The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Three Things to Tell Bonnie

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In a sneak peek from Thursday's The Vampire Diaries episode, "Death and the Maiden," Jeremy comes to Bonnie bearing news regarding Amara. It's not encouraging.

"It turns out it's not gonna be that easy to keep Amara alive," he says.

With Bonnie worrying about whether it will hurt when the Other Side is destroyed forever, an emotional Jeremy has three things to tell his longtime love ...

  1. "This is not a goodbye," even if it feels like exactly that.
  2. "Thank you for giving your life up for me." Aww.
  3. ...

We'll have to wait and see on #3, because Bon-Bon cuts him off. If they leave that last part hanging, then there will be a next time. Or so she says.

Just go with it, okay Jer?

Check out the scene from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 above, and the CW promo below, and tell us what you think will happen this week ...

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if the other side destroyed then every one in it will disappears? so how every dead supernatural back in the last season when Bonnie drop the veil ?? and kol ask her to drop it completely so he can still alive , so drop it is a different from destroy it ??

Spindae 2o

I believe Bonnie will take over Amara's role and become the "ancor"( i probably misspelled it have no clue). On the other hand I love Bonnemy chemistry. Really great. I remember when they were completely kickass in season 2. If I could choose I would make Jenna comeback, she wasn't treated right.


Bonnie's mom and sister?
Jermey's dad and love interest?

@ Robert

Robert sorry but im tired of ur comments like that with your questions. Comments that noone is replying to u , I think it is a signal that noone is interested. And you are also doing this in other series forums as well. I have read them. Stop it.


I think the other side will be destroyed but that everyone existing on that plane will come back to life/real world rather than "moving on" to somewhere else....

@ C

So if that is ur theory that could mean Alaric has to be back and also Jenna, Tyler''s uncle, etc etc and I dont think those actors are returning anytime soon to the series. I think better the other option.

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