The Vampire Diaries Review: Franken-vamp

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While this was not the most exciting hour of The Vampire Diaries, it served as a turning point to the next major storyline in a number of ways.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 8 was what I'd like to refer to as The Augustine 101. This is college after all, right?

Caroline Forbes Photograph

Then again... because the only mention of classes in weeks was really Bonnie's code for making out with Jeremy, I'm not really whether or not we were really back at school with the trio. But the Jell-O shots came out and I was like okay, there we go. Now it's college!

Jesse has been missing for some time after being experimented on by Dr. Maxfield. It's too bad because I really did like Jesse. He was sweet, he was smart and he was a hottie who distracted Caroline from the loss of Tyler. It's too bad Elena had to up and kill his ass because but he was basically a vampire on steroids who was going to wipe them out.

After some classic Damon torturing scenes we find out that Maxfield wants to create a new race of vampires who feed on other vampires. This isn't just so they could survive without hurting people but rather so they could wipe out the old vampire race.

Imagine how far your life would have to come for it to be normal to tell your boyfriend "baby, now promise me you aren't going to kill the creepy doctor, okay?"

Speaking of things becoming the new normal, Caroline and Elena were mighty determined to get things back to just three besties hanging out. Guys, it's never going to be the way it was years ago. You're vampires, witches, anchors, travelers, etc. and this is now you're life.

We’re moving on with our lives, together, as functional vampires.


I love it when Elena cracks jokes, don't you? So I have to ask, what's up with Caroline hating on Damon again?

I know exactly where the Delena haters are going to go with this, but I'm asking why NOW? i understand why she hated him in the past, but they moved forward, worked together, and he got the girls their best friend back. What re-sparked Caroline on the anti-Damon train? This interview with Candice Accola might answer some of those questions.

This whole Vampire Experiment Camp just reeks of True Blood. I'm sorry, but it is deja vu up in here because their version aired only three months ago. Can we at least get an image of Steve Newlin running on the hamster wheel again? Sorry I'm crossing my TV wires.

Well, I was shocked to find out that Damon was once a prisoner at The Augustine. I'm amending my guess to thinking The Augustine Vampire is someone we've never met. How about you?

Elsewhere, Bonnie was hurting every time a supernatural passed through to the other side. Sure, it definitely sucked but she finally got to caress Jeremy's abs so I'm going to call it a wash.

Katherine confided in Stefan, killed the passenger inside of Matt, and tried to commit suicide. First of all, I'm glad we finally know what the heck this traveler storyline is about. Second of all, I'm glad Stefan saved her. I've grown to really enjoy that crazy bitch.

So what are you hoping to find out from The Augustine when The Vampire Diaries comes back December 5? Are you going to miss Jesse? Got any tips on how Stefan can cure his PTSD panic attacks?


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Great Ro and looks like a good reboot to the season. I noticed anything with Bonnie in it gets a low rating...Too Bias.
Digging that Bonnie isn't a plot device so far or here my for that matter. Loving all things Stefan and Kat.
And Damon, pretty much everything even the new emo dude.
Only bad parts was, The Haxx that the show uses in every episode, like Damon's super hearing not working when Wes was cutting like WTF, that's annoying. And even tho I understand this one, can't have a super strong killer like Jesse around. I was just starting to like him. :(
And I think Caroline's anti Damon thing wasn't forced this time around, everything she said was right about Damon, Damon was going to Kill Wes even thou Elena said not to. Classic Damon.


I agree, Caroline came straight out of left field with the Damon hate. I think it's because of her magnified envy and jealousy that she has towards Elena, wanting her to feel hurt like she does. Even when she was human she couldn't stand for Elena to have something if she didn't have it. Caroline was always trying to out do Elena. I think it is being sparked again because she was dumped by her "true love" and knows Elena is happy and has her real love. Plus Caroline is no longer the only M.F. High school vamp, Elena is now one too. That has to totally tick Caroline off. So I think Caroline's evil envy/jealously monster has Grown and is attacking and she just might get darker with it. Kind of the "Tessa Effect". Lol now that would be an interesting TVD twist.


I liked this episode , now I feel that the real storyline is started .I loved Kathren and Stefan scenes so much and how they share their sorrows with each other that was very wonderful , and the rescue scene I think that was the best scene in this season
Elena killed Jessy I really surprised when she did that and I wondered why she didn't stake him in other place but his heart or maybe why she didn't snap his neck , but then I understand her ,when you see the love of your life in danger you don't think , you just do what your heart tell you to do. and that's remind me of Vicke's death ,Stefan did the same thing to save Elena.
I can't wait until 5 December .

Sarah silva

I liked this episode. I am sad that Jesse is dead but he was going to kill Damon! Damon was so great tonight, funny and sarcastic and getting answers out of Dr. Maxfield but now Damon is captured.
I loved Bonnie commenting on the size of the dorm room!
I do think I will like Stefan and Katherine.
Is Gregor really out of Matt's body?
I too am wondering why Caroline is all anti Damon again.

Drea xoxo

* AGAIN TVF MY COMMENTS HAVE DISAPPEARED!!! I too agree with the theory of elena's dad/uncle being alive shoot it happened in scandal!!! this new plot of augustine vampire seems watchable if portrayed rightly that is plec.......caroline hating on damon bore me the flip later! we are in the 5th season now on the 8th episode please lets move on and have a secure purpose for caroline. she's more than the role they are making her become! katerina no! she can't ever die! she's the only reason a part from elijah why i put up with this show* on that account when is he going to make a cameo.... overall, i ship katerina and stefan always have and always will and never will stop unless elijah declares his love again for katerina petrova


OK, We all agree we have seen the mad scientist working on the inhuman (vampire, werewolves, witches, oh my!) storyline time and again. The reason it comes up so much is because if in reality there was a group of supernatural beings running around. There would also be humans running around experimenting on them. It is in our nature to cut things up that we don't understand for good or for bad reasons. So I get it, all we can hope for is the TVD writers will do something that we haven't seen.
Caroline hating on Damon versus her forgiveness of Klaus is obvious. She NEVER slept with Klaus. She slept with Damon and Tyler and both of them are on her sh%t list. Since, she is a vampire her grudge can last a lifetime. Don't forget that now that she is a vampire the human nature of Caroline is amplified even more and the human Caroline could hold a grudge.
Unlike many others, I like Bonnie especially her new hair do. I don't like her with Jeremy. He looks to young, unfortunately he looks as if he has years to go to catch up with the rest of them. He is beautiful but a beautiful teenager that will bloom years later.


Great episode. I knew Jesse was different than the other vampires not because he was held by Dr. Maxfield and experimented but because when he want all vampire he just looked different to me. It was fun seeing Damon torture Wes he's very good at it. I'm glad we know what the travelers are about and that Gregor is dead and out of Matt. I've always had mixed feeling about Katherine there were times when I hated her and then there were times when I felt bad for her. These last few episode I've grown to actually like Katherine and not hate her at all. I'm glad she didn't die she's Katherine Pearce she doesn't die she always find away to live and I never thought I would say it but I really hope she does mostly because she just found out that her daughter is still alive and even though they definitely have their issues it would totally suck for her to die now. I can't wait till the next episode I really wanna find out more about Damon and the Augustine vampire.

Sarah silva
@ marissa

I too thought Jesse looked different at those times too!


Let's ship Aaron off with Elena now and make it a love quadrilateral. Why not right, since TVD is all for convoluted story lines.


I'm torn about this episode. It was really nice to see everyone actually happy in the beginning though and having fun. I was really actually surprised that they killed Jesse off. With his storyline, it seemed like he was going to be around for a while. And I really wish he would have been. As for Aaron, I'm thinking him and Elena are going to be brother and sister or something. There seems to be some sort of connection there As for Damon, I really just feel like this whole experimentation thing would have come up in some conversation, or that at least Stefan would have known about it. I guess if he suppressed the memory enough, it could make sense. Just seems weird to me. And not something I'm all that interested in; I liked the scenes between Katherine and Stefan as well, but I still want him with Caroline! At least after Klaus comes back and has his fun with her first I guess. Otherwise I guess Stefan and Katherine would be okay together too. It would be something to make him a little less mopey. Also, if Bonnie is no longer a witch, who is going to be their new plot device? Just curious!


Personally I think the Augustine Vampire, the one who killed Elena and Caroline's roommate, is none other than Grayson Gilbert. After all, maybe someone did manage to save him or give him vampire blood when he was drowning. It takes some time to wake up (as we've seen with Elena season 3). I wouldn't be surprised. But Elena would be in for one hell of a shock.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Elena: Each of us have only made one friend in college so far.
Caroline: And given that mine went radio silent after he kissed me and yours was last seen at a tea party for a vampire hating secret society.

It even has a fire place. What dorm has a fire place?