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For a milestone episode like the 100th, you always expect the requisite flashbacks as well as a reminder of why the show has been on the air so long in the first place, and The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 10 delivered on both counts.

The expectation that there would be more interaction at the holiday party was a bit of a letdown, as that was hardly much of an event at all, but there was an odd little nugget that escaped the lips of Marilyn Garbanza that we'll discuss further down that made the party more interesting than the appearance of any of Alicia's clients.

Cary & Alicia Shocked

The crux of the episode centered around LG's attempt to get Alicia to sign her exit paperwork at the hand of Damian Boyle. In sending him they apparently thought they'd throw her off the mention of Matthew Ashbaugh. The good fellow left her the sum of $12 million in a will. 

LG and Florrick/Agos were each contesting a will which was done solely to give Will the opportunity to examine Alicia under oath. At the time they worked with Ashbaugh, they were in the middle of their affair and had passionately made love right after meeting with Ashbaugh. Alicia jokingly assured Will she had Ashbaugh wrapped around her finger and could make him do her bidding, i.e, he'd sign a will for her.

Will had obviously been waiting to get his moment with Alicia for some time, and was using the business with Ashbaugh to project his own feelings about her onto himself. Did she use him? Did she wrap Will around her finger only to later unceremoniously dump him because she was married? 

Will needs answers, but he wants answers that she won't provide. A part of him wants to believe it was all a farce so that the pain will go away. The pain won't go away. Alicia went away because she, too, was in pain. He still hasn't grasped that, if his fantasy interrogation is any indication. He's missed the part that she ran to get away from her feelings for him. 

Be that as it may, her testimony went more smoothly than he anticipated. At one point I thought Alicia was going to say Will was the person who had worked with her to manipulate Ashbaugh, but of course it was David Lee. Honestly, the historical record that Lee and Lyman are the only two who ever did anything wrong is starting to get a little ridiculous. Will and Diane are not squeaky clean, never having given orders to do things that were in the best interest of the firm but not their clients. 

There seemed to be some resignation in both their voices when Will and Alicia spoke on the phone about the further wills discovered in Ashbaugh's safety deposit boxes. Their meeting on the stand was unpleasant, and it tore the scabs open on wounds that were starting to heal. They need to talk. It will likely take a long time to get there, but it needs to happen. We need to see it.

Kalinda got a little lovin' in after she attempted to best Damian at his game. He has a lot of people in his pockets after years of working with the mob, so he had a lady cop look after Kalinda. Luckily for Kalinda, she was hitting for her team and they ended up in bed together. From what I understand, we're going to see more of Jordana Spiro so Kalinda might be wooed from both sides of the spectrum for a little while.

Which leads us to the humdinger at the end of the hour. I'm pretty sure I've questioned at one point or another whether Marilyn might have been involved with Peter at some point, or if she was a little whackadoodle and making up her pregnancy. Both of those things are still on the table, but now I'm all for adding a fresh thought to the deck and just plain whacko is on my mind.

Every week Marilyn does something else that is entirely strange. Her pregnancy isn't proceeding at the same rate as other women, she has bizarre cravings and does weird things. She alters between being rude and childish and always has something to blame it on. Announcing that she's naming the male child she's carrying Peter to Alicia's mother sent her right out on the crazy train.

For someone who is supposed to be skilled in ethical behavior, you'd think she would know that would sound... unseemly. Eli blew a mouthful of goodies all over some poor party guests at the announcement and it didn't seem to phase Marilyn in the slightest. She was in her childish place, as if she wasn't in her right mind.

It seems like someone wants us to think the baby might be Peter's, but I think Peter would know if he slept with her, and he doesn't seem to know her or be fond of her in that way at all. Could we be in the middle of a stalker storyline? I have no idea, but I don't want to jump to conclusions about Peter and Marilyn because if they were together, then Peter has to go. The story of him and Alicia is dead in the water.

Other bits:

  • Alicia's comment to Cary about not working together felt a bit harsh. Of all the things Cary has done, that was the least malicious since they've partnered.
  • Was Clarke Hayden that rusty in the courtroom or was he embarrassed to cross-examine a prostitute? Either way, he came through and it was a fun point of the hour.
  • Enough Jackie already. What happened to her dementia? 
  • I'd really like to know what Diane is thinking about everything that has gone down. She lost the Supreme Court nomination and her name on the letterhead and is married. Where's her head?

What are your thoughts on Marilyn's explosive name dropping? What about Will and Alicia's courtroom drama? Did the 100th episode live up to your expectations? Hit the comments!


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What do you mean that Diane doesn't have her name on the letterhead? If I'm not mistaken it's call LG? Her name starts with an L. Oh I think Alicia should have been given that 12 million dollars


.. I am an adult (I keep tellin' myself!) and this is just entertainment.. i.e. I do realize that unresolved 'romantic' relationships are great for Series longevity, bla bla bla- but I still hope the writers are inspired by the latest Spitzer news! there is a finite time line for A/The/Any Good Wife ('spouse', to be gender fair!) to remain A/The/Any Wife ! let Alicia go!
(to Will, my wish.
but I'd settle for a not-Peter alternative!
and no, this has nothing to do with my opinion of Chris Noth, actor. ditto for the monstrous Jackie Florrick: only applause for Mary Beth Peil!) ok. that's it for me sounding like a swooning 16 year old over "Will and Alicia"

@ justafan

It's difficult for me to swoon over Alicia and Will knowing Alicia stood by Peter knowing everything he did and that she still fancies him in the sack. She's just as confused and ill prepared for an adult relationship as he is. I'm not sure she's ready to commit to Will, either. She really needs to learn to be alone again and get some self confidence back that doesn't require a man to be pining after her. She has issues in that area of her life like no other.


I am personally sick and tired of hearing Alicia and Will's relationship being described as adultery! Alicia and Peter were separated and were separated because he patronized a prostitute 21 times! And he slept with Kalinda! Then he did jail time for having spent public funds on his prostitute habit!! Anyone who believes that Alicia is portrayed as in love with Peter is plain delusional!!

@ Esq.

hear, hear! and thanks!


I hope the writers move on and don't go back, we need to see the new Alicia and not the old one. For those who think Charles leaving will end the series are dead wrong, it is the beginning to a new era of wife,mother, and career in that order. Will is not needed just a mess to everyone around him, its time to settle a contract.
We need to see more of Peter and the kids, since the beginning the only infidelity we have seen is Alicia and Will. Peter has been the saint and since he has asked Alicia to renew their vows and she said YES, when is going to happen ?


Then what is suppose to be (The Good Wife is not a story about lawyers nor happy marriages) knock off the lawyer part and focus more on the family and marriage it has a lot to do with Good Wife theme. She is looking for a career and family, the crossing the line with Will only put her in a dark place in life she now sees the big mistake she made and the type of person he is and not the one from years ago. My hat is off that the writers are starting to see this and moving on, if they don't the show goes down the tubes.


The Good Wife is an awesome fairy tale that pulls viewers into the vortex of conflicting emotions. If she resumes her wifely status with Peter, she will be just a boring attorney, and who wants that? The Good Wife is not a story about lawyers nor happy marriages.


Since day one the Good Wife has been the one who has committed adultery with the sneak and non-trustworthy asshole that she has been blinded by. Dianne is a big part of the underhanded and criminal ways of the firm and keeping all in the dark as to their unlawful ways (LEE INCLUDED).
Since season 5 where she has finally started to see the back side of Will and where he stands on life and everything his way. I hope the writers start to open up their writings and start a more family and marriage line instead of this office crap always. We need to see all sides of a Good Wife not just the office.


Wow. I loved that episode. Will broke my heart. He is a broken man who is acting like a child now. But he still moved me. And Alicia's comment of "I've never been happier than I am now" was very telling. She is burying her happiness to do the "right" thing, which is even more sad. I love them together and Josh Charles was fabulous in this episode.
Marilyn and Eli cracked me up at the end. I love the creepiness of the new lawyer. All in all, now I am in withdrawal for January!!


Where in the hell does everyone come off with this relationship of Alicia dating Will in law school? She knew him but never dated, remember back to the cell phone call that Grace overheard (she said to him that IF they had been a pair in college it would not have lasted a week. Which says she never was an item with him. So where does he fit into the picture of Alicia till she needed a job. PS. She is still married and in love with Peter !!!!!!!


The show has always been about Alicia and Will and the conflict she feels between being the Good Wife, and her doing the same thing to Peter by having an affair with Will , who she probably wanted to marry in the first place. Without Josh Charles being a big part of the show, the show doesn't exist.

@ Steve

Agreed I don't see how the dynamics of this show will still be in play without Josh Charles. If he goes I go. I didn't watch this series all this time to watch her end up with her philandering husband and look past everything he's done to her.

@ Darlene

Everything Peter did, he did before the show started. She chose to stay with him four years ago. She apparently regretted her decision and then cheated herself. Neither of them is an ideal husband or wife, nor blameless, at this point. But Alicoa could have walked away, and she didn't. It's just something to think about.

@ Steve


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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Eli: Holiday decorations, Jackie. Not Christmas, not Jesus. Holiday.
Jackie: I have a Hanukkah, too.

Damian: Matty wanted a signature.
Paula: Well that and an enema.