Castle Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

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We're about half way through Castle Season 6 - and Rick and Kate are planning a wedding. 

Woohoo! An engaged Caskett is one of the highlights of the season so far. Just like we did in The Mentalist mideason Report Card, we're here take a look at the highs, the lows and the few things in between as we give a grade to Castle.

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Best Episode:  "Valkyrie" Last year's season finale had fans nervous as Castle asked Beckett a very serious question. But Castle Season 6 Episode 1 brought us right back to everything we love about the show. The proposal scene turned out to be light, romantic, and quirky. All the things we love about Castle. Even better, Kate Beckett said YES!

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Worst Episode:  "Dreamworld"  It may have been the concluding episode of a two-parter that started strong but we couldn't find a lot to love in Castle Season 6 Episode 2. The high drama of having Rick Castle on death's door should have given us at least one scene of serious emotion between our newly engaged couple. But despite all the angst, all we got were a few longing looks instead of the emotional payoff we craved. 

Most Disappointing Character:  Alexis Castle. Yes, she's growing up and there are bound to be obstacles but when Alexis planted her new boyfriend on her father's sofa for six weeks without even asking and then compared her two month relationship with Pi to Castle's five year relationship with Beckett, we couldn't stop rolling our eyes. And to be honest, we're still not over Castle Season 6 Episode 6 she closed the door in the face of the father who has done nothing but dote on her for her entire life. Castle and Alexis have moved on but we're having trouble letting it go. 

Most Annoying Moments:  Castle's bedroom as Grand Central Station. We get it. Castle is a laid back guy with a really close family. But Martha, Alexis, and even Pi have all barged into his bedroom (with Kate Beckett in his bed!) without even bothering to knock. Walking into a couple's bedroom unannounced is more than annoying, it's downright ridiculous. 

Best Trend:  They're engaged! Which means talk about co-habitation, wedding plans, honeymoon destinations and even future Castle babies. All of the above make us very, very happy.

Most Frustrating Trend:  Interruptions! It's been a trend for the show's entire run. Castle and Beckett used to get interrupted any time they got close to talking about their relationship.  Now that they're in one, Kate and Rick seem to get interrupted every time they go to kiss. It's practically become an inside joke but it be honest it lost its humor long ago.

Best Villain:  3XK. As Castle Season 6 Episode 9 proved, he doesn't even have to be onscreen to send shivers through the fan base. This season he's targeted Lanie. He's targeted Esposito. Last year he set Rick up for murder. Now it looks like the presumed dead serial killer had his psycho surgeon girlfriend get up close and personal with Kate Beckett. We don't know when Jerry Tyson will be back but we have no doubt it will be worth watching. 

Best Guest Star:  Alicia Logano as Emma Riggs, Rick's "Number One Fan" in Castle Season 6 Episode 4 Emma was unstable enough to scare us while still being sympathetic enough to make us care. Plus her bullet dotted the "i" in Writer on his bullet proof vest. How could we not love that?

Hopes for 2014:

  • More Kissing: Like we said, we've had enough of the interrupted love scene. More affection, more kisses…and we certainly wouldn't complain if they threw in an all out love scene from time to time.
  • More Sharing: There are so many dangling threads in this relationship. Things the audience have never heard them talk about. Like how Castle's books helped Kate cope with her mother's death. Or why Castle's two marriages failed. Does he know she broke up with Demming to go to the Hamptons with him? Has Kate ever shared why she didn't call him after she was shot? So much to talk about and we can't wait to hear it.
  • A Happy, Romantic Wedding: We know 3XK may be lurking and that the Senator Bracken story is far from over but Rick and Kate have been through so much. They deserve the wedding of their dreams…perhaps on the beach in the Hamptons? I know I'll be glued to the screen.

Overall Grade: A-

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. What's your grade for Castle season 6 so far?

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Because I love Castle, I will pretty much always give it an A. But yes Alexis definately got on my nerves. I mean without even asking, or telling, Castle she had a "boyfriend" she just shows up and says he's crashing on his couch. Last I checked she was in college and doesn't even live there anymore so for her to just start acting like an entitled rich bitch is irritating. Especially after everything he has done for her, including but not limited to flying to Paris, almost dying, willing to pay $3M in ransom to get her back from kidnappers and this is how she repays him...UM NO!!! Next year yes definitely more kisses and less interuptions, it's like going back to square 1. They are together now, let's show it.


I rate the show a B. Mostly because of the ungratfulness of Alexis. Bad choice of story line. IMO The chemistry has changed because the relationship has changed between KB &RC.
She would appear demeaning and unloving if she made her sarcastic quips to him now that they are
together. RC seems more in charge because KB
has surrendered to her feelings and can trust
being vulnerable, allowing him to take the lead
I would like to see more on Esplanie and Kevin. I like the RC /Gates interactions too. Martha needs a guy in her life. She is too vibrant and life loving not to have someone.

@ tvfan777

I like your theory about the changes between RC and KB now that they're engaged. There's still banter but it has definitely changed and I think you're right that KB trusts RC to take the lead more often. Not a bad thing.


After the Kate shipper try so hard to make this the kate show, its so nice to see the other character again. I would like to see a storyline on the book Mercy if no one have read it you should its a great book and will fit in well with Castle.


Because I love castle so much.... I give it an A... It definitely could have been executed better... And I agree with the interrupted kisses.... I thought we were pass that stage....but scripts are never perfect and instead of creating an Alexis arc, they should have focused on #Caskett. But not just Cus we want to see more of Caskett( well we do ) but Cus it'd make the series run a lot smoother and better.


I love the show,and I will always watch it, that said,I agree with Teri and Linda,enough with the interruption of kisses,and the almost not touching each other anymore.People in love,as these two are, should hardly keep they're hands to themselves, and yet.......
Mr Marlowe talks about more fun to come,can we have some more romance,and a wedding without interruption please ?That can surely come later,we know that 3xk is still out ther,as is the Senator B. In other words lots of great stories to tell.Also I miss the relationship between Alexis and her father.Pi is a pain,so pls.end their relationship,and let Alexis find someone else.She and her father needs to fix things between them.
Is it only me or has something chanced with the chemestry between our two friends ? If so that would make me so sad.
On the assumption that I'm wrong nothing would me mor happy :-)
And looking so forward to the start of Castle in Jan 2014


I love Castle, have loved it since my first episode. For season 6, Castle and Beckett are still as loveable as always, But Alexis seem to suck the joy out of any scene she's in and have the power to cast large gloomy clouds even if she's not.
While Castle have many faults, he is undeniably one of the most loving doting father's on or off TVs. To have the door shut in his face for being a worried caring father was unacceptable. While Alexis need time to be mad, I can honestly say I need time to be piss. 6 x 10 can hardly made up to buy Alexis castle back into good grace.


I love Castle, and I and a lot of others I know enjoyed the Fed arc. I do not like the fact that Castle acts like he is in charge at the 12th instead of Beckett. We need the take charge Beckett back at the 12th. I do not feel the same chemistry is there, whether it is the lack of PDA or one of the actors not being convincing, take your pick. Having so many character centric episodes takes away from the rythym of the show. I wish the supporting characters could get more screen time as an ensemble so we could see them all interact together, not at the expense of the main characters.
Worst episode: Like Father, Like Daughter Best episode: Valkayrie


agree with some of your thoughts but to me Valkyrie was merely a continuing trend from the appalling final arc of series5.
We didn't get any answers of why,where and how Beckett changed from an idealistic homicide detective to a ambitious career driven woman.
Then we have her accepting a marriage proposal and telling Castle she has also accepted a job that everyone but them knew was a marriage breaker.
moreover we get evidence of her stupidity of accepting the job because all of the problems were easily forseen if any homework was undertaken.
The first two episodes were boring because of too much Beckett and not enough Castle. It was like another series. worst episode. Easy the Alexis episode. Even Castle was boring because he wasn't Castle and what idiot had Father and daughter building theory. do any of these writers know anything of previous episodes or they simply have no taste! Having said all that there were 7 fair to good episodes. My favourite was the time traveller. Christina do not hold your breath waiting for Marlowe to answer obvious questions. He simply ignores them. how could a one and done gal not ask about two divorces? How could a girl in love not tell her lover how much he helped her through her mother's death because of his books? finally we do not know whether Caskett has learnt from the failure of the DC job at all. why not?
Beckett has clearly changed because of it however it is like Marlowe wants us to thinks they learnt the lessons but doesn't want to say they were really stupid about the DC job. again why?


Christine, I love your thoughts and lists. Nothing could stop me from loving this fabulous show but I, too, am sick and tired of the interrupted kisses and lack of romantic moments. Enough already. We waited 4 years and now we have to wait longer just to see a simple kiss. I will be honest and say that it is about time that Richard Castle steps up to the plate and takes Kate Beckett to bed and we get to see that scene and not assume it. I am also tired of all the assumptions!


Even though I voted "B", I'd really say "A-". Agree that Alexis + Pi = big headache. If #Rick wasn't going to set her straight, #Martha or perhaps #Kate should have had "one of those talks between us ladies". If I were #Castle, she wouldn't be dumping Pi on me until I had individual talks with each. Considering Mr. Pi is an unknown stranger (unlike pi 😆) even to Alexis, I'd at least be checking his background. #Rick can afford a P.I. to at least know for himself he isn't harboring some fugitive. After at least two times running through the series on TNT, this season would seem weak to a real #Caskett fan. I feel we have been strung-along, especially re: the first 3 episodes. We have seen too little of potential bride #Kate showing where she is in relation to being newly engaged. Yes, I know more will be coming, but we should have at least seen the usual excited showing of her ring to her inner circle. Or, #Kate alone pondering over her future. Why? Because we have been teased enough for five seasons.

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