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We're about half way through Castle Season 6 - and Rick and Kate are planning a wedding. 

Woohoo! An engaged Caskett is one of the highlights of the season so far. Just like we did in The Mentalist mideason Report Card, we're here take a look at the highs, the lows and the few things in between as we give a grade to Castle.

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Best Episode:  "Valkyrie" Last year's season finale had fans nervous as Castle asked Beckett a very serious question. But Castle Season 6 Episode 1 brought us right back to everything we love about the show. The proposal scene turned out to be light, romantic, and quirky. All the things we love about Castle. Even better, Kate Beckett said YES!

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Worst Episode:  "Dreamworld"  It may have been the concluding episode of a two-parter that started strong but we couldn't find a lot to love in Castle Season 6 Episode 2. The high drama of having Rick Castle on death's door should have given us at least one scene of serious emotion between our newly engaged couple. But despite all the angst, all we got were a few longing looks instead of the emotional payoff we craved. 

Most Disappointing Character:  Alexis Castle. Yes, she's growing up and there are bound to be obstacles but when Alexis planted her new boyfriend on her father's sofa for six weeks without even asking and then compared her two month relationship with Pi to Castle's five year relationship with Beckett, we couldn't stop rolling our eyes. And to be honest, we're still not over Castle Season 6 Episode 6 she closed the door in the face of the father who has done nothing but dote on her for her entire life. Castle and Alexis have moved on but we're having trouble letting it go. 

Most Annoying Moments:  Castle's bedroom as Grand Central Station. We get it. Castle is a laid back guy with a really close family. But Martha, Alexis, and even Pi have all barged into his bedroom (with Kate Beckett in his bed!) without even bothering to knock. Walking into a couple's bedroom unannounced is more than annoying, it's downright ridiculous. 

Best Trend:  They're engaged! Which means talk about co-habitation, wedding plans, honeymoon destinations and even future Castle babies. All of the above make us very, very happy.

Most Frustrating Trend:  Interruptions! It's been a trend for the show's entire run. Castle and Beckett used to get interrupted any time they got close to talking about their relationship.  Now that they're in one, Kate and Rick seem to get interrupted every time they go to kiss. It's practically become an inside joke but it be honest it lost its humor long ago.

Best Villain:  3XK. As Castle Season 6 Episode 9 proved, he doesn't even have to be onscreen to send shivers through the fan base. This season he's targeted Lanie. He's targeted Esposito. Last year he set Rick up for murder. Now it looks like the presumed dead serial killer had his psycho surgeon girlfriend get up close and personal with Kate Beckett. We don't know when Jerry Tyson will be back but we have no doubt it will be worth watching. 

Best Guest Star:  Alicia Logano as Emma Riggs, Rick's "Number One Fan" in Castle Season 6 Episode 4 Emma was unstable enough to scare us while still being sympathetic enough to make us care. Plus her bullet dotted the "i" in Writer on his bullet proof vest. How could we not love that?

Hopes for 2014:

  • More Kissing: Like we said, we've had enough of the interrupted love scene. More affection, more kisses…and we certainly wouldn't complain if they threw in an all out love scene from time to time.
  • More Sharing: There are so many dangling threads in this relationship. Things the audience have never heard them talk about. Like how Castle's books helped Kate cope with her mother's death. Or why Castle's two marriages failed. Does he know she broke up with Demming to go to the Hamptons with him? Has Kate ever shared why she didn't call him after she was shot? So much to talk about and we can't wait to hear it.
  • A Happy, Romantic Wedding: We know 3XK may be lurking and that the Senator Bracken story is far from over but Rick and Kate have been through so much. They deserve the wedding of their dreams…perhaps on the beach in the Hamptons? I know I'll be glued to the screen.

Overall Grade: A-

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. What's your grade for Castle season 6 so far?

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nottrampis. From reading your comments I'd say you don't think very much of Kate Beckett or the writers of the show so I don't understand why you keep watching but that's up to you. When people disagree with you, instead of "agreeing to disagree" as someone else mentioned you keep coming back to yell (at least that's what it feels like) when people do disagree with you. Any fan can come here and voice their opinions but (in my opinion) you're making it uncomfortable for fans to post who don't think as you do. Again, just my opinion and I'm sure you and some others will disagree but as a lurker who has stopped posting because of these threads, I thought I'd step up and say something instead of just looking for a more friendly atmosphere elsewhere. I hope we can all just get along, even when we have opposing opinions. I'm just asking that you pull it back, just a little. Thanks.

@ KarenY

Karen, perhaps you should read what I said. I gave SPECIFIC reasons for what I said and I might add said it was poor writing . I did not think Kate was stupid. I haven't abused anyone here merely asked for where my thinking was wrong. You can love a series to death but be extremely frustrated by holes in the plotlines and sudden radical changes in characters. Lanie about Temptation Lane anyone? As yet all I am finding is people want to agree to disagree without giving any reason for that. A true shipper shouldn't settle for that.


I have given three examples of Beckett being a bimbo selfish and self absorbed which Christia has refused to comment on/. i would welcome anyone showing where I am wrong. to me the first episodes and Valkyrie in particular provide proof of everything some of us suspected in the final arc of series5. Thus you either have to fess up and admit Marlowe is a genius and therefore Beckett is a bimbo or say he got it badly wrong and it was woeful writing!

@ nottrampis

Not sure I would call Kate a bimbo either, but as one of your cohorts, let me just say that you are correct that Kate got the job in DC, but we never actually saw her explain why she was interested in the job or how she felt about getting fired. It was all just a plot device where she kind of acted out of character then she forgot all about her "dream job." The dead mother story has pretty much run its course as well. At this point in the season, the character of Castle is a reactor to events now, he's rarely proactive. The writers seem to have lost focus and direction for where these characters are going. The new promos seem to suggest that Castle might need a push to set the wedding date. The writers are just not doing a good job showing them living day to day at all. There are no actual conversations that normal couples have about real, adult things. I sure hope that things will turnaround after the winter hiatus.

@ Vince

Our Roy Montgomery nI am merely saying she was stupid to accept the job without doing any homework at alc which is CONFIRMED in the first three episodes.
A stupid person is a bimbo at least in OZ.
Now I say Beckett is not stupid and it was merely very bad writing indeed writing without knowledge of any previous episodes. It is either one of the two!

@ nottrampis

OK nottrampis, I'll try and respond to your 3 points. -Beckett accepted a job without ANY homework. - Since the show doesn't give us much background it's hard to know how much homework she did. I will say from experience that sometimes no matter how much homework you do, you don't always know the pros and cons of a job unless you actually do it. Although I wish Beckett hadn't take the job in D.C., I don't blame her for looking at it as a new challenge. Sometimes it's better to give something a try and find out it's not what you really want than to always wonder what would have been. As she shared with Rick when he proposed, she felt she'd always regret it if she didn't try. -I do agree that I hate she actually went so far as to go to D.C. for an interview without even discussing it with Castle. That seemed a bit out of character for how far they'd come as a couple. Then again Beckett was used to making every decision in her life on her own before Castle came along and sometimes things do stupid things when they're scared of someone's reaction. For me, it's just not worth dwelling on. I'm glad the show has moved forward. -As heathcliff pointed out, "bimbo" is a term generally used for a sexually promiscuous woman but I understand your using it to mean something else. I don't feel that Kate is self absorbed if she considers leaving her job. She and Castle are great partners at work but odds are they won't be able to work together forever. She should be allowed to consider other options for her career and if their relationship is strong enough, it will change and grow to accommodate it. As for the writers of the show, I certainly don't agree with every decision they've made but I overall love the show and respect their work. As I've said before, we obviously disagree on several points but that's allowed, even in passionate fandoms. :)

@ Christine Orlando

sorry Series 6 shows she did no homework. We knew beforehand how she honours the victims. A little bit of homework ( talking to Sorensen, Shaw/ CIA) would have told her the problems of politics re National Security. of potential problems of the job.
It was a 'great' job she had no idea about. She had been suspended for going rogue on Homicide, Now we know the Deputy Director didn't know about this ( why?) because if he did she would have NEVER been considered. you do not have to experience a job to know whether it will work or not if you do the homework. She clearly didn't anticipate problems most people would have thought of. That my friends is a stupid person. We all love the show.

@ nottrampis

nottrampis--I read this site periodically usually to see what new injustices you and your cohorts are reacting to. But I am really bothered by your continued use of the word "bimbo." I am assuming its meaning in Australia is less offensive than in the US since you seem to enjoy applying it to Kate/Stana. In the US a "bimbo" is stereotypically a dumb, blonde (though not always), big-chested, loose-moraled woman--Anna Nicole Smith is a famous example--who is the butt of "dumb blonde jokes" and the object of sexual conquests. Though selfish, Kate is NOT a bimbo.

@ heathcliff

Heathcliff, you are doing the same thing as Christina.
I have provided three examples of what I allege. You either show I am wrong or by ignoring it you are showing I am correct

@ nottrampis

If you mean "stupid" then say stupid. Your use of "bimbo" for US viewers not only is incorrect but also offensive to most American women. You also seem to have lost the concept somewhere that your comments are directed toward a TV show--not real life situations; there is a big difference.

@ nottrampis

I should add I am only using bimbo as a stupid person. A person who accepts a job without doing a shred of homework is very stupid. This is confirmed in the first three episodes. and please do not verbal me.


I would like to ask a question. If you nominate Valkyrie as the best episode you are saying you like Beckett being portrayed as a selfish, self absorbed bimbo. If you do not believe Beckett is such a woman and i do not then it is simply really bad writing

@ nottrampis

Obviously you and I view that episode very differently. Although Beckett has her flaws, I didn't view her as wanting to take a chance on an important new job as selfish & I've certainly never seen her as a bimbo.
But we're all allowed our own opinions...we'll just have to agree to disagree.

@ Christine Orlando

Christine, Then you must like Beckett as a bimbo. She accepted a job without ANY homework and one she was totally unsuited for temperamentally and psychologically a we saw. You must like her as being selfish when she takes a job without any regard to Castle as her partner. She clearly doesn't appreciate how important this is to Castle.
You must like her being self absorbed as she has no idea of how integral the Caskett porefessional relationship was to their professional relationship. I could go on but I really do no think I have to. As i said previously I put it down to very poor writing. Writers who appear to have no idea of previous series or episodes.

@ nottrampis

Christina, It is all very fine to say you disagree but I have given you some specific instances of Beckett being a bimbo, selfish and self absorbed.
It seems to me I am either right or wrong.
By refusing to defend your position you are inferring I am right.
you appear to be in the poor writing camp

@ nottrampis

As I said, we're just going to have to agree to disagree.


My favorite ep was The Good, The Bad and The Baby. It hit all the right emotions for me. My least favorite was actually Disciple. It was tense and creepy but because it wasn't actually 3XK in the flesh, I didn't feel like the threat to Castle and Beckett was as real. Generally, I prefer the lighter episodes anyway. Like most others, the most disappointing aspect of the season was the Alexis / Pi story line. It bordered on the ridiculous most of the time. I've enjoyed the engagement but think Kate should be sporting that ring when she's away from work and I hope we see some definite wedding planning soon. I agree with many that the #1 fan was the best guest star but the time traveler was a very close second for me. His passion really sold that story line. The most precious guest star(s) were the quadruplets who played Cosmo. Talk about melting your heart! I hope we see more physical intimacy the rest of the season. While I get the feeling that they're in a deeper relationship now, I still want to see the physical attraction too. My grade would be a B+.


I give the season a C. Some good scenes in all episodes; some good episodes (Time Will Tell, Good, Bad and Baby) and one great episode (Number One Fan). I agree that Alicia Lagano was fantastic. The unrealistic Fed-almost dead-fired-rehired-Sully gone w/o a trace-arc did little for me. The best part of that arc was Beckett said yes, they acted like they wanted to be together in Valkyrie and the most touching Caskett moment of the season was at the end of Need to Know when Castle gave the door key to Kate. Otherwise, the strangeness of the Castle-Beckett relationship now that they are engaged has become a distraction for me. I feel like the two characters that once oozed chemistry are now just boring. I am worn out with the technique of telling a story by not telling us anything. The love story that Castle should be by now is lost in the weeds. What a waste of talent and opportunity.


I totally agree with the analysis. I can't believe Alicia Logano wasn't nominated for an Emmy. Although Fillion was great in that episode, her portrayal of an unstable hostage taker is what really made that episode the best one of the year. Overall, I've really enjoyed this season, but the relationship is flat. Whenever Castle and Beckett are together,the writers go for some ridiculous laugh instead of giving us some quality time between them. For instance, having Kate being afraid of a lion picture and making a big issue out of it and having their bedroom turn into Grand Central station and the worst gag ever - having Kate dress up as Pochahantas. Such a waste when we are longing for real couple interaction. I really miss their flirtatious banter and now that they are together, there should be lots of affectionate touching and kissing, but it seems they've been ordered to never touch. Not even hold hands or have Castle put his arm around her waist - nothing. It's gotten bizarre.


With the tact the writers are taking I suspect that there will be a breakup instead of a wedding. I love this show but as far as I'm concerned it's going in a different direction. We're seeing less of a romance between Kate and Rick, they are spending no quality time together and get interrupted whenever they begin to talk about anything serious. There was more interaction before they got engaged. It seems they have grown apart. If there's a breakup and we need to go through the 5 prior years again, I'm out.


Love Castle and watch reruns every evening. Susan Sullivan is wonderful as Martha. I loved Alexis until this season. In my world you would never bring a guy in to camp out on the sofa without asking and then telling Castle they were moving in together and he could accept it or be out of her life. Pi would be gone and she needs to be reminded who pays the bills. This season she was a B and very unlikeable which made me sad as I've always enjoyed their relationship. Love Castle and Beckett together but not too much domestic time, I like them solving cases and working with the rest of the cast. And I hate all the combining of names. Sorry.


I so agree with TimL. Marlowe has been stringing us along for 5 seasons! Why dies he have so many interuptions? For example,ep.6x10 When B and C were in the the big trash can and went to kiss, they were interruped by Ryan when he found the baby diapers. I could tell Beckett was not even puckered up for a kiss!(I played the scene back several times)
Also Beckett did not even wear her ring on Thanksgiving at Castles house! She found time to dress up in costume but no time to put the beautiful ring on! I agree with Christine, more kissing and more intimacy between Caskett!!


I'm a Browncoat, so Time Traveller was definitely my favourite episode, while Dreamworld was the worst.
And that was because Dreamworld just didn't make much sense. "Hey, you just inhaled an unknown poison that will kill you in 24 hours. But you'll be just fine until Hour 23 Minute 59." Never mind the relationship stuff. Frankly, I think if that situation existed, Rick would be with his lawyer redoing his will, finding a way to marry Kate without a waiting period, and visiting a sperm bank so she could have his baby. And in his spare time working on making sure the bank deposit was unnecessary.
I don't mind Pi. I do think Rick would have found out more about his background (especially that 'I lost my passport" bit) but I've met enough naive and idealistic youngsters that the relationship seems realistic to me. Darned annoying to parents. Some of the idiots my daughter went with in her teens and twenties turned out to be reasonably good types. Only one went to jail anyway.
I'm glad the writers are over angstyBeckett and giving Nathan Fillion more screen time. I loved the sword fight ("i'm pretty good at this." giggle), But as I mentioned, Browncoat.
I'd love to see more Esplanie. They both seem such lonely people.
In terms of why the marriages failed, it wouldn't take much to see why. Rick married Meredith at 22-23 and had a baby immediately. Meredith was unwilling to work at the marriage and cheated on Rick then left for California. Gina was almost a marriage of convenience, and Gina has no connection with Alexis, the most important person in Rick's life. I don't see any reason to go deeper than that with either marriage.

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