Ravenswood Review: The New Normal

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The creators of Pretty Little Liars are entertainingly known as the people who created "Hitchcock for Teens." And indeed they have.

With famed directed Norman Buckley at the helm, Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 5 was nothing short of completely creepy and chilling.

I'm just going to start off by saying that I refuse to go back into the basement tonight to retrieve the rest of of my laundry and I am almost 30 years old.

Frightening Discoveries

Also, are Haleb shippers everywhere freaking out? I mean, I know we got a beloved cameo from our Ashley Benson but what do you think about the fact that the original Caleb and Miranda might have been soulmates?

They were married on the ship that went down and they were so in love that their friends were willing to sacrifice themselves to bring them back.

Then Caleb almost freaking died! I'm not going to lie, I actually said "Shut the F*** Up" out loud several times tonight. Especially when we saw the twin red coats were in the haunted house. But truly, if we had lost Caleb, I think Marlene King would have to go into hiding tomorrow.

So why was he brought back? He knows he serves a higher purpose right? I love that Mrs. Grunwald returned to Uncle Creepy Collins and told him that they were all still alive because their bond was too strong. Take that, you skeeves!!!

Okay, so as noted by one of our readers, the hair in the jars was significant. Collins had to re-cut a piece of Miranda's after she broke her jar. It seems like the jars are keeping the spirits in Ravenswood. But when Miranda left Ravenswood she wasn't that safe either. She was with one of those whacked out red coat twins and fake versions of her parents.

What exactly then, is the point of the jars?

I think the biggest question of the night is what's the connection between Dillon and mini-red coat? Have they been plotting this entire time? Since before the accident even happened? There's something so totally freaky about kid ghosts. It reminds me of The Shining. How do these four handle everything that happens?

Olivia: A big hairy spider was crawling up my arm.
Caleb: We're in a room with two skeletons and that's what's freaking you out?

That's right, Olivia, you're in a room with two corpses.

I'd have passed out from fear long ago if I were one of these teens. If I saw a tiny ghost in a red coat my response would either be 1. Thinking someone slipped me a hallucinogenic or I was having an adverse reaction to sleep medication or 2. I would start cursing and yelling and trying to take down that ghost.

The four of them are so calm. I guess when your destiny sets something up, you're kind of stuck with it. Well, that's it until January. As Luke said, "Welcome to the new normal!" Hit the comments with your thoughts and theories.


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Sarah silva

I love this show! The countdown until Jan 7 is on!
I did not think they would kill off Caleb but for a moment there I did think he would stay with Miranda.
So alive Caleb knows he loves and wants to be with Hannah but dead Caleb or dying Caleb says he wants to be with Miranda. So as long as Caleb is alive and Miranda is dead then he will be with Hannah!
I always thought something was fishy about Dillon and now I know my instincts were right!
I did keep comparing Miranda and Caleb to Stefan and Elena on the Vampire Diaries and doppelgangers and soulmates.
For me I no longer think that Ray is bad, I think he is good just weird. I think the lock of hair from the dead victims is to keep the other kids that did not die safe. That came to mind when the Mrs. Grunwald asked Ray if he had it, he showed her the lock of hair and then she said that they are okay. I may be way off but that is what I think.
That exchange above with Olivia and Caleb was funny and the look Caleb gave her was priceless.

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