The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Cell"

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The Vampire Diaries threw a lot at us in "The Cell."

Caroline and Katherine delved into Stefan's psyche, with some surprising results, while Elena and Damon delved into his past, with even more shocking revelations.

Meanwhile, Aaron's family history was unearthed.

Indeed, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9 was not your transitional installment, and left little doubt that we've yet to even scratch the surface of Damon.

Below, TV Fanatic writers Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi break down the best scenes, the big revelations and what they see happening next ...


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Miranda: Katherine and Stefan. In the safe. In the study. Hot! Did you guys see Stefan's face when he looked at Katherine after Caroline interrupted them in the safe? It was a thing of beauty and genius. I'm definitely down for this pairing for however long Katherine has left.

Leigh: I loved when Katherine was journaling because it cracked me up. Then the fact that she called in Caroline as Stefan's "sober coach." And of course Caroline saying about the safe "don't worry I had it sanitized!" 

Steve: Damon going berzerk and full-on ripper style at the party in 1958. That was as genuinely disturbing a scene as TVD has produced in some time, and after all we went through, you almost had to root for the guy ... and then he ditched Enzo. Talk about a lot to take in.


2. Better half of the episode: Delena/Enzo or Statherine/Caroline?

Miranda: This is a tough one because both were pretty great. HOWEVER, there are parts of the Delena/Enzo/Whitmore story that I loathed so I'll go with Statherine/Caroline, even if Caroline needs a better story than being Stefan's sober coach. Plus Enzo's a hottie. Too bad he appears to be crazy. (All the hot ones are, right?)

Leigh: Statherine/Caroline. I liked Caroline and Katherine teaming up to help the guy who never helped himself but was always there for everyone else. Also the Statherine sexual tension.

Steve: Tie. Delena and Enzo were more interesting from a plot standpoint, but Statherine and Caroline had some great dialogue.

3. Did Damon kill Elena's parents?

Miranda: Not Elena's parents, no. I truly think their death was an accident. And this "Damon's killing all the Whitmores" story is the part I hate, not because I don't like Damon's revenge plan or think it's justified for what was done to him but because the sole reason it exists is to create problems for Damon and Elena by revealing that he killed someone as they were starting "the summer of their lives." By the way, I'm going to start taking a shot every time I hear "summer of our lives." I'll be toasted until the show returns in January.

Leigh: Crap, I think he might have. Which in retrospect means he might've tried to kill Elena too. But then another part of me says they weren't Whitmores so maybe not. Also he didn't kill all of Elena's relatives.

Steve: That was the implication, right? Or that he's somehow tied to the destruction of everyone associated with the Whitmores? I think more will come out and there will be blood on his hands ... literally and othrwise.

4. Whose side do you think Aaron will be on going forward?

Miranda: Elena's. Definitely Elena's. Once he realizes Wes has her, he'll want to save her. Everyone wants to save Elena all the time. How could this go any other way?

Leigh: Elena's. Or at least any direction that isn't the same as Wes. He is not down with the Whitmore family secret. 

Steve: Elena's for sure. However conflicted he might be, the guy just doesn't strike me as the torturous type.

5. How will Wes inevitably get what's coming to him?

Miranda: I really hope Damon straps him to a table and turns him into a vampire and then tortures him for a good long while. They can all take turns torturing him.

Leigh: I think it will be some long awaited Enzo revenge. That guy's been in there for about 60 years and almost burned to death. He has some stored up crazy he is ready to unleash. After he beats up Damon of course.

Steve: I like the idea of Wes being turned into a vampire. Like Caroline's dad, that might be a fate worse than death.

6. What was Matt up to this week?

Miranda: Hooking up with Nadia.

Leigh: Catching up with Bonnie!!

Steve: Grill. Double shift. Is this even a question?!

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What song was sung by Enzo at the end of a series?


Enzo is a fraud. He is the Augustine vampire.


I don't think Damon killed Elena's parents. The Whitemores are the only members of the Augustine society that Damon continued to kill off every generation. All the others involved in Augustine he killed at the party. Plus Damon thought the Augustine society was disbanded after the fire so he didn't know Elena's dad was involved.


I'm pretty sure Damon's the one that made their car go over the bridge. I'm still not convinced that Grayson is dead. No bodies, no proof.
He might've had his ring on and thus faked his death or he had vampire blood in his system for some reason and turned.
Favorite moment is everything Steferine.

@ Stef

I really hope not. Julie Plec has said multiple times in multiple interviews that the death of Elena's parents was just an accident and always would be and that nothing supernatural caused it. If she goes back on that now for the sake of a stupid storyline then I'll be disappointed


1- my favorite scene was Stefan and Katherine kiss it was so perfect.
2-Better half of the episode? hard question , the both was amazing but I go with Statherine.
3- I don't think Damon kill Elena's parents because he said that he will kill all Agustine members and the whitmore family it's the only one that 's gonna kill it all ,generation after generation.
4-Whose side Aaron will be on going forward? Elena I think .he seems a good guy.
5 -How will Wes inevitably get what's coming to him? (I really hope Damon straps him to a table and turns him into a vampire and then tortures him for a good long while. They can all take turns torturing him.) I totally agree with you Miranda .
6- What was Matt up to this week? hmm, I hope that he think of going to college.


Damon could not have killed Elena's parents. Her father wore the Gilbert ring. He would have come back to life if a supernatural being caused his death.

@ Katerina27

you are 100%right .


My Favorite Scenes as always , where the Damon Scenes:-) cant wait for new Episode to find out more about His Past with the Augustine S.

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