The Vampire Diaries Review: A Time to Kale

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So... that was a bit of a letdown, huh?

The Vampire Diaries has become a victim of its own success. Especially on a midseason finale, fans expect violence. They expect shocks. They look forward to twists and turns and one doozy of a cliffhanger.

But The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 offered up none of the above.

Aaron Talks to Damon

It brought back Enzo from the dead, following his unexpected appearance to close out The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9.

But there was no great backstory here: he was saved by a scientist. He's been used as a lab rat for the last 60 years and... that's pretty much it.

Granted, he's very bitter at Damon for leaving him behind to fry, and that bitterness prompted Damon to once again paint himself as an unfixable monster and break up with Elena - but that development felt more forced and rushed than anything else.

Is Delena really over? Just because Damon is down on himself again? What about the speech Elena gave him on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale, when she said she doesn't need him to change? She doesn't want him to change? She loves him just the way he is?

You’ve been a terrible person, you’ve made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon.

And that grand speech led to this hot kiss:

Delena GIF

Remember, writers? So don't try and tell us that Damon and Elena are over because Damon is feeling guilty.

As Caroline Dries told us, Enzo will be sticking around for a bit, acting like a Devil on Damon's shoulder. So consider me at least curious where this is headed. He does seem like an intriguing fellow.

Now, when it comes to that cliffhanger... ZZZZZZZ. Oh, sorry. I feel asleep there for a moment. Didn't Katherine nearly die a few weeks ago after being fed to Silas? Does anyone out there really care a great deal about her fate at this point?

Heck, Stefan slept with her and he remains just not that into her.

If Katherine lives, it's yet another lame tease. If she dies, well, thank goodness, it'll be about time. But I'm just not invested enough her character to be on the edge of my seat, awaiting The Vampire Diaries Season 5 to return on January 23.

See what I mean about TVD spoiling viewers? It's in its fourth season. It will next air its 100th episode. I don't blame the writers for not making my jaw smack the floor as hard as it once did. Still, that doesn't make the show in its current incantation any more entertaining.

It spent a bulk of this season focusing on Bonnie's fate, only to eventually save her... totally forget about her. Seriously. Bonnie has scarcely played a role since she made it back to the Land of the Living. Which is fine. I'm not complaining. I'm not her biggest fan.

But it does say a lot about the state of the series' storytelling when the character everyone worked desperately to save for multiple months isn't even relevant at the moment.

What did I like about this installment? Katherine making herself a kale smoothie was funny, certainly funnier than her referring to Matt as merely a "busboy." Cheap shot, K! The guy's mother left him! He's hard up for cash. Sheesh!

I liked seeing a bit of Elena's father and her past. There seems like some unexplored territory that could be mined there.

That's sort of it, though. Damon feeing guilty (been there, heard that!) and Katherine on the verge of death (yawn!) are the only real storylines left in the air as we head into 2014. Aaron has that syringe, too, doesn't he? Eh, I'm not particularly excited about any of these.

Are you? Where do you stand on The Vampire Diaries at the moment? Do you want Katherine to live or to die? And, most importantly, do you care?

Watch the promo for the 100th episode and sound off now:


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I liked the fact that the Salvatore brothers were once again working together towards a common goal, albeit.. finding and saving Elena, again. This season has been all over the place. I despised the Silas and Qetsiyah storylines, because they went nowhere. I am however.. intrigued with Enzo. Katherine.. I don't think they will ever kill her. I've sort of gotten used to her coming and going. Bonnie... I wish she had stayed gone. Never liked her. All in all.. it has not been a strong season. Damon still remains my favorite. I'll keep watching.


The episode might not of been very exciting but I still liked it. We learned more about Elena's dad which was cool and we got answers to questions we've been asking since episode 1 which was good. I don't like how Damon and Elena broke up because Elena knows what kind of person Damon is and that he can't change and she still loves him the sooner Damon realizes that the sooner they get back together. Not that I care because I really don't but were is Bonnie? We saw more of her when she was dead than we do now. They brought her back to life and like the episode afterwards dealt with her being the anchor and ghost passing through her then we haven't seen her since what's up with that? I really wondering were carloline was this episode because she's still in mystic falls but no one called her to tell her Elena was kidnapped by a psycho doctor and she didn't help them try to find her. I hope the next episode makes up for this one because it will be the first episode from when it returns and it's going to be the 100th episode and the 100th episode always has to be mind blowingly good. Can't wait till the show starts back up again.


Well I have to be honest this show is not as great as it use to be. I will continue to watch because I still love the actors and the characters. I'm not invested in Katherine's pending demise either. She's not a good person so she never made me care about her like that. But kudos to Miss Dobrev for her duo role performances. She is awesome. I hate to see Elena and Damon break up so soon. The thing that drew me to this show was the romance. It's gone now. Please bring it back. This show used to make me cry. Theres a lot lacking. No more adventure and surprises. I miss all that.


This reviews have been getting worse and worse i hate that this reviews are based on your favorite characters not giving an interrst on what other people like or think this reviews lack of objectivity and are based only if delena is good or bad in the episode. I really think other people should rate and give a review of the episodes or you arr gonna start losing interest. I remember when the forum was full of new topics and comments now noone cares of this website at least on tvd and simply because you lack of objectivity.

@ Sg

Oh really? Tell us about the storylines we should be talking about then. WHICH CHARACTERS AND STORIES? Everything revolves around the 3 main characters, two of them many of us already just hate because Elena is a fucking bitch and Damon is a psycho, both of them in such high levels it just lost its appeal (if it ever had it). Stefan, being as boring as he was, is the only character noble at the time, so yeah, thsi show is "so much fun"


Matt this season had been neglected and I dont like it. he has potentail and now he shows up sparingly on the show. Whats up with that? Is he a character on this show or not? Jeremy had been misused. He was much better past seasons. Now he is acting like the house guardian, he barely leaves the Salvatore mansion. I dont get it. Caroline also had been under utilized this season. This season so far had been only focusing on Stephan, Damon and Elena stories Is like TVD can be called The Salvatore brothers plus Elena Is like each of the characters had been isolated from one anotehr, they are not acting as a group of friends anymore. Each one is on their own, unlike last season where everyone mingle with everyone.. I know Julie said that Damon and Elena were going to have trouble in their relationship and everything was not going to be that rosy for both of them and yes we are witnessing that since this season started, but not fair that suddenly Damon relationship is going to be doomed where they had not been even given a chance to have a real relationship cause it is all problems after problems and in any moment I havent seen them acting as a couple at least.


I stopped watching this show but when I read the bad reviews, I panic coz she might do the same to The Originals.


So glad I wasnt the only one bored. I think Julie needs to start taking an interest in TVD again instead of leaving it in the very nice seeming Caroline Dries hands.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Damon: I'm gonna barf.
Katherine: Great. Then my work here is done.

That's my brother Stefan. But I'd watch your tone with him because he's kind in the middle of a psychotic break.