Sleepy Hollow Review: Always Another Way

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It's safe to say that Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 6 delivered in more ways than one.

Certainly by way of guest stars James Frain and the incomparable John Noble, but also in adding history to the life of Ichabod Crane, along with layers to the deepening relationship between him and Abbie.

"The Sin Eater" felt just a bit like a feature film in its execution, didn't it? The good news is we have another part coming our way next week.

Ichabod Hugs Abby

It was a wonderful way to start such an intense episode by demonstrating how comfortable Ichabod is becoming in his new home, as he and Abbie visited a local baseball game and she explained the game to him and what it meant to her and he understood it to represent democracy. He remarked that for a moment he felt as if he were home, and she countered by telling him that he was home.

Indeed, it seems as if Ichabod is exactly where he is supposed to be.

While we still don't get a lot of action from the supporting cast on Sleepy Hollow, it was cool how Abbie went to Captain Irving to get permission to get Jenny out on furlough by sharing with him what she knew about Ichabod and Katrina and the blood curse.

And, while he decided to hold onto his skepticism longer than he did his virginity, he played along. Orlando Jones has great potential to play with his role and I hope he gets the opportunity.

It was interesting seeing Ichabod before he was a believer, before he understood the greater evil that surrounded him, particularly, when he was still fighting on behalf of the English for the crown rule in that tell-tale red coat. It's funny, but thinking back to those scenes, I'm not sure how much of them were acted out and how much of them were delivered to us via exposition as both as equally as appealing when Tom Mison is doling out the information.

Katrina was about as directly responsible as she could be for Ichabod's discovery of himself as a witness, and with the help of the extremely generous Arthur Bernard - who was willing to give up his life for the cause - Ichabod found his way to General Washington and ultimately to present day Sleepy Hollow.

I was a bit confused about the curse Katrina put onto Ichabod and the Horseman that bound them together. Even before that, I was a bit lost as to what happened after Bernard was killed and the General was revealed as a demon.

Did the English see him as such? How did Ichabod get away and make his way to Katrina? Perhaps those details will be revealed at a later day.

The Masons wanted Ichabod dead to protect the greater good because of the spell Katrina cast. What I didn't understand was if Ichabod was only awaken to life because the horseman was, and the spell was broken, why wasn't Ichabod sent back to death? What's keeping him alive now? The Horseman is a demon, so his everlasting life makes sense. Are we to understand that witnesses also possess some extra skills?

The hour dealt a lot with purpose. Arthur Bernard revealed that his death saved Ichabod's soul. The Sin Eater learned in meeting Ichabod that his gift was given to him to save Ichabod, as well. Abbie mentioned to Jenny that after losing her and then Corbin, it was only upon finding Ichabod that she discovered a purpose she understood and someone she was supposed to find it with.

There was so much in the episode that showed how deeply connected Abbie and Ichabod have become. From the baseball game and Abbie telling him Sleepy Hollow was home, to her proclamation at the end that he could never attempt to leave her like that again, because she couldn't take it.

They may not be intending for any romantic notions any time soon, but their hearts are becoming very full of each other and while I once imagined them with sparks flying, I now see something much different forming.

If Ichabod and Katrina ever resolve their relationship, what will be left between him and Abbie will be a true bond of love and trust. It wouldn't be one of those silly relationships that we see so often in a will-they, won't-they scenario on other shows, because it would already have such a solid foundation. They remind me a lot of Mulder and Scully from The X-Files. They can be playful and antagonistic, but behind it all is a mutual admiration and respect. 

I'm not going to let the review escape me without noting how nice it was to see John Noble back on FOX. He was a sight for sore eyes, especially in a genre show where it felt so natural to see him at work.

Despite his desire not to be seen as a Walter type from Fringe, I couldn't help but feel his presence in the role of Henry Parrish. He had the slightly kooky and fatherly feel that Walter exuded, and his style played very well with that of Tom Mison. I do hope we'll see more of him in the future.

For now, the Horseman is coming. There is work to be done and they can finally do it. Perhaps the Masons will be on hand to help, and the Sin Eater - maybe even Captain Irving. It's time to gather the army to combat evil!


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To the author: Your question " I was a bit confused about the curse Katrina put onto Ichabod and the Horseman that bound them together. Even before that, I was a bit lost as to what happened after Bernard was killed and the General was revealed as a demon. " I thought that what happened was that Ichabod and the horseman became bound when their blood mixed after Ich. cut the horseman's head off. I don't think Katrina bound them together. I think she used the bond to stop the horseman. He couldn't simply be killed but his bond to Ich. meant that if she saved Ichabod from dying but then suspended his life and buried and hid his body, the Horseman would likewise be suspended. I think the Sin Eater episode implies that the Horseman would again be vulnerable if the blood bond is broken by Ichabod's death, but that Katrina could not bear to let him die for realsies. Also she knows that Ichabod is one of the witnesses, so presumably she 'saves him for later' on the hope that he will encounter the necessary 2nd witness at a later date and will be able to stop the horseman according to prophecy without dying himself. That's why she hid him from the Masons; to prevent them from opting for the easy way out and simply killing Ichabod to render the Horseman vulnerable. I think so anyway. To your 2nd point - after Bernard dies and the general is revealed as a demon, I thought Ichabod fought with the Gen. and his redcoats, was wounded, and escaped to find Katrina and switch his allegiance. It's sort of the end of his super-hero origin story.


Loved this episode. What's not to? Yayy John Noble. Luh me some Abbie and Crane, as always. BUT ... could the show creators be a bit more freaking careful, PLEASE?!? There are so many continuity errors and poorly crafted details per episode that they yank you out of the story into the "HUH?" zone. In Sin Eater did anyone else notice that 1.) Abbie and Crane are at the ball game in full daylight...2,) Crane visits Katrina's non-grave minutes later in FULL daylight... 3.) Abbie is driving somewhere, presumably minutes later, in the way nighttime - probably because spooky witchy trances are spookier at night - has her trance and visits with Katrina who tells her that Ichabod has been abducted and the Horseman will return BEFORE nightfall unless Abbie intervenes. When Abbie comes out of her trance it's pitch dark. When she gets back to the station to ask Capt. Irving to spring her sister, it's daytime again. AIIIEEEE. Check back on Eps. 1, and 2 for lil things like: - Crane is pacing in the motel room in his big ol' clompy boots, Abbie shows up mid-pace with bag o' donut holes and Ichabod has to sit on the bed in a huff to put his boots on that he was already wearing 2 seconds before; Abbie reveals what happened to her and her sister when they were in high school, ie 14 years old at least, and later there is a quick pan over the newspaper story that supposedly reports that event - ohmuhgahhh!! Pause yer screen and read it. Not only are Abbie and sis supposedly 11 ish in the story, but there is also a quote from their mom who Abbie makes clear wasn't even in the picture as the 2 girls were in foster care by then. Not to mention the newsclipping is just plain typo-licious and poorly written. These things seem minor but I can't help noticing them and losing the story for a minute. Everybody been done went to town on the whole middle english thing from the john doe episode, but still.... Oh, and Sleepy Hollow DIDN'T have a Hallowe'en episode!?!?! Wut??


I loved the deepening bond of friendship between Ichabod and Abbie (though I prefer it not become romantic, he's married and I'd love to see more with Ichabod/Katrina in the future). I like that they can acknowledge that they care for each other without it becoming a big deal. I hope that Ichabod is the catalyst Abbie and Jenny need to mend their relationship and form a closer bond. This was a really great episode, though I hope future episodes make more use of the supporting cast such as Captain Irving (and I love his sassiness and sarcasm in his scene with Abbie!).


Okay folks I am going to make a call here that should get your attention, I just watched this episode online because I was watching the Bears Packers game Monday and as I was watching the Arthur Bernard character help Crane forgive himself it dawned on me that Abbie and her sister are ancestors of Bernard and thats why these three have such a bond. Food for thought isnt it. Loved the baseball opening great stuff and it was a delight to see John Noble back doing his thing. He was so brilliant in Fringe and should have won an Emmy or two IMO for his work on it. This show is very very good. If Tom Mison doesnt get a starring role in a movie after this show Hollywood deal makers really have their heads up their butts.

@ tompapp

Oooh. Good one.

@ tompapp

Great call, I hadn't thought of that! I was trying to figure out if he was Irving's ancestor but I bet you're right. Loving the show.


Great episode. I'm so glad to have the show back even though it's only been a couple of weeks it feels like forever. when Abbie was telling Captain irving what happened it all sounded completely insane but he still let her do what she wanted which is why he's so cool. Seeing Abbie and her sister work together was great and I can't wait to see more f them. I loved the beginning with Ichabod and Abbie at the baseball game and she explained to him why the sport was so important and why she was yelling at them. Can't wait till the next episode I really want to see them face off with the horseman again.


Hey guys go to TV Guide online and check out the photo gallaries under Wigs: Trick or Treat. Ichabod is on it and he looks really diffrent without the facial hair and wig. Wow!


Ok I am slow I just got the Captain Irving is named for Washington Irving who wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! There is more to The Captain just like The Captain on Grimm. Speaking of Grimm nice to see James Frain who was wasted on that show last year. I hope the writers use him on Sleepy because he is a great actor. I love his voice. I still don't think he is dead on Grimm! I don't see Abbie and Ichabod being in love but I do see them loving each other. When did Jenny go back to the hospital? For some reason I just thought she was just out!?!?!


Another episode that delivered! Such wonderful back story, the literal concept of a sin eater and the deepening of Abbie and Ichy's relationship made for strong plot and character development. I think its possible there may be romance down the line for Ichabbie, but for now there is a strong bond of friendship and genuine respect/caring, which is the best foundation for anything else that might be explored in the future.


I loved this episode. It might have had something to do with the amazing John Noble...but still. I also seeing a different, non romantic bond now between Abbie and Ichabod. I'm not sure if they want to make them romantic somewhere down the line....but it's starting to turn into a sibling type relationship. At least that's the feeling I'm getting. It's nice to see more 'good guys' joining the team. The Free Masons, Henry Parish....I'm still on the fence about the captain...but I'm putting him in the 'sorta good guys' category for now. I'm excited for the rest of the season. And it's so great to know that there will be a season 2!


Poor pacing and clunky plotting.

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