Person of Interest Review: The Long Con

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The last time a signed piece of Babe Ruth memorabilia caused this many problems, Scotty Smalls hit his stepdad’s baseball to the Beast in The Sandlot.

Unfortunately, James Earl Jones wasn’t around to just give Reese and Finch another in this case.

Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 7 went for the long con with a hypnotherpist scamming his patients, stealing their money and getting himself tangled up with HR.

It wasn’t the most unique idea the series has had and the twists and turns of the con artist were relatively predictable, but putting Reese and Finch back into the lead positions and providing the main characters with their signature charisma - along with some staple action sequences thrown in - kept the hour from becoming something boring and cliche.

The Hypnotherapist

Allowing Finch to do more than walk the dog or sit behind his computer is always a nice addition. I’m glad he was able to interact with the person of interest, but I kept expecting some flashbacks while he was asleep rather than just tricking the con man.

Still, it was Finch’s interactions with Root that proved to be the most interesting and compelling. Even behind bars, Root still plays crazy and in control like nobody else; I enjoyed seeing her try and toy with Finch about the Machine picking her rather than him. It’s going to be tough to break her spirits, but I have faith that Finch is a patient man.

But just what is coming for the future? Finch started something with the Machine, but can he be the one to stop it? Or will he even want to when the time comes?

Reese was more humorously pissed off throughout the hour in that dry sarcastic way he handles every situation. From comparing his job to babysitting... to frustratingly tracking down the con man... to smashing Terney’s face in with a chair, it was great to see Reese in action rather than just shadowing behind Shaw.

And while Shaw wasn’t absent, her role was much more low key. Still, she was able to toss in a few quips and kneecap shots that viewers have grown to see from her over Person of Interest Season 3.

I do like when the case of the week story mixes into the larger story, but there was something rather cartoonish about HR’s antics, and they are probably my least favorite of the villains that Reese, Finch and the gang have to face off with.

Sure, the inner workings of the money laundering and connections with the Russians were further spelled out, but would the head of HR really talk with Simmons about the corrupt sect of the police force’s dealings and problems out in the open?

Even Terney, who I liked seeing stand up to Simmons and was hoping to see HR crumble from the inside, ended up getting shot by Carter. Although, not before he acted like some cheesy villain preparing for a monologue when he “caught” Carter and Laskey up to no good.

And I’m not surprised Laskey was killed, but I was hoping he might stick around for a little bit longer. He really was starting to see the other side in a way that Fusco was able to when Reese first turned him back in Person of Interest Season 1.

But two HR deaths is probably going to put Carter right into their cross hairs.

And is that something Elias can get her out of? Or is he going to stick to drinking wine and playing chess in the dark?

I was thrilled that Fusco also was more involved in the hour than he has been for most of the season. I’m sure it’s tough to juggle screen time for the characters and make it feel natural, but he’s been noticeably absent.

Thank goodness he was able to swoop in and save Carter from the Swede, work on his “hollow-point motif” blood art, giving some expertise on the signed baseball. Who knew he was a Mets fan?

While “The Perfect Mark” wasn’t the perfect episode, it still found ways to be fun and entertaining in true Person of Interest fashion. I am hoping we see some other past bad guys reappear besides HR and the new group, Vigilance, but it's clear that the season has laced up its PF Flyers and headed towards something big.


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I liked this episode. I wasn't expecting Laskey to get killed off so fast. I'm glad that Cart knows who's in charge of HR now. I didn't expect the con-mans girlfriend to be the bad guy but it wasn't surprising because something seemed off about her I think it was her facial expressions she never seemed really happy when her boyfriend talked about running away together like she should of been. everyone was getting a really good deal on that baseball besides the dude who bought for $4.4 million. Can't wait till the next episode.


The only flaw I noticed in this episode was in the casting of Jennifer Ferrin, who's been turning up more & more lately in larger roles. Having her portray "the girlfriend" didn't work; though I suspected she would be the one to try to kill the con man for HR. It was nice seeing the original team front & center. Nothing against the new additions, but the original foursome are the reason the series became a hit. That said, I could go for another Shaw & Root mash-up. ;)


great episode (as usual) … TBH, once the con victim was known as the swedish guy, with HR as the perpetrator, the girlfriend went from "number one suspect" to simply "wrong place, wrong time" …
terney's death was not too much of a surprise … lasky's was less predictable (though he was already in a "no way out" situation) …


Great episode I hope Fusco doesn't end up biting the dust at the end of November sweeps. Does anyone here see any parallels between Human Target and POI?


the last scene went by fast...not to quibble, but why wouldnt Terney have shot Carter FIRST , and not Laskey? she was armed, and posed much more danger to him and HR than Laskey.....the lacky, Laskey, was small potatoes to them.....and I know the odds are low but is it possible Laskey was wearing a vest and that they could surprise us with him somehow coming to next episode?? they didnt really show him at all after Terney was shot and ID his boss in the others have commented I was hoping he would become part of the POI squad

Sue ann
@ SR

Carter (very, very briefly) felt for a pulse on Laskey's neck, and her face fell when she did not find one. The indication is that he is dead. They have already expanded the bejeebers out of the cast this season. Another permanent member of the "Machine's Gang" would further reduce the time we get to see Mr. Reese and Finch.

Sarah silva

I totally did not see the twist at the end coming. It may have been predictable for some but when the girlfriend was the one that had the real baseball at the end it was a shock to me!
Just when I started to like Laskey he had to be killed! I am glad that Carter was able to kill Terney and now she knows who they are all answering too!
I too love seeing Reese being his dry sarcastic self. I also really liked that he was more in the forefront this week and Shaw was in the back ground (so to speak) I like her in small doses, but they have shown her more lately then they have Reese. I do love this show but I really do not want Shaw to have tons of screen time, the amount of time she was on this week as perfect.
I would love to see Finch continue to keep Root captive but I have a feeling it won't last long.
Side note: I fear Fusco's days are numbered! I am not happy about that but he will be the one to die during November sweeps.


Please don't screw up my favorite Show. I am of average intelligence, I hope. But the plots (and there are several) are really confusing. There is Root, HR, whatever that stands for, the aggressive girl side kick to John, the intimidated detective. The basis of this weeks plot was something to do with the Russians and auctions. I never did understand that. There is no way anyone surfing the TV could figure out what was happening. One of the best things about the show is the unsmiling violent, sarcastic John. The dog, Bear is pretty good too.


Please Please Please don't kill off Fusco! I love Fusco! DON'T KILL HIM OFF! Let crazy Root or Shaw go not Fusco! Ok was Carter shocked when she saw who was head of HR becuase he is well known in the city or be she "knows" him? I wonder if they are going to pull an Olivia Pope and have Carter be related to HR.

@ Grimmfan#10

Head of HR is Carter's dead boyfriend's godfather. Godfather ordered Cal's execution and then set it up to make it look like Cal was a dirty cop. Godfather meets with Carter from time to time to sympathize over their shared loss -- or so she thought.


I was sad to see Laskey killed, I think he would have made a good addition to the show. I didn't completely trust the girlfriend, and thought she might have an angle. I saw the preview for the next 3 episodes and I am worried that Fusco or Carter is going to die.


Enjoyed the con of the week. Reflecting, it was a little cheesy, but juxtaposed with HR - that worked fine for me. I did not see the con with the girlfriend coming at all. I felt kind of sorry for the phony therapist in the end.
Happy to see that the head of HR was exposed to Carter. She was getting a little too comfy with him at the diner for my liking.

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Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You can't stop what's coming and neither can I, but we have the opportunity to understand things when they finally change. The future is coming. You started it, and I'll finish it.


As before, Ms. Groves, Mr. Reese is upstairs with an unhealthy number of firearms. Please don't try to run.