Chicago Fire Review: Farewell to Station 51?

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By the end of Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 9 Gail has accomplished her goal of closing down the house…

But her antics, in the end, are still completely unnecessary.

One Last Effort

Chicago Fire Season 2 has done an impeccable job writing Gail as a villain for the house, and I love her character in that respect. However, I’m still annoyed with her because she only serves to remove tension from the rest of the house, and she shifts the focus from the house and their stories to a story of working hard to get rid of her first. There are plenty of characters and stories to be told without bringing in an outside force.

On top of that, it’s pretty comical that Gail is able to use a trash compactor as the final nail she needs to put together 51’s coffin. I will give Gail credit for getting farther than I ever thought she could. We’ll have to see if her mission of closing down the house is ultimately successful.

The highlight of this installment is Casey and Dawson. They’re very sweet together…and pretty steamy together as well. They didn’t even need to turn on the water to steam up that shower! But, Chicago Fire, can we please have fewer shirts on?

All (non) laughing matters aside, Dawson and Casey together gives Chicago Fire some much needed sexual tension since everyone else is mostly just doing their own thing at the moment, but they’re not just sexual tension. They make a great team together if they’re on the job or they’re not, and I’m glad that Casey continues to tell her that he’s not going to make the same mistake again.

Cruz’s situation with Leon ended better than expected. For a while, things were shaping up horribly for Leon. Cruz was constantly getting close to blowing his cover, and I thought Cruz’s actions might ultimately have been Leon’s biggest problem. In some sense, they were, Cruz’s insistence on checking on Leon is understandable after the shooting, but it ends up sending him out to their Uncle’s house.

In one swoop, Cruz has lost most of his family. Leon is gone, and Zoya asks Otis to help her end her engagement with Cruz.

Severide steps up his big brother game with Katie, and it’s a good fit for him. He’s always been a protector, and now that he has flesh and blood family of his own he can put that to good use. Katie is originally uncomfortable around all of it, and it’s not hard to see where it comes from: her own family. The few moments we spend with her mother it’s clear that she values whatever activities the other children are doing over Katie’s.

Some kids take priority over the others depending on the situation, but it’s hard to believe that a volleyball game takes precedent over a graduation. In the end, Severide is exactly what Katie is looking for: family.

Finally, there’s Mills. His situation leads to indifference. He’s mostly just there. It might be a conscious part of the writing: to make Mills feel uncomfortable or isolated from the rest of the house to make his PD decision easier. He’s even indifferent after learning about Dawson and Casey.

Two More Thoughts:

  • Glad Shay and Dawson have made up. I've missed the girl talk between them, and I'm ready to here Shay's opinions on Dawson and Casey getting together.
  • I would've killed for a montage of all the different ways Mouch has for annoying a roommate.


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Absolutely stupid ending. They did what they had to do with the trash compactor and no way would the actions of one shift result in the closing of a firehouse.
I know it is just TV, but Casey and Dawson could lose their jobs for hooking up at work.


I really love the show. Cruz needs some love Zoya needs to marry him and give him some comefort he needs it. shay needs all her freinds. I think something terrible is hong to have to happen to Gail in order for her to change her mind.


I really like Katie - she is adorable!! I hope they bring some stability to each other. (& seriously you miss your daughters Graduation for a V-Ball tournament - Hello 2 parents, 2 activities!)
I am glad Shay is back, but I hope they don't just sweep her PTSD under the rug - she still has issues she needs to work out!
I am not a fan of Dawson / Casey - can't even explain why!
Loved Kelly showing emotion to Dawson about Shay, but YOU are her best friend - don't lay everything on Dawson!


Said it before, and I'll say it again - a big thank you to the writers for putting Dawson and Casey together. Now let them be happy pretty please. I really like Gabby Dawson - she is cute and I don't find her at all whiny. I'm a little concerned that the poster said Dawson is going to be in a class taught by Severide. Hoping there isn't going to be a 'triangle' situation. My heart is breaking for Joe Cruz - poor guy. He needs some happiness in his life. Thank you for reviewing.


I liked the new paramedic, he was a comedy relief. He remined me of the guy at the awards show that kissed Sophia Loren that one year! Am I the only one that thought he was great? I like Dawson and Casey also. Need some heat from T.K.! Is he in less fire scenes now as he has sidebars?

Sixxx 6

Am I a bad person for wanting Gail to be trapped in a fire with no one to rescue her?? God she is irritating, I get they have to have a villian but man I hope she gets what's coming to her. They won't close the fire house or else the show is over so something will happen. And the trash compactor being the final nail was laughable, if anyone would be accountable and sued would be the dumbass that went in after his phone and got trapped having to be hauled out. I still don't like Boden, I was hoping he was gone for good with Kelly's dad coming in but I guess not. I am so so glad Shay and Dawson are back, I was tired of seeing Shay crumble and hated Devon so glad that is over. I am glad they are back. Also glad Katie found that her big brother is nothing like her dad, he will be there for her and now so will the fire house. I like that storyline. Kelly needed some kind of good family storyline after the beginning of the season.

Sarah silva

I am glad that Shay is back, the 2 guys they had on were super annoying.
Sorry but I do not like Casey and Dawson together. I think it was from last season and her pining for him was super annoying. I do like me some Jesse Spencer with now shirt on though, so bring it on. Do not know why they are sneaking around, when word got out that Dawson and Mills were a couple it was fine. Plus Dawson and Casey can not keep their hands off each other and word will get out sooner rather than later.
Will Cruz leave with his brother now that Zoya told Otis that she can not marry Cruz? Will Mills go to Chicago PD? That will leave two vacant spaces for firefighters. I know that Dawson becomes a firefighter and her course is taught by Serveride. So they need one more female firefighter and a cute male paramedic! Casting for the female firefighter can be me! LOL.
We all know that 51 will not be shut down, I like that Isabella goes up against Gail next week.
It looks like Casey will be hurt pretty bad, I really hope he is not killed off the show!


Gail is getting on my last nerve and what purpose does she serve? This is a boring storyline that is taking way to long. Come on writers you are not going to close 51 because that is what the show is about. Get back to what made this so great the fireman, Dawson and Shay. Why are you wasting time on this stupid Gail story? Wake up writers and stop dumbing down your fans!

@ Grimmfan#10

I totally agree. There are plenty of other storylines to pursue. This one is contrived and drawn out. Why not take a little more time with some of the stories they have resolved too quickly?


I am thinking some major fire in 51's neighbourhood with the station out of service due to being decommissioned will force the hand of the commissioner into keeping 51 active.

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