The Vampire Diaries Review: Vampire Therapy

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In an episode full of PTSD, Panic Attacks, and miserable flashbacks, there's nothing like a little Katherine Pierce humor to lighten the mood.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9 was full of dark moments of the Salvatore brothers facing their own psychological issues.

All Strapped Down

I really need to give our Katerina props for her epic performances as of late. Whoever is writing for her character deserves a raise. I loved seeing her journal and say "Dear Diary." For a second I thought it was Elena until she said "this is total crap" and started making fun of Stefan.

Speaking of Katherine and Stefan, this whole doppleganger prophecy always had me a bit intrigued. As did the fact that Stefan saved Katherine in The Vampire Diaries season 5 episode 8. There has been such a tumultuous relationship between these two over hundreds of years. We even discussed their sexual tension in the last TVD Roundtable.

Nothing quite like being locked in close quarters to get things going, am I right? I think we all agree that Katherine needs one last great session in the sack before she dies. Well at least, I think so. Especially now that she helped save Stefan from his PTSD. Hey, can I hire her and Caroline to help me conquer my panic attacks? Vampire friends would be so useful!

So how do you help the guy who always comes to the rescue. Stefan's the hero; it's who he is at his core. He can't always come through for himself but he can always come through for everyone else.


You have to love Caroline's little Psych 101 self, complete with the original Caroline Forbes personality. Don't worry guys, she had the safe sanitized! Did you believe all along that Stefan's true issue was his rejection from Elena? While I'm sure that was part of it, being locked underwater in a safe for 3 months would also definitely rattle a person...a lot.

Elsewhere in this psych overload episode, Damon was reminiscing about his years locked up in Augustine. I was initially worried that this trip to an experimental and torture filled vampire camp would be too similar to True Blood season 6, but I'm pleased it actually went into a different direction. Now we know more about Aaron's background who up until now was kind of a floating player. We also got introduced to Enzo.

Let's not forget most of all, Damon shutting off his humanity and turning on his need for revenge. So many years of Damon personality study are now suddenly making sense. He wasn't just a douche to be a douche. Nor was his body due to science in anyway, but we already knew that.

When Damon left Enzo in the fire I knew it was not the end. As any fan of thrillers knows, until you see a body don't assume a death. And even then, they might come back. American Horror Story anyone?

Now that Elena knows Enzo's alive and that Damon's been killing Aaron's whole family, well Damon's screwed. Until next week when we see you back at vamp camp, hit the comments with your theories, comments, and thoughts!


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Can I just say that I don't think Stephen and Katherine will last it would ruin the love triangle but I am seeing that maybe elena and damon might last until the end of this season (I hope) but come on why wouldn't she forgive damon for leaving enzo and hunting down the augustines and I think that enzo is going to be Ric's replacement :'( rip buddy xxx


I miss One Life to Live and Todd Manning. It was nice to see Trever St. John. Hope to see him on more shows. Oh please everyone knew Enzo was still alive. Enzo is a babe too! I like Stefan and Katherine. Forget all about me whinny Elena! Stefan move on with Katherine!


no one ever considered that Damon was the one driving Elena's parents of that bridge, because of the Augustine experiments?

@ Maddi

Please, that was my theory the moment we saw the flashback between Damon & Elena in season 3. Of course he's the one who did it. My guess is, the Whitmores were not the only ones Damon killed for revenge. And my guess is, this is what is really going to break up Damon and Elena. Then she'll realise how horrible he is.

@ Stef

I don't think would happen I reckon elana parents were more clueless as to what was really going on with the vampire torture


So good, I feel like this is going to be the way Elena gets pregnant with Damon's baby... writers? I don't know how I would like it, but it's an idea.

@ Mysterious

And you think by now Damon would have had an immunity to vervane built up. There are two problems I have with this though, why Damon didn't just use the keys to get Enzo out- they were on the doctor. Or why didn't he at least throw Enzo a body to drink from so that he could get stronger.


I'm glad that stefan finally managed to face his PTSD and the best part that the help was from Katherine . I like them a lot together , also I feel it is kind of ironic (in season 1 Stefan was with Elena and Damon was in love with katherine) .it's just funny when you remember it.
The big shock for me was Damon confession about killing Sara just few months ago , I was sure that his love for Elena made him stop from killing people, and I hope Elena forgive him for that .
I can't wait to see Damon face when he knows that Enzo still alive.

@ Bara'a

I got a feeling that the Stetherine chemistry won't last long and that Elena and Damon are on the train to breaking up and that it'll be bloody between Enzo and Damon at least in the beginning. Just hoping I was all wrong... can't wait


Might have called for BACKUP not Rebakkah haha

@ topwaffle

That's what I thought after, I didn't go back to check, but for one second I was excited to see Rebekah on TVD, but no, it was just good ol Caroline XD

@ Didine34790

Ha, I thought she said "Rebekah" too but it was "backup." Tricky, tricky.

@ topwaffle

oh haha, now that does make a lote more sense :D I thought the wirters were getting confused with too many hot blond vampires on tvd and the originals ;)


I hope Elena and Damon don't break up. We hardly even get to really see them together. I wonder if the writers are doing that on purpose to make them feel more comfortable working together in light of their off screen break up. Please bring back Bonnie and Jeremy. Love them also.


haha, did nobody catch Katherine saying "I might have called Rebekkah" instead of Caroline?? :D

@ sniederacher

Watched again. Unfortunately it sounded to me like "I may have called for backup", not "I may have called Rebeka"

@ sniederacher

I did too, I expected Bex to be at the door and instead it was Caroline, then I thought, I must have misheard

Sarah silva

This was a really good episode.
I too new Enzo would be alive. I really hope that Damon does not sacrifice himself this time for Enzo. I can not imagine a Vampire Diaries with a Salvatore brother.
It looks like Stefan will come to the rescue so lets hope that works out.
I too like Katherine now, I wonder how long she will be around for. She seems to me hiding her hair loss etc well, she looks just the same as she always did so I forget sometimes that she is dying,


Enzo was in for 10 years 5 years with damon and 60 something now. Crazytown!! Did he have a daylight ring??

@ Michelle

Wondering why Dr. witmore did not deprive damon of his ring...

@ Frozenfish

Maybe he didn't know what kit was?

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Listen, how I got this amazing body has nothing to do with science.


Stefan: Aren’t you a drama major? What do you know about PTSD.
Caroline: Well I know that you tried to deal with it your own way and you failed so now, we’re gonna try it my way.

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