How I Met Your Mother Review: Band of Mothers

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Not only did Marshall finally make it to the wedding, but he did so with some help from the mother.

Was it me, or did anyone else think she was driving a little fast? Either that or it was some pretty reckless parenting by Marshall, walking along the side of a road where cars were traveling that quickly.

Causing Trouble

Well, reality is usually suspended to some degree when it comes to this show and How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 13, was no exception, especially when Lily and Robin began communicating telepathically.

Stuff like that is usually reserved for Barney, but it worked well to depict just how meddlesome Darren and his Disney-themed tales of woe could be.

Andrew Rannells did a nice job issuing those "emotional prostate exams," as the mother called them. His smile really matched the flames in his eyes, didn't it? Darren no doubt stirred the pot, but he also brought about two of the better moments of the episode. The first came as Lily and Robin argued.

I don't need objectivity. You're my best friend, I just need your support.


Robin, of course, never was really on Marshall's side. She just didn't want to lose her best friend, even if only for a year. The other scene came after Barney learned about Ted's plan to move to Chicago. 

Chicago? Is that even a real place?


I loved Barney's reaction to Ted trying to bring up Marshall's name, when he accused Ted of throwing away 10 years of being best friends. With all kidding aside, Barney quickly realized just why Ted needed a fresh start and gave up arguing right away.

Both were the kind of scenes that illustrate the bond these characters have forged, but for me, the best moment of the episode went to Marshall and Lily.

Despite having every reason in the world to come out guns blazing, Lily showed once again why they are one of television's best couples, as she initiated the "pause" to their issues and embraced her family.

The mother's scenes were good. She had me thinking of Large Marge from Pee Wee's Big Adventure with the way she was freaking out Marshall in the van. After revealing how she knew so much about him, I thought their chemistry was great. They had the band thing in common, as well as their tendency to both be too nice.

Marshall gave her some good advice just like he has done on many an occasion with Ted.

At the inn, I loved how she opted for Linus's Kennedy Package like Lily did. I also liked how she wanted to buy whoever punched Darren a drink, even if  it was a little out of character for Ted. Was it clear that Ted knew who Darren really was when he punched him, or was it more because he let slip his Chicago secret to Barney?

I thought there were two missed opportunities for a Barney montage. It would have been funny to see all the times Barney has been cited for urinating in public. The other chance for a series of flashbacks could have shown how liberal Barney has been with the phrase "that's the dream." As an aside, Dump Day sounded like an awful idea if you ask me. 

All in all, I thought it was a good installment. Marshall finally made it to the inn and we got some solid scenes with the mother. What did you think?

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Glad to see the mother was back and she's within the range of Ted. Hopefully it'll be more fun after the Xmas break.


a bit weird how in a tiny inn they would not invite the mother to drink with them, since both Lily and Marshall have gotten quite intimate with them but ok..


By far the best episode of the season.

Drea xoxo
@ christianna

By far and last season too minus the proposal


I am friends with a teenage barney, and Robin no joke he wares a suit everyday and carries around a copy of the bro code in his pocket, and had spent the last few episodes trying to figure out which character I am, and I finally figured it out I'm totally the mother.


My FAVORITE part of the episode is Marshall's reaction to Ted punching Darren in the face. Everyone else is excited about it, but Marshall is like "why the !@#$ did Ted just punch that guy in the face for no reason?"

Spindae 2o

Really really great episode.
And watching it made me even more sad they didn't exploit the Mother more. Her creeping out Marshall was awesome.
The lead singer thing was kind of funny but I loved how the gang played out their emotions. Really looking forward to the last 9 episodes.


Good episodes. I'm glad we finally got to see more of the mother. I though the car ride with her freaking out Marshall then revealing she met Lilly was funny. That is the 3rd bottle of $600 scotch they broke but this time Ted punch Darren for making him break the bottle which was great and he got the best scotch the hotel had from the mother which was cool. Lilly killing the Marshall pillow wa funny and something she really needed it looked like. Lilly telling the mother to steal Darren's van and if she saw Marshall to run him over was funny. I can't wait till the show starts again and I really hope we see more of the mother I want to see her meet Robin and Barney.

Drea xoxo
@ marissa

she's already met barney just robin left


this is so far my fav episode of this season! i loved all the scenes with the mother, lily and marshall's moment, and darren. everything was great.
this time, my attention didn't go to "how many hours were left before the wedding" (something that I'm finding very irritating this season). this episode reminded me why i love this show.
can't wait for marshall's present to barney, it's going to be legen-wait for it-dary!!

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