see what's out there, other then someone who has constantly put her down and haunted her. Neal said he would fight for Emma, and it totally depends how he does it or actually follows through with his actions.


I'm with you Cristine about Hook. For a man who has always looked out for his best interests and hid behind cockiness, to be that open and vunerable in front of not just Emma but her parents, then in all uncertain terms letting her go to Neil was very selfless and yes, sad. He put Emma's wants and needs in front of his own which is showing he is making a turn in the right direction.


1. I think my favourite scene was Regina's pep talk with Rumple. It was kinda sad that the Dark One had to be reminded that he was the Dark One, but I loved Regina's confidence. 2. Meh, why not. It's not like Emma actually considers them "parents,", and they'd do a good job. 3. Rumple would be a better teacher, but Regina would definitely be more fun to watch. 4. Charming's for the group. But I'm with Christine - Hook's confession broke my heart. Realizing that he loves Emma, and KNOWINGLY put himself in the situation where he had to tell her that, knowing it was a means to reunite her with the man she actually loves - that's heartbreaking. 5. I'd honestly forgotten about Storybrooke, but I'm okay with a revisit. On another note, is anyone else finding it harder to ignore that dude that posts random questions about random family members of random characters on random shows?


I seriously hope Snow and Charming don't have another baby. What Emma needs right now is parents to guide her and help her heal from her past, because it's fairly clear that despite the fact that she's an adult, she's still pretty much like a kid and needs parents. And if the Charmings have another baby, Emma will feel even more like an outcast and plus how awkward would it be to have another Charming baby? Also Emma needs her parents' full attention and I just feel like the Charmings are just trying to replace her.


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Spindae 2o

Can't believe Ur RT didn't mention Ariel the titular character of the ep. And that is the wrong thing with this episode. Ari should've had a greatter impact on the show it's freaking Ariel. On the other events I disliked tee Echo cave it was forced and rushed and changed the dynamic in a bad way. Snow wanting a Baby is understandable but come on timing Snow timing. I think this baby thing will have greater impact on Emma than shown. The highlight of this episode is Regina for sure and everything around her. She and Rumple, She and Ariel She and Snow and She and Ursula were freaking amazing.

@ Spindae 2.0

Totally agree with you about the timing part for Snow wanting a baby. Bad, bad timing right now.

@ Spindae 2.0

@spindae 2.0 I definitely agree with you about Ariel. I spent the whole episode feeling like it was disjointed because of the inclusion of her only to have them throw in that last minute use of her as a plot device. It was just ridiculous. I love Ariel, she is in my top 5 disney princesses, but to use her this way was a waste. I was also confused about the whole Ariel situation in general. The curse effected the enchanted forest but Ariel's Kingdom doesn't seem like it would have been effected by the curse. This would mean that Ariel has gone about 28 years (sorry can't remember how long the curse was for) without seeing Eric or speaking and she is 1. still in love with him? (I mean honestly that is a stretch seeing as she only met him twice?) 2. willing to help Regina (who made it so she couldn't talk for the past 28 years) so easily? Was just disappointing overall. On another note. I am getting more and more tired of the Neal situation. It is clearly going to take a miracle to make Emma fully forgive and trust him and as a viewer I am not rooting for this. Personally the writers have given me no reason to like him. He abandoned Emma allowing her to be arrested and feel forced into giving up Henry, never tried contacting her again, was about to get married even after he ran into her again, wouldn't listen to her about his fiance, etc etc. I feel like the fact that Hook and Emma were nominated for the best on screen chemistry people's choice award just goes to show you that that is the direction the writers should explore, at least until they can make Neal even slightly redeemable. I would much rather see Emma be with Hook, allowing him to become a better man in the process, and see Neal mend his relationship with Rumple and build a relationship with Henry (seeing as although Henry has two mothers he has never had any father figure).


1. Hook's confession and Regina telling Rumple that he will die by nobody hands but her own.
2. They should but first they should strengthen their bond with Emma first.
3. Regina
4. I have to go with David.
5. Not really


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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

He has his reasons but it's a sure bet they're not good ones.


Regina: You're such a pathetic waste of ability.
Emma: And you're a monster.