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White Collar Season 5

"Diamond Exchange"

On the White Collar season finale, Neal and Peter work together to find a treasure hidden underneath the city before it falls into the wrong hands.

"Taking Stock"

Diana's maternity leave is interupted when Peter needs her to help catch a corrupt stock trader who may have ties to Neal on White Collar.

"Shot Through the Heart"

This is an intense episode of White Collar. It features Peter and Neal going after a killer.

"Live Feed"

A life hangs in the balance after Hagen tasks Neal with his final assignment.

"No Good Deed"

Neal grows nervous as Peter investigates a larceny case that leads back to him on White Collar.

"Digging Deeper"

Neal ends up at the Natural History Museum in search of a T-Rex's egg on White Collar.

"Quantico Closure"

Peter works a classified case with an FBI agent who happens to be his ex-girlfriend on White Collar.

"Ice Breaker"

To uncover a smuggling ring, Peter and Neal must look into Little Odesa on White Collar.

"Master Plan"

Neal goes undercover as a butler during an investigation on White Collar.

"Controlling Interest"

Neal goes undercover on this White Collar episode. He investigates a psychiatrist.

"Our Last Stakeout"

Neal works on a difficult museum heist while Peter must adjust to his new job with the FBI on White Collar.

"Out Of the Frying Pan"

Neal's loyalty is tested on this episode of White Collar. Read on for a recap of "Out Of the Frying Pan."

"At What Price"

Peter is in jail on the White Collar Season 5 premiere. Neal does visit him there at least.

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