Homeland Finale Draws Record Ratings, Leads Strongest Showtime Night Ever

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The Homeland Season 3 finale succeeded in bringing many viewers to tears with the death of Nicholas Brody.

And it also succeeded in bringing in a record number of viewers to Showtime, as 2.4 million households tuned in for the original airing and 2.9 million overall on the evening.

The finale, therefore, goes down as the most-watched episode in series history.

Homeland Season 6 Finale Scene

Homeland Season 3 Episode 12 also outperformed the Season 3 premiere by 27 percent and became the first network show to ever average seven million total viewers per week.

Masters of Sex, meanwhile, increased 21 percent on the Season 1 finale versus the Season 1 premiere. It brought in 1.2 million viewers at 10 p.m. and 1.5 million overall.

Combined, the programs delivered Showtime's highest-rated night of all-time.

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fuck you.. spoiler allert you maggot.. atleast you meNtion deaTh of character in second paragraph.. my god you DUMB!!!


Personally I thought it was a disappointing finale. I wonder what next seasons ratings will be like next season. RIP Brody....you will be missed.


Sad to see the inevitable demise of Brody. I wonder will his daughter ever know that he did a good thing in the end? Also sad is that Damian Lewis can't seem to find a series that he can be a part of for any length of time. I really liked him in the short lived NBC show called Life along with the girl with the radiant smile, Sarah Shahi that seems to have found a home on Person of Interest. I hope that Damian Lewis lands on something good.

@ wizarddrummer

I am sure it will show the reaction from the daughter next season. Carrie will probably tell her. I agree with you about Damian Lewis, .loved him in Band of Brothers .. really havent seen him in anything else.

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