Gossip Girl Rewatch: "Victor/Victrola"

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Finally we come to one of my favorite Gossip Girl episode of all time!

Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 7 is amazing for so many reasons, but let's jump to the number one thing it's known for: Limo Sex.

Look at Victrola

That's right, it's one of the biggest Chuck and Blair moments of all time. Chuck de-virginizes Blair in the back of his limo after the two indulge in a night of debauchery at Chuck's new club Victrola.

The fact that Victrola is a real place in New York City, named The Box, just makes this all a little bit more fun. It's an actual burlesque club, but the kind of shows they put on are about 100x more scandalous and downright raunchier than anything the CW could ever show. That said, Chuck Bass would effing love it.

It was a downward spiral of things that led Chuck and Blair to that fateful moment: Jenny told Blair about Nate trying to kiss her at the masquerade ball in Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 6. Jenny is banished back to social Siberia. A coked up Captain tells Nate he must make amends for the sake of his business. He gets out of control and Nate ends up decking him. Blair takes Nate's limo to Chuck's club to let loose.

Meanwhile Bart Bass rejected Chuck's first honest effort at a real estate investment. Chuck feels rejected in the way that only Bart Bass can make him feel. He rats to Lily that Bart still his women about town.

Somewhere across town Serena and Dan are in the honeymoon stage, admitting their love, trying to take things to the next level without Cedric looking at them. Vanessa does what she did best in season one and ruined the mood. Yet they still manage for some sweet moments.

It's all in the details

- Anne Archibald's INSANE ring.

- Blair's Marc Jacobs dress that my friend tried to hunt down for months afterward.

- Blair stripping to Soho Dolls "stripper."

- Vanessa telling Dan to hide Cedric, get some candles, and lose the football sheets.

- Dan's vivid and paranoid daydreams about Serena's "experience."


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This episode is also one of my favorites. The chemistry that is shown between Chuck and Blair before they even reach the limo and consummate what has been stirring between them is lovely to watch. When you see the changing looks on his face as he becomes shocked from never really knowing this beautiful creature, the realization that this dance is for him, and how much he really loves this flower that opened up for him gives off an incredible feeling for anyone who has been in love before. It's also an amazingly vicarious feeling of how she chose him to be the one to give herself to, and how he accepted, drinking in all the fragrance of his flower over and over again. After seeing all seasons, and reflecting back on this episode between this couple, it gives the feeling of nostalgia, making you giddy for the passionate rollercoaster that this moment will inevitably lead them through.


A big hello to @Elisa and @pty. One of the most beautiful episodes in the first season! Since I am a big fan of Serena and Dan I commend this episode from this angle. This is the only episode in the first season in which there are three love scenes between Serena and Dan, and I do not known which of them is more beautiful! Whether is one in the schoolyard, or one in the Dan attic when Vanessa interrupted them, or again in the Dan attic when Dan made such an atmosphere which Serena is completely mesmerized! At that time Serena and Dan were in seventh heaven! At the end the crown of all the sex between Blair and Chuch in the limo on the move! By the way, @pty you're absolutely right that Chuch sent a limo for Nate and Blair.

@ Zoran

Hi Zoran!
I agree with you that Derena back then was a really cute couple - they were the light counterpart to Chair's drama. Too bad that the writers ruined them, especially by ruining Dan's character (not that I was really fond of him to begin with, but still it's a shame)! Jeez, these recaps make me miss Gossip Girl more and more, especially the moments when I used to come here to comment on the week's episode! Again, thank you very much TV Fanatic and @Leigh Raines for this splendid idea!


I don't mean to be over critical or anything because I do love these recaps, it's just that I'm pretty sure that the limo that took Blair to Victrola was Chuck's not Nate's because Chuck did say to her in their first scene in the episode that he would send the car to pick her up (I also understood that it was implicit that the car, meaning the limo, was supposed to pick her and Nate up to go to Victrola).

Leigh r
@ pty

I meant Nate's ride, not limo. It was definitely Chuck's limo, you're correct. Blair just kinda swiped Nate's ride that he was supposed to or about to leave in.

Leigh r

It's like you two are reading my mind. One Tree Hill is in my top 3 favorite TV shows of one time. Where is the next version of the great teen television show? PLL is a thriller, TVD is sci-fi, don't get me wrong I totally enjoy them but I need some old school WB/CW teen angst and drama. Thank God for SoapNet!


this was hands downthe best episode of the series. this is the one of the only episode i could watch over and over again. The only thing i would ask them to fix is chuck's hair. They were still trying to figure out his style and it needs to be more season 4. Vanessa. I wanted to like her throughout the whole series but the way she came in, I just hated her. Her character was very poorly written into the show, they should've made her more likeable. Thanks again for the recap, i was checking back everyday for this one!

Leigh r
@ kristen+t

thanks for reading!! I took a little holiday hiatus, but I'm back now. Seventeen Candles coming up in the next day or two so check back.


this episode is what made me watch this show i was up late (in the uk itv2 showed it during the night) and this was only thing on and it was brillant


Best episode of Gossip Girl by far. The music really made this episode for me. Between the song she stripped to and Sum 41's "With Me" the music was INCREDIBLE!


This is probably the best episode in GG ever.
Even though I'm a huge Chair shipper, I don't love it just because it was the beginning of Chair's epicness, but because it's the quintessence of what was Gossip Girl before they ruined it. There were beautiful clothes (loved all Blair's outfits and the gorgeous engagement ring, for example), rebounds, sultriness, conflicts and an amazing soundtrack (I still listen to "With me" and "Stripper" every now and then).
The first and second seasons remind me why I loved so much this TV show to begin with, and even though I think that most of season 4 and pretty much all season 5 were awful (if not even painful) to watch, I miss watching it every week so much.

@ Elisa

You are exactly right. This episode is definitely the symbol of what the first two seasons of Gossip Girl were, or for that matter what all young adult shows back then were. Back when shows were like Dawson's Creek and early seasons of One Tree Hill, I think Gossip Girl was the last genuinely good young adult show to premiere. These shows all portrayed high school and teenagers perfectly (even if it was to extremes like the Upper East Side teenage experience) whereas shows now all are too cutesy and don't address teenage issues without coming off like a PSA.

Leigh r
@ kandi1212

It's like you two are reading my mind. One Tree Hill is in my top 3 favorite TV shows of one time. Where is the next version of the great teen television show? PLL is a thriller, TVD is sci-fi, don't get me wrong I totally enjoy them but I need some old school WB/CW teen angst and drama. Thank God for SoapNet!

@ Leigh Raines

Absolutely agree with both of you! Now, if I want a good dose of drama, I have to turn to shows like Revenge or British dramas like Downton Abbey. Don't get me wrong, I adore them, but I miss the good old Gossip Girl or The OC. I watched them while I was a pre-teen/teen, and I remember that I couldn't wait to come back home to watch my needed amount of angst. Thank God that I can watch on Youtube all my favorite scenes! (and now I can also thank these recaps, that allow me to indulge again in the beauty of the earlier seasons of this show!)

@ Leigh Raines

I will never get enough of Soapnet reruns of OTH and Netflix for Gossip and Dawson's. As much as I appreciate new shows in that genre they will never compare to the old ones. I am so happy that you are doing a rewatch so I can now discuss the shows again with someone other than my best friend lol.

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