Major Crimes Review: Father Knows Best

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This week on Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 14, Flynn had a difficult time watching a family implode after their patriarch was murdered because he identified with the motives of the victim as he tried to face his own issues. 

Meanwhile, Rios was angry to learn Rusty had seen a therapist without anyone consulting her, but she was a little sketchy on why she was really upset.

A Country Club Murder

Flynn has always been a favorite, and his struggle to reconnect with his family touching. It was great when he got to go to his daughter's wedding, especially when he took Sharon along as his guest.

Apparently he didn't tell everyone the true nature of their relationship, and as the holidays are coming up everyone expects that she might be a part of the festivities. Flynn thinks if she isn't a part of his family holiday celebration, then he won't be welcome. 

Flynn has always been a bit of a worrier, as was indicated when he was too afraid to take blood pressure medication that half the planet takes daily without hesitation. He puts just a bit more thought into things than the average individual. I think that might be the case with his family and the impending holiday, as well.

However, if it drove him to ask Sharon to dinner and his grandson's production of The Nutcracker, then I'm all for his worry. Sharon knows something is up, and for that reason alone she could have said no. If she was concerned she was giving him the wrong impression, she would have. But she didn't. Maybe we have the possibility of a blooming romance between the two. 

I think it would drive Provenza absolutely crazy, which would be a lot of fun, and Sharon and Andy would make a seriously sweet couple. Who's with me?

My favorite line of the episode came from Flynn when the ungrateful son of the murder victim gleefully asked everyone if they were rich again. This is how Flynn wants his family to think of him, and he probably raised them all well enough that they do, but he just can't see it.

You were always rich, don't you get it? You had a father who cared so much for his family that he did every crazy thing he could do to try to make up for all of his failings. Having a dad like that means you were rich from the day you were born!


Rios' anger with everyone about the Rusty situation was out of line (of course), but it gave Rusty an opportunity to say some pretty important things to her. 

First up, if she was so worried about him as a witness, she would have already made a plea bargain with Philip Stroh. That hasn't happened. So she can stop pretending that she cares so much about his safety and what becomes of him.

Second, if Rios really did care about Rusty's safety, she wouldn't deny him a trip to a therapist to determine if he was of sound mind not only to go out onto the streets in a possible "lure in the bad guy" scenario, but also as a witness in the trial.

After what he learned with the therapist in Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 13, it's a big deal even to testify in such a case, so she should be concerned he is of sound mind. Instead she was just angry that she was left out.

At least Rusty accepted her apology. Honestly, how could he not? With her inappropriate miniskirt and her boobs all hanging out she was a teenagers' hot-for-teacher poster waiting to be hung on the wall. I think that bothered me more than anything she's done in ages. Get your business attire sorted out, missy. Geez.


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Great review! I agree whole heartedly and you hit all the points! I didn't get the Sharon/Andy relationship at first, but I'm starting to see it. Judging from Jack - Andy is kinda her type (only he's sober and better looking and is trying to make up for past mistakes so he's at least learned something). It seems Sharon may have a thing for the bad boys to spite (or maybe because of) her rule following ways. I'd love to see these two together because if nothing else it will be a hoot to watch Provenza's head explode.


You're my favorite reviewer! Love Major Crimes and this episode in particular. Can't wait to see a Raydor / Flynn romance develop - should be lots of fun.


i don't care for emma at all she's been a pain in the butt since she started. i think a romance with sharon and flynn great idea I'm all for it!!!!!!!! i also liked him in crimestory it was good show. as always another great episode of majorcrimes


I'm not quite on the Flynn/Rador pairing yet. Not seeing what Sharon would find in Flynn that would make her date him. She's such a rules oriented person wouldn't dating someone in your chain of command be a violation? Help give me some insight to this pairing?


I definitely would be so happy to see a Raydor/Flynn romance. I loved this episode. Loved the nicknames for the suspects and that Sharon used them without thinking, "What about Doc?" Maybe the reason Emma was upset was because she will have to give any report by the therapist to Stroh's defense attorney. Typically, anything said between a psychologist and his patient is privileged and cannot be revealed, but if the psychologist writes a report and that report is viewed by a third party, the privilege for things in the report is lost and it has to be revealed to the other side. So, anything negative about Rusty in that report could then be used by the defense at the trial to discredit him as a witness. I loved Sharon's smile after Rusty basically told Rios that he wants to see the doctor. I thought the crime of the week was excellent. I didn't suspect Wifey anymore than I did any of the other suspects. Loved Sharon throwing the money in the fire in order to find out if anyone else was involved. All in all, I thought it was a great episode.


Tony Denison has been a fave since he was Ray Luca on Crime Story; as Flynn, he's just gotten better. I'd love it if he got involved with Raydor. That it would drive Provenza crazy would be the icing. Then there's the knucklehead Rios. Where's Hobbs? Even D.D.A. Michaels was better and more believable. This series could be so much better. At this point, I'm watching it just for Raydor, Flynn and Sanchez.

@ Hooligan

I'm thinking Emma is the letter writer. Got to be someone on the inside, with a plausible access to Stroh.


My favorite part was seeing Joe Flanigan (from Stargate Atlantis) back on my TV again!

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Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Legally I have all the rights and responsibilities of a mother and I do not need to ask your permission to seek medical attention for my son.


You were always rich, don't you get it? You had a father who cared so much for his family that he did every crazy thing he could do to try to make up for all of his failings. Having a dad like that means you were rich from the day you were born!