The Blacklist Review: Red's on the Run

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A shot was fired. Did Anslo kill Dembe?

No! The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 10 picked up right where last Monday's episode ended only the shot wasn't as it initially appeared. When the screen went black as the shot was fired, my guess was that Dembe wasn't killed. This is The Blacklist after all. Nothing is as it seems, right?

Instead, Aram shot one of Anslo's men holding a gun to Liz's head. She just keeps getting guns pointed at her, doesn't she? And that was only the first time of the hour. I lost count of how many times her life was threatened, but it was a lot! No wonder Tom wants to move to Nebraska.

Liz & Anslo

Aram got Liz free and sent a communication out for help. Their situation greatly improved with the calvary on its way. Though, it got worse, much worse before they arrived. Liz was captured again and brought to the box. In that split second, Red's demeanor changed and his determination to stay in the box ended. He threatened Ressler's life to get the code. 

Red hasn't made many mistakes since he returned to the FBI, but his feelings for Liz put her at greater risk. Anslo saw that she was important to him and used it. When Ressler realized that Liz's life was on the line he quickly gave up the code, ROMEO. Another sign that he too has developed feelings for Liz despite his resentment over her working relationship with Red.

From there, the situation just went haywire. Though, many of the questions that have come up throughout The Blacklist season 1 were either addressed or answered. Anslo wasn't the one that wanted Red, instead it was Mr. Fitch (Alan Alda). After withstanding drugs that were supposed to heighten his pain, Red was confronted by Fitch.

Red knows secrets and ones that he agreed to keep forever hidden. Fitch feared that Red's new relationship with the FBI was a threat to their arrangement. At the same time, Fitch can't kill Red, because then Red's safety valve would bust open with the information. The most intriguing tidbit about their conversation was Fitch's mention of Liz.

Somehow these secrets seem to relate to her or have something to do with her. Could Fitch be Liz's father? Or does the information being kept secret have to do with what happened to Liz's family? Fitch mentioned that he hadn't seen Red in 20 years and that would be around the time that Liz would have gone to live with Sam.

Many viewers believe that Red is Liz's father. I am 99% sure that he's not her father and have leaned that way since the beginning. It would be too easy to prove if he was. When he showed up and demanded to speak only with Liz, the FBI had to consider that and check into it.

These new revelations add a whole new level of mystery to the show. The Apple Man watching Liz and Tom was working for Fitch. And they weren't the only one under surveillance, Red's activities and those of the task force, including Diane Fowler, were being monitored.

Were they being watched to make sure that Red didn't spill these all-important secrets? I'm guessing there's much more to the story than that. Plus, there appears to be a mole within the FBI that is helping Fitch with his plans. It's unlikely they got all the intelligence they needed to break into the Post Office and about Red's tracker without some inside information.

I'm not even going to speculate about the identity of the mole, except the comment about excluding Ressler could be a clue. I hope it's not him, but I wouldn't count him out just because he was shot. That very well could have been an accident. And perhaps he gave up the code when he did because he's working for Fitch not because he cares about Liz. At this point, anyone could be the mole.

Who is Tom Keen? His role in all of this continues to baffle me. Red's tried multiple times to get Liz to turn on her husband, but nothing has worked. Will honesty finally do the trick? Tom's pressuring her to move away with her. Given how many times her life was threatened in one day, I can't blame him as a husband for wanting to protect her.

that doesn't mean Tom's motives are pure either. I trust Red that Tom is a threat to Liz. How? No idea. Why? Still no idea. Will she listen? His honest request, "Be careful of your husband," may be what works. Of course, Red could just want to alienate everyone else in Liz's life so all she has is him ... but I don't think that's the situation here.

Red's on the run and the task force has been reassigned to find him. It's a whole new world! It's going to be a long wait until January 13, 2014 for The Blacklist's return. That gives us plenty of time to re-watch the first ten episodes and work through all the clues, right?

Who is the mole? Did you believe Red when he said he wasn't Liz's father? Are you excited about this mysterious group led by Mr. Fitch? Is Tom a threat to Liz? 


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What is going on with the fake gunshots that sound like a cap gun very unrealistic and disappointing. Somebody fix this phony sound effect please. This used to be my favorite show on Monday night. The sound tech people should fix this...Oh and the producers...


Every time the conversation comes up about Red being Liz's father, I keep thinking about that picture Red took from the Stewmaker.


I think Red is related too Liz, at least. True, it would be very easy to prove or disprove paternity if there was enough cause or question too even test for it. Only now did it occur too Liz that he might actually be her father and he seems too keep anyone who might suspect, very busy chasing super criminals. On a personal, illogical note....I just simply did not believe his response when she asked. The lip quiver and long pauses were the bait and im hooked. But who will be fun to find out.


I wanna know what's in that teddy bear.


I wanna know what's in that teddy bear.


I'm going to throw this out there: Maybe Red is a deep, deep undercover mole for the US government. I haven't thought out the rest, but this thought keeps popping into my head.


In the first episode it's stood out a mile that we were supposed to believe that Red was her Dad so I dismissed that because it seemed too obvious and the writing is very smart. But and this has a lot to do with the way that Spader plays Red, over the past few episodes I can't see any other reason why he would have such a protective interest in taking care of Lizzie if he was not her father. I think he could have lied on the phone to protect her last night in case he put her life in danger. I don't know what the big reveal will be but in a strange way I will be disappointed if Red isn't her Dad. I just don't see what reason is strong enough for Red to expose himself like he did by turning himself into the FBI. Either way I'm delighted that it got a S2 pick up (no brainier) and can't wait for Jan 13 episode. Anybody get a Jason Bourne vibe from the final scene? The way Red disappeared into the NYC crowd after calling Lizzie, it was the first thing that came to mind.


I think Ressler might be the mole, because if you watch the part where he was shot, it looks like the gun was intentionally aimed at his leg. If they were trying to kill him, they would have aimed for the chest or head, which would most likely be fatal with a gun. Also, I don't think Red is Liz's father, but, with that period of silence after she asked him, I think he knows who her father is.


I cannot believe we have to wait 6 weeks for a new episode....grrrrrr. This show is so awesome, and I am thrilled that NBC renewed it for a second season.


I'm Actually Hoping that Red is Lizzie's Father I know he said he wasn't but he is a criminal and criminals lie and Liz did say that her Biological father was a criminal. I don't Know this new character Fitch but I honestly hope he isn't her father I just don't like him. overall one of the better episodes of the first half of the season looking forward to more new episodes

@ John A

They matched some of the blood at the church and ID'ed it as Red's, it would be easy to check against Lizzie, so unless that is a gaping plot hole, Red ain't her biodad.

@ jameschan

They wouldn't randomly think to check Red's blood with Lizzie's would they?

@ Angie

Thats a main reason i just dont buy into he is her father. She's been smart enough to put together what she put together about her husband. Yet hasnt thought about running her own blood against his

@ Angie

No, but Lizzie could.

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Liz: Are you my father?
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