White Collar Review: Out in the Cold

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Our favorite con man was treading on thin ice on White Collar Season 5 Episode 6, but it's not a space uncommon for Neal Caffrey to be traversing.

He's kept a lot of things from Peter - from music boxes to U-boats - so this newest endeavor was rather predictable. At least until Neal realized his secret didn't exist.

On Thin Ice

But it certainly begs the questions: If chapter 13 doesn't exist, what on earth have Neal and Mozzie been harboring all this time?

And why didn't their typically rather thorough research pick up on the fact that the codex author was so superstitious he nixed writing a thirteenth chapter in any of his works?

Seem rather uncharacteristic, doesn't it? Like in an almost unbelievable way.

I knew Hagan was going to get the drop on Neal at some point. I've been saying it since White Collar Season 5 Episode 1. What better way to do it than frame Neal for stealing something that no one can prove exists! What exactly was it that Mozzie and Neal stole? Did Hagan really know chapter 13 was a farce?

Maybe those questions will get answered as we pursue Neal's bold statement that he wished to cut ties to all his apparent masters. I still don't quite understand how that's going to fit into the narrative, and it certainly didn't make itself any more clear during this installment.

What was becoming a bit clearer was Neal's affinity for our book worm, Rebecca. Anyone notice she's got red hair and looks a lot like our now London-departed Sara? I have to say I was taken aback when Mozzie advised Neal to keep his heart off his sleeve.

Why do I get the feeling it's Mozzie trying to pull Neal along into evacuating the New York scene?

It's this strange push and pull that continues to compromise the momentum of White Collar Season 5. It's as if the show started with a clear purpose that has become increasingly stalled by the added, often unrelated, elements  of Neal's struggles. Not to mention there are two major events plotting against Neal: theft and murder.

Even as these overarching elements of the season struggle to form a coherent picture, what hasn't suffered is the episodic theming. Figure skating would have never entered the realm of possible for this series in my mind, but watching Peter become a fake coach overnight was fun to say the least.

Tim Dekay seemed really comfortable on the ice, and it was neat to learn that Peter had some hockey skills. Now if only we knew whether or not it was actually him making those killer shots!

Hearing about El and Peter's second date, which apparently involved ice skating, was also a cute thing to drop into the episode, and it was adorable to see them recreate the date there at the end. 

Overall, it was a nice addition to the White Collar canon, but I feel like the show is holding back.

What do you think, Collars?


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Too much Burkes with boring scenes, and whiney, insecure Elizabeth is annoying as hell. I hope it was just coincidence that there was so much Elizabeth both in the fifth and sixth episode and I hope there'll be less Elizabeth in the next few episodes and less icky Peter/Elizabeth scenes.


I wasn't prepared to like her so much but she was incredible!The ice-skating Burkes were adorable


I wasn't prepared to like her so much but she was incredible! And no while I think Sara is pretty too, I see no resemblance. The ice-skating Burkes were adorable.


I wasn't prepared to like her so much but she was incredible! And no while I think Sara is pretty too, I see no resemblance.


The mistrust of Peter to Neal is getting to be too much. It's too polarizing to their partnership? Neal and Peter have great chemistry and their relationship in the other seasons offered the perfect amount of tension to make me happy to see them...not so much now. I love the show for the most part, but the
Elizabeth&Peter stuff can be boring. I trust the show will get its groove back.

@ Thelyla

OMG, are you me? This is EXACTLY how I feel. The Elizabeth&Peter stuff is too boring, especially since there is so much of it in season 5. The distrust between Neal and Peter was great in the other seasons, but is too much now ... yes to all of it! And I'm still holding out hope that the show will get over all the things that it does wrong right now, too.
Is there any way I can get in contact with you, private message like or something? I'd like to have someone to talk to who has similar opinions of the show.


The series is mostly very poor now.


When is Mozzie NOT trying to get Neal to leave New York? He's done that multiple times over the series. I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen again before this season is out. I do think Hagan's end game IS framing Neal and getting him back in jail. But I think Neal will be one step ahead--which is why he now has involved Rebecca. Peter went to the office where Neal and Mozzie met Rebecca and found the FBI pen. Will he figure out what Neal is up to? This season started out strong but now it seems stalled to me.


A other good one


Way better than last week's, but that was to be expected after such a disappointment. Could care less for the Elizabeth scenes, but I like Rebecca and that storyline with the con Neal was running on her was what made this episode great.


That was a good episode with little bit of everything. Love the glint in the eye Neal gets when June joins in on the con. But he isn't that good a conman when it comes to matters of the heart! He was obviously crushing on Rebecca and I could totally see why. I wasn't prepared to like her so much but she was incredible! And no while I think Sara is pretty too, I see no resemblance. The ice-skating Burkes were adorable.

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