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It's really difficult to believe that there is only one episode left to Haven Season 4. Unfortunately, Haven Season 4 Episode 12 still wasn't firing on all cylinders, despite the urgency to deliver a satisfying conclusion to an otherwise tame season.

I'm well aware that my opinion isn't the popular one, but I can't allow fandom to get in the way of an honest discussion. And make no mistake; I am a fan of Haven. The cast is strong and the acting is fabulous. The writing still has flashes of brilliance, but the curtains have been drawn on much of this season.

The bar was set very high, and not every season is always going to be stronger than the one that came before. What could have been a hot story has been tepid and slow. Is Haven still more unique than a lot of what television has to offer? Yes. Is it up to par with what Haven delivered in its first three seasons? No. 

Telling Audrey

I'm one of those people who likes to eat my meals by squirreling away little portions of my favorite bits on the plate. I - quite literally - save the best for last. I don't recommend that in a television series. 

"When The Bough Breaks" dragged out about 20 minutes of useful material into 44 minutes of airtime. There was too much deliberation over whether or not Audrey was going to rub the little black balls of Trouble in her hands to create one to stop another.

Too much time was spent watching the guard symbols flash and spin before Jennifer, Vince and Dave found the Heart of Haven. These things seemed relatively set in stone given the circumstances of the next to the last episode and what needed to be accomplished, so the pacing was agonizing.

When Audrey first blackened her hand to give a Trouble and gave the slightest smile, it was a relief. Even more when Duke called her out on remembering her original self, even if she might not have fully comprehended it.

If there is one thing that this story has taught us, it's that Duke's friendship with Audrey has given him a much deeper understanding of her than Nathan has received through his love at arms length. Duke never misses a trick where Audrey is concerned. He knew her enough to see through her lies as Lexie, and to spot her recognition of self when she created a Trouble.

Nathan has a lot of catching up to do. 

I wonder if Audrey will go through with giving Duke his Trouble back, given where the episode left off. That smirk he had on his face seemed to signal something in Audrey, almost a memory of her original self. His smile kind of matched the one she made when she created the Trouble with Lincoln. It was certainly thought provoking.

It was odd that Duke wasn't more interested in what Jennifer found at the lighthouse. If she found the Heart of Haven, and it's what will send William back to the hole he has been rotting in for ages and could set things right again with Audrey and all of the current Troubles, why didn't he give it more credence? 

Perhaps there is a part of Duke that misses his Trouble as much as the original Audrey enjoyed making them. Being a hero is difficult without the one thing that set you apart from everyone else in town. He had to kill to stop the Troubles, but at least he had the ability if someone requested it. Hearing that his curse was a blessing only buttered his bread, so to speak.

Next week it looks like everything we've been waiting for will be squeezed into the final hour of the season. Haven has consistently delivered incredible and shocking finales. I expect that will be the case again. I just wish what lead up to it could have been as remarkable.


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Duke didn't make a big deal about finding the door because they still need to figure out who the four people are that can open it. Since people are dropping left and right, they do not have the luxury of time. They need to do something now before the baby cries again. I don't agree with the reviewer. I thought this was a strong episode. Some of the early ones moved slowly but I think that is because they had to deal with Emily Rose's pregnancy/childbirth during early filming. Anyway, when it comes to shows, I find it better to just enjoy the ride and not be too critical since I don't have control over the writing anyway:)

@ Kerry

I can understand your desire to want to sit back and let the show take you wherever it wants to go, but my job is, actually, to analyze and review the episodes. I think people like to have something to fight against, even if it's an unpopular opinion on a show they love. It's no fun to show up to a review and see all your thoughts already in print. ;-)


Agree with you about this season. For me William has been the most interesting thing of the season. The first half dragged with all the Nathan guilt and Lexie stuff. At least William seems to be actually powerful and difficult to deal with.
I am somewhat ambivalent about Jennifer, she is conveniently forgotten sometimes and the fact that there has been no one on one conversation between her and Audrey at all, considering that she helped rescue Audrey from the imploding barn makes no sense to me at all. I really feel she'll be killed or disappear in the finale.
It does seem like there have been a lot of plot contrivances this season too and the fact that Audrey was willing to re-trouble Duke so he could kill the baby's father seems contradictory to her Haven saver personality.
I'm still thinking there's a connection between William and Duke though


The fact that I have yet to watch the last two episodes is a clear indication of how this season has been going.


"Duke's friendship with Audrey has given him a much deeper understanding of her than Nathan has received through his love at arms length. Duke never misses a trick where Audrey is concerned. He knew her enough to see through her lies as Lexie, and to spot her recognition of self when she created a Trouble. Nathan has a lot of catching up to do. " Exactly what I've been saying, Duke is very much in tune with Audrey, something Nathan seemings to be missing.


not that my opinion means that much, but I think that given the idea that william was talking about complimentary troubles, and a few episodes ago dwight mentioned balance/counterbalance with the troubles, Icant help but ask the question what would happen if duke got his trouble back. think about this, william and audrey create troubles and duke can kill troubles. just like dwight said duke has his trouble for a reason. so what does losing his trouble mean an what will hapen when he gets it back?


I just hope as well that there'll be a season 5. haven deserves at least a chance to say goodbye (and thanks for all the fish :D)


Ditto to previous comments re. Wade and Jordan. I quite enjoyed Jordan's renewed role in season 4 but it felt a little like they're were trying to make up for the absence of a kick ass lady while Audrey was in the barn, and then dropped her when Audrey got out. However I disagree with the anti-William sentiments. I'm really enjoying that his presence has messed with our perspective of Audrey as a trouble fixer. Right on Carissa with your comments re. Duke's insight into Audrey. He really is just picking up on everything that Nathan seems oblivious of. Pity that he completely ignored Jennifer's very similar sentiments. I think Duke was WAY too eager to get his trouble back. Also the throw away comment as to what Gloria's family's trouble was seems a little too convienient ... Something to do with deafness? I liked that we discovered Dave isn't a "true" Teague. So many adoptions in such a small town!


I think you're right about season 4 being weak. Wade was indeed a missed opportunity, as was the Jordan-Vince rivalry for control of The Guard. I also felt episodes 10 and 11 were a total waste of time. Also, the book being some sort of guide for Jennifer to use seems like an arbitrary plot device, rather than something organic that makes sense within the context of the story. Worst of all, I think William (the season's "big bad") comes across very one-dimensional. HOWEVER, I think you're wrong about THIS particular episode. My thoughts watching "When the Bough Breaks" were that season 4 FINALLY came together, and everything was fitting into place. Also, this trouble of the crying baby was the creepiest and most devastating trouble we've encountered on the show. Kudos to them for thinking it up.


This season the only two things that has kept me coming back to haven is Duke and Dwight. I liked William in the barn, and this evil turn just never worked for me. They killed off Jordan and dumped her like trash. There was so much more they could have down with her. They killed off Dukes long lost brother and made Duke the killer!!! That was just wrong. But Audrey still seems kind of spacey and Nathan is like a puppy dog. I want my dynamic duo back. I like Jennifer, stop turning her into the maiden in distress!!! Come on! Give me a dash of old Haven. Vince and Dave used to grouse at each other, but now they seem to despise each other. Gloria suddenly has a family? Who knew!!
So many goofs and gaffes in this season story telling!!

@ MickeyG

Thank goodness the first comment wasn't one striking me dead. I'm happy with that. ;-) I really enjoyed Jordan and had super high hopes for Wade. They felt like missed opportunities. There were a lot of them this season. Hopefully there will be a season 5 to get their groove back. If not, I'll happily end my stay in Haven with Season 3, with extra doses of Duke and Jennifer. They've made my season 4 worth watching.

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You are Audrey Parker. You don't give people Troubles. You save them.


We're gonna have to start calling you Obi Wan. You're our only hope.