Grimm Review: Believing the Myth

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Juliette’s version of science in a Grimm-world takes center stage on Grimm Season 3 Episode 6.

Demon Possession

Much like Grimm Season 3 Episode 5, this installment is very much working Juliette and her specific skillset into the mix as quickly as possible; it’s very much a rite of passage that everyone goes through.

Thankfully, Juliette’s enthusiasm is tapered to fit the situation, and, while I have no idea if her science is sound or not (not that it matters too much in a show like Grimm) since I’m a math guy, she’s a remarkably better character now. It’s taken a few seasons, but Nick’s support system has really grown. When he discovered he was a Grimm, Nick only had Monroe to lean on and help him with this new side of life.

As Nick’s life grew more hectic, and his job and “job” began to entangle Hank quickly joined the ranks. Nick’s life at home with Juliette is the final piece.

Getting back to the point, Juliette acts like a member of the team. She’s offering solutions and insight, and I’m willing to look past the idea of teams of doctors not asking the right questions because she’s contributing.

The “Grausen” is a very interesting take on what’s become standard Grimm fare, and it’s a pathogen that so rarely infects a human that the Wesen, Grimms, and Royals all got together to banish the victim – thinking they were possessed. I’ve really come to enjoy the episodes that expand the scope and richness of the world; these entries might not propel the main plot forward, but they do expose the history. In a show that gives ancestry and past generations so much weight and value expanding the canvas with the personalities, thoughts, whims, and knowledge of the prior generations is appreciated.

Daniel’s Grausen affliction is really just a catalyst for bringing the Wesen Council into the show and bringing Nick to their attention since Nick lives up to the rumors. It’s difficult to predict what this council sees in Nick, but with Renard’s “vacation” to Vienna I’m thinking their goals won’t be hidden for very long.

Monroe and Rosalee having differing opinions over Daniel and Wesen law begins to highlight the differences between them. Monroe’s always been a bit of rule breaker, so his decision to not inform the council makes perfect sense. Rosalee’s decision to tell the council is a little bit of a mismatch to her personality. She’s always willing to bend the rules and help Nick out, but she might draw the line as Wesen law. She’s clearly not willing to break it just from the inflection in her voice as she’s arguing with Monroe.

At least their disagreement didn’t bring a wedge between them.

Renard’s field trip to Vienna is mostly ambiguous. It’s enjoyable to watch on screen; there were some cool action sequences, but we’re left, as usual, in the dark in regards to the story.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • The birds and the Wesen talk! Rosalee and Monroe break it down for us! Two Wesen of the same kind have a child of their kind, a human and Wesen have a 50/50 shot of having a Wesen child, and two different species was just a German word, but I’m guessing it might be a hybrid child.
  • The marking on the hands of the Wesen who attacked Renard, is that something we’ve seen before?
  • Great to see Nick contributing to the journals again.


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It was an OK episode. I'm not a big fan of Juliette either. Plus her deductions regarding the pathogen were only correct because the plot said they needed to be correct. Just about every wild guess she made about what caused the kid's condition turned out to be true in an eye-rolling way.


the symbols on the hand is the sign for Verrat. the wesen group that's pretty much working with the royal families to keep the wesen and grimms in check


I quite enjoyed this episode, and I loved the departure from the usual suspect being Wesen. Do we know, though, that this case didn't cause conflict for Monroe and Rosalee? They obviously disapproved of each other's tactics, and we didn't really get a resolution there. Oh the mysteries of Renard. I'm amazed by how this show has gotten us to root for a character - for 3 seasons now - when we still don't know what his motivations are. @Nick - the science was pretty sound (as sound as sci-fi fantasy gets). I will say that I did have to park my expectations of reality at the door with the resolution of the case. There's no way they could have known that hypothermia would have killed the parasite (that's very much TV science, seen it in other shows). That was a guess that could have cost the kid his life. I mean, it could have been any other number of homeostatic changes...alkalinity/acidity of the host, increased temperature, oxygen deprivation...


Hey Nick McHatton how is Grimm doing in the rating this season? Also how is Dracula doing? I see there are only 4 more show left of Dracula. Why is it not being reviewed on this site? I like the Friday Grimm and Dracula combo. Now if they would only find something to replace boring Dateline at 7!

@ Grimmfan#10

Grimm is rating well this season. It's an incredibly stable show, so it'll be around for a while (its procedural roots lend it well to the almighty syndication dollar too). Dracula has its ups and downs, so it may have a shot at coming back if it can begin to keep Grimm's audience better. As for reviews, I don't think any of us ever got very interested in it enough to write about it.

@ Nick McHatton

I am glad Grimm is doing well and it is a stable show. I was worried after last season with the poor writing, NBC taking it off for 3 months and then moving the season final to Tuesday night! Season two only had about 5 good shows. The writers spent too much time on stupid Juliette and Nipples Renard and their stupid 50 shades of Grey lust. Sasha Roiz looks REALLY good without his shirt but give the man something to do besides gross kissing Juliette and ripping his shirt open. The man is drop dead sexy when he is fully dressed. I loved in season one where he was talking to Adalind in her bathroom and he was talking to her in her ear and looked like he was about to kiss her and he turned his head away...Damn that was sexy and he was fully dressed! I really liked Juliette the first season but now she just gets on my last nerve. Last season would have been great if they had spent time on Nick and Momma Grimm learning from each other. This season the show is back on track. Love Hank, Wu and Franco. Miss Nick and Hank's game of "Whats my Line" from season one. Adore Monroe and Rosealee. Love Renard and Adalind together. I really hope Eric isn't dead. Sean vs Eric another wasted storyline. Nick is just the perfect good guy and he is a babe. Bring back Momma Grimm! I have been wondering how shows are picked to be on this site. Dracula is a great show and maybe if it had been reviewed on this site it would have helped it in the ratings. It is a very good show and fits with Grimm. NBC should have promoted these shows together more. If you ever need someone to review a show...I am your girl!


I still don't like Juliette. Last season she was dumb as a rock now this season she is so happy to be part of the Scooby Gang it bugs me! Love that cool sexy badass the Captain is back ---please please no more Nipples Renard. I wonder what he is doing in Vienna? Meeting with the Resistance, trying to catch up with his maybe baby momma or both? Next week two hour fall final shold be interesting. I hope since Dracula will be back on in 1/2/14 Grimm will be too. Ok did they not have this baby vesson talk a few weeks ago when they were talking about Renard being Vesson and a Royal? I guess the new Prince is going to be Alexis Denisof from Buffy and Angel.


I never really liked Julliet, I'll admit that. She was starting to be a little bit better, but come on. She is a vet, not a doctor. There is a limit to her knowledge, or there should be one. I did like the tension between Rosalee and Monroe, it made things very interesting. And I don't think it is out of character for Rosalee per se. She's always been afraid of the council. I'm happy Hank knows everthing, but I do miss Monroe and Nick working together a lot.

@ nasne

Just to defend Juliette's knowledge here - Veterinarians ARE doctors - just for animals, not humans. They have to know as much basic science as human medicine doctors do - their education curriculum includes anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, chemistry, histology, epidemiology, microbiology etc. Veterinary medicine, in some subjects, is even more complex and requires more knowledge than human medicine, simply because vets have so many more species to learn about.


"Daniel’s Grausen affliction is really just a catalyst for bringing the Wesen Council into the show and bringing Nick to their attention since Nick lives up to the rumors." The Council has appeared before. I know the head of the council (or whoever he was) has appeared before and I think his trouble shooter has too (in the same episode(s) and job role). I do not remember which episodes or what their involvement was but I do not think this is the first time they have looked into Nick and his job as a Grimm.


Good for a change.


One of these days, some show is actually going to do research on Catholic exorcisms and get it right. For one thing, I find it rather dubious that a local parish priest (even a monsignor) would perform an exorcism.


Great episode. I understood why Monroe didn't want to tell the council it was because he didn't want to end a child's life and Rosalee she didn't want to either but she knew they had to. I'm glad with Juliette's help they figured out the boy was sick from something that it very rare and they ended up saving his life. The whole Wesen children thing was interesting even though it was hard to understand but it made me wonder what would happen if a Grimm and a Wesen had a child together that would be very interesting. Can't wait till the next episode.

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