Chicago Fire Review: Casey's Fate

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Everything came to a head on Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 10.

Let’s get right into it because there’s a lot to cover...

Apartment Building Emergency

Gail, after coming so close to victory, got knocked down a peg - and I couldn’t be happier. What really ses her apart is her greed. Seeking a $200,000 bonus, she was ready to close down another house when she wasn’t mandated to do so.

It was a clear sign she’s only ever looking out for her own interests; there was even a chance for her to graciously see how much the community relies on 51, but she was willing to go for the almighty dollar until the end.

Isabella just verbally eviscerated Gail. In one small exchange everything Gail has done came back to bite her with an exponential return. Isabella took her out of her element, taking all of her power away. Hopefully, Gail is gone for good now. She won't be missed.

Elsewhere, Mills has been wrestling with whether to be a firefighter or become a cop, and while he did mention he’ll always be a firefighter in the waiting room, by that moment it was a formality. Mills calling in Isabella and the Senator meant his decision was already made.

The honeymoon between Casey and Dawson has officially come to an end. Casey’s position on Dawson’s acceptance letter to be a firefighter isn’t entirely clear. I’m sure he’s confident she can do the job, but is he a little weary of her joining just because she leaps before looking or because he’ll worry about her safety? As tonight clearly showd (more on that soon), danger is always a possibility.

Shay is back to being Dawson’s best friend and she really came back at the best time. Shay went to a very dark place and Dawson really helped pull her out of it. She realizes what she could have lost and she’s ready to make up for lost time. She’s back to being Dawson’s biggest cheerleader and it’s awesome to see them back to being friends.

The final rescue in the burning building left Casey in bad shape. Watching Dawson stand outside as everyone rushed in to save him was the final piece of confirmation she needs for firefighting.

Dawson and Casey were planning on telling everyone at the end of the shift, and, in a very heartbreaking way, they’ve accomplished that.

Finally, there’s Jeff. I have a hard time believing he’s the one who killed his wife’s ex. The man has been in a lot of combat and witnessed some very horrific things. He’s come a very long way to throw it all away over his wife’s ex. Personally, I’m of the opinion that he’s covering for his wife.

Other Thoughts:

  • So happy to see some of the people the Firehouse has helped over the series in the march to save the house. The calls are a completely different world sometimes and it’s good to witness those calls be able to pay it forward in a way.
  • There’s a lost opportunity here when Chicago Fire plays Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want” out in the garage instead of…more appropriate times with Casey and Dawson or Severide.
  • Otis making Cruz a mixtape from Zoya is so over the top.

Chicago Fire Season 2 returns January 7.


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MI OPINIÓN ES QUE si Casey se muere ya no tendría mucho caso la serie y Dawson se quedaría sola o tal vez con....


Dawson as a firefighter is boring. I would have rather they brought in a working mom as a firefighter. If they want to show a physically and mentally tough female perform the task---she had better be a mother, juggling a home life and one of the most stressful careers one can be in. Disappointed that the writers couldn't have brought in a character like this. The show needs it. The show is great...but could be better with a little more humor, a little less soap opera lovely stuff and for pete's sake--more fires!


I know it is drama tv but why can writer just leave lead characters together for more than one show and let us truly enjoy the moment. I LOVE Dawson and Casey! If they kill Casey (which I don't think they will) then I am done. I love Severid but Casey is my guy!


Eamon Walker seemed a little wooden in his acting in this episode but I do like Boden. He is the man. I like Casey and Dawson together, just didn't think Mills was for her. Hope Mouch becomes union leader. Seems there are more stories with the secondary charactors this season instead of just Serveride, Casey, Dawson and Shay all the time, which is great. Keep up the good work. Always enjoy the show.

Sarah silva

I love this show!
Last night I had a range of emotions:
I cried when the residents and other fire stations had the march to save 51. I cheered and clapped when Isabella put Gail in her place! Then I laughed when Hermann said the "Wicked Frickin Witch was dead". Then I cried again from the moment Casey's head was bleeding until the end when we see he is in bad shape.
I really hope he will be fine. I love Jesse Spencer and the character Casey and I really want him to be fine. However I am sure he will have amnesia or something and Hermann will pass the Lieutenant's test and take over. I really hope not because I cannot see how much Casey will be on if he is not 100% anymore.
I am so glad that Shay and Dawson have patched things up. Her support when Dawson got her letter from the fire academy was great! I can see Casey being worried, he knows it is a dangerous job and he cares for her (still do not like them together) and he would worry about her all the time if she was a fire fighter but on the other hand he should believe in her! Then the ironic thing is he gets hurt badly. I was upset at Hermann's reaction. I did like that it seemed like the other fire fighters are giving her support.
I loved that Mills was the ones to save the fire house and he said at the end that he is and will be a fire fighter, thus ending the will he or won't he leave and go to Chicago PD. At least that is the impression I got!
I am pretty sure Jeff's wife shot and killed her ex, I really hope she does not let him take the fall I will be very mad if she does.
Mouch will make a great union president!


I hope this Gail storyline is over but I also believe there was something personal going on. She was after Bolden too much and not just for the money. I was really nice to see people that 51 had helped come and fight for them. Isabella was great still don't know about her and Peter. I loved the Lady GaGa song: I don't blame her Severide could do what he wants with my body too. Song did not fit the kid tring to save the house but I get the Lady GaGa reference. All the guys at the house love Shay and Dawson why would they care about her being a firefighter? That was a bit much. I think Casey is worried about Dawson jumping in too fast like he said. What happend to her being a doctor? We see all the time the creative ways she comes up with saving people also had the ER doc tell her contact if you need help so why firefighter after six years? Ok what was up with the threesome thing? It was funny but odd... out of place on this show. I am pretty sure fireman and EMT's have been on some "odd" calls but that was cra cra! I am ready for the show to return in January and the new Chicago PD.


The McCleod storyline had become tedious and repetitive so it was nice to finally see her get the verbal smackdown she deserved. But the 200K bonus still does not explain why she had such a personal vendetta against Boden and was willing to keep 51 open if he retired. I'm glad that the story seems to be over but I would like to see them tie up that loose end. Also glad to see someone (Mouch) finally remembered that the Chicago Fire Department is under the authority of the City of Chicago, not the State of Illinois. No state bean-counter could fire and hire Battalion Chiefs in real life. That was just stupid. Make budget-cutting recommendations? - Yes. Make personnel decisions? - No. No interest at all in seeing Gaby fight to be accepted as a firefighter. It's 2013, not the 80's. Female firefighters are not that uncommon anymore.


Without a doubt another great episode. The suspense of Casey's survival is bound to keep interest until 2014 I'm confidant he'll live but what happens afterwards will be interesting. I really loved how all the people the firehouse gang saved protested the save for 51. And I hope to see Isabella more, she was badass when she played her card against McLeod.


What happened to Severid's hair? The silver in his hair was one of the main reasons he was so. handsome. Dye job was a bad idea. He is much more ordinary looking now. Too bad!

@ Gina

I think they were worried it would make him look too old.

@ Gina

Severide's hair? THAT'S what you took away from this exciting episode? As for me, I literally held my breath while that baby cried. I also liked the way the squad was able to "take down" Gail and make it stick without anyone getting into trouble for doing something illegal (I mean, we all wanted to smack her silly!) Good episode, left us with a lot to think about going ahead.

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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ding-freakin’-dong the witch is dead!


Isabella: Miss McLeod, on this table here is a piece of paper awaiting your signature. Since it has been brought to the senator’s attention you don’t have a mandate to close anymore firehouses we’d like for you to sign it.
McLeod: I don’t think you understand…
Isabella: I don’t think you understand this: you may be able to bully your way around the State Fire Marshall’s office, but you’re swimming in different waters now, Gail. You’re gonna sign that paper or you’re gonna have microphones stuck in your face asking why your salary is a big chunk of the money you saved the city.
McLeod: If you would just stop to think for a moment…
Isabella: If you don’t sign that I’ll nail you to a cross so hard you won’t get a government contract as a meter maid.