The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Death and the Maiden"

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Three deaths, one resurrection and a whole bunch of more funny lines.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 was a bit of a house cleaning, as Amara, Silas and Tessa are bid fans goodbye and the fate of Bonnie was finally decided once and for all. With some apparently painful consequences.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, panelists Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker and Dan Forcella debate the saddest passing, the best scene and a lot more. Join in now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Gotta be the opening. Silas lamenting his lost love to a couple of confused bus stop dwellers? And then calmly destroying the insides of one of them and even insulting Philadelphia in the process? Priceless.

Miranda: The Doppelganger Trifecta scenes. Seriously. Can Nina get a vacation now? Did anyone else start singing "One, two, three-eee Elenas...." Just me? Okay then. Moving on.\

Dan: As much as I hate Bonnie, the moment that she came back was my favorite scene from this episode. The joy that it brought to Elena and Caroline, and the perfect execution of that heartfelt moment by The Vampire Diaries crew, made me forget that I couldn't care less about Bonnie's existence.


Amara, Silas, Tessa. Which dead character will you miss the most?
Matt: I will choose humor over bat $hit crazy and bat $hit crazier any day of the week, but especially on Thursdays. So rest in peace, Silas. Let's hope gas is cheaper and pinky swears are abundant on The Other Side.

Miranda: Silas! No. Tessa! No. Silas! It's really a toss-up for me between those two. Silas had some AMAZING lines. They were hilarious and I think I'll miss them. The writers turned the snark up to 11 for him, so can they just do that for someone else? Tessa was the real crazy pants who also had some excellent snark. I miss the snark. But they're not really gone, right? Bonnie can see Tessa chasing Silas around The Other Side like a first grader on a playground.

Dan: Oh, Silas in a landslide. He's really filled that Klaus void for me, exemplified by Leigh's aforementioned bus stop gag. He has been evil, he has been funny and now he will be missed.

Are you glad Bonnie is back?
Matt: If it makes her less of a focus each week, then definitely. But I'm mostly glad that Caroline is glad. She can finally have her dream freshman dorm room, seeing as Whitmore apparently has the most lax application process in college history.

Miranda: Was she ever really gone? It's hard to miss someone who never actually goes away. I am interested to see her lose her mind, but my money's on them finding someone else to make the anchor as the next big Cure.

Dan: Because it makes Elena happy, yes. If that weren't a part of the equation, I would have said no so fast your head would have started spinning.

What would you title a sitcom about Damon and his dopplegangers?
Matt: Call me boring, but what about... Damon and the Dopplegangers?

Miranda: 50 Shades of Damon's Doppelgangers? Wait, you said sitcom...

Dan: Who's Who?

Are you excited for Joseph Morgan to crossover to The Vampire Diaries?
Matt: Come on. Does Elijah like to dress well?

Miranda: YES! Klaus has a Caroline shaped hole in his hybrid heart and he also needs some perspective knocked into him in the way only Caroline can do. Bring on the JoMo!

Dan: Unless this is your first Round Table, you know my answer. Any time Joseph Morgan graces us with his presence, we should all be thankful. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to say thanks for the character of Klaus.  He was great in his original run on TVD, he has been awesome on The Originals, and yes, I can't wait for his magnificent return to Mystic Falls.


1. opening scene with Silas! Lol! "I love love"
2. Silas, maybe Tessa
3. Ask yourselves, WAS SHE REALLY GONE?! -___-' Hope atleast they stop abusing the character and make her happy for once!
4. Lol enough with the doppelgängers
5. More Jomo is always a bonus! :)


1. Both of the Nadia and Katherine scenes are favorites. One was funny the other kind of a heartbreaker. Nina Dobreve can do anything! 2. I'll miss Tessa. If I had to listen to another droning Silas monologue or more of his bad stand-up comedy routine I'd probably chew a hole in my wrist, too. I'm pretty sure that's the real reason Amara was doing it. Lamest. Villain. Ever. 3. I'm glad Bonnie's back. I miss the way she rolls her eyes at Caroline's silliness and it'll also be good for the show to move forward and focus on something else 4. Three's Company.... oh, wait..... 5. Can't wait to see what the Klaus drags in


1. Favorite scene: Silas at the openning, I also loved 3 Ninas.
2. I will miss Silas and his irony, I love funny, mean Silas.
3. Of course, I'm happy Bonnie is back, this show needs a trustfull witch.
4. A sitcom title: Me and my Doppleproblems.
5. Klaus is always welcome as long as he brings Elijah with him.


1- my favorite scene was the doppelgangers scene ,with Nina Dobrev I really forget the similar between the characters I fell like every doppelganger is a different actress.I also liked Kathren and Nadia scene I think Kathren wanted to protect her daughter from losing her mother again after she find out that she have a few months to live.
2-I will miss Tessa she was very interesting character.
3-yes I am glad that Bonnie is back not just for Caroline and Elena but also for Jeremy I like them a lot together.
4- title a sitcom?? The power of blue eyes.
5-I can't wait to see Joseph Morgan again in the vampire diaries specially now that Caroline is a single.


Fave Scene ? The opening with Silias. It was hilarious and Paul Wesley is fantastic. Very underrated actor.
Which character will you miss the most ? hm, silias and tessa. They were both fun and spiced up the show.
Are you glad Bonnie is back ? Yes ! I am a fan of her character unlike a lot of people. Hopefully they start treating her properly and make her character more interesting like they did with Caroline.
What would you title a sitcom with Damon and his dopplegangers ?
Doppleganger Horror Story
4. Are you excited for Joesph Morgan to crossover to the Vampire Diaries?
As much as I love Klaus and the Originals, no ! Let him stay on his own show. What could he need at Whitmore/ Mystic Falls ? I mean really.

Spindae 2o

1.Fav scene? : Silas in the opening. He was perfect. I love Paul being devious. He has just that right amount of care free badassness. Tessa traveling through Bonnie was great as well. The Power of 3 Nina's was amazing.
2.Dead and Gone! Silas made a lasting impression. But Tessa was really there and had a lot of potential. Shame she killed herself.
3. Bonnie is back! I'm in for yay! I think she will get better development and more screen time. Homestly she deserves it. And people look at how many Vamps will Klaus kill next week she will die cause of the pain.
4.Sitcom? Do you mean "Modern Doppelgangers" ?
5. Klaus back? Either he needs Caroline or Katarina. And with Katarina going to cheer up with Stephan could along.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Elena: We have a situation.
Damon: Of the Doppleganger variety.

Guys, we were both immoral. And now we're not. Hello?!?


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