NCIS: Watch Season 11 Episode 10 Online!

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 10 brought back a couple of fun, familiar faces. It also introduced us to a new one, while continuing to integrate the newest team member.

Once again, Gibbs' ex-wife Diane turned up, and was tied to the case.

This happens more often than you'd probably see in real life, but it always makes for good episodes, especially when you remember that she's also Fornell's ex-wife.

In NCIS Season 11 Episode 10, we also met their daughter, who ended up playing a vital role in catching the bad guy. As did NSA/NCIS newcomer Ellie Bishop.

What else went down throughout this hour of TV's top-rated show?

Watch the installment, "Devil's Triad," with a single click below:

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I surely hope the blonde does NOT become a regular she stinks


Just saw the nightclub scene again, where Ziva sings "Temptation." No doubt she is a fully mature woman with appeal to adults. How can you bring in Ellie Bishop and expect us to accept this perky child, who is as annoying as Nell was at first, as Ziva's replacement. She may be a nascient Katie Couric, but she is no Ziva David.

@ gaye smith

'As Nell was at first' I'm guessing you're talking about the character on Los Angeles.
Who's to say Bishop won't change over time like Nell has?

NCIS Quotes

McGee: Rule number 70 - keep digging till you hit bottom.
Abby: McGee! There is no rule 70.
McGee: Well, I--
Abby: You just made up a rule. This McGibbs thing has really gone to your head. I don't even recognize you right now.

Well tie me up and call me Loretta.